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Top 200 Series ◎ Nowtv cinema uk tv abroad

Top 200 Series ◎ Nowtv cinema uk tv abroad
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Chasing Comets (2018)
Chasing Comets (2018) : Play Free

Wagga is a country town that loves its sport but is divided over its loyalty for the rival codes, Afl and Nrl. It's in this setting that we find our hero Chase daylight. Chase's dream to play in the NRL is falling by the wayside, jus

100 min | Comedy,Drama | 23 August 2018 (Australia)

Chasing Comets (2018) : Bjorn Stewart, as Beefa, Deborah Galanos, as Mary, Laurence Brewer, as Randall, Kirsty Lee Allan, as Leona, John Batchelor, as Coach Munsey, Alistair Bates, as Roy, Lance Bonza, as Rusty, Tony Chu, as Kin, Gary Eck, as Kev Mcosker, Sarah Furnari, as Estelle, Kate McNamara, as Rachel, Ash Meeraiya, as Comet, Justin Melvey, as Sam Low, Rhys Muldoon, as Warren Low, Dirk Nagel, as Supporter in the grandstand, David Nash, as Extra, Dan Ewing, as Chase, Isabel Lucas, as Brooke, George Houvardas, as The Rev, Kat Hoyos, as Dee, Jason Perini,

Kingsway (2018)
Kingsway (2018) : Play Free

A dark, comedic investigation into a dysfunctional family.

88 min | Drama | 24 December 2019 (Canada)

Kingsway (2018) : Camille Sullivan, as Jessica, Jeff Gladstone, as Matt, Gabrielle Rose, as Marion, Colleen Rennison, as Lori, Jillian Fargey, as Carol, Paul Skrudland, as Sean, Agam Darshi, as Megan, Jennifer McLean, as Sara, Kevin McNulty, as Jim, Meaghan Chenosky, as Leanne, Donna Wong-Juliani, as Barbara, Tom Scholte, as Bar Buddy, Cam Cronin, Chris Casillan, as Brent, Raphael Kepinski, as Clutch Man, Ali Froggatt, as Clutch Woman, Joe Costa, as Care Facility Man, Bruce Sweeney, as Mr. Du'fass,

Country Life (1994)
Country Life (1994) : Play Free

Adaptation of Chekhov's "Uncle Vanya" set in rural Australia in the 1920's. Jack Dickens and his niece Sally run the family farm to support brother-in-law Alexander as a (supposedly brilliant) literary critic in London. Action begins

118 min | Drama,Romance | 14 July 1995 (United Kingdom)

Country Life (1994) : Michael Blakemore, as Alexander Voysey, Googie Withers, as Hannah, Patricia Kennedy, as Maud Dickens, Ron Blanchard, as Wally Wells, Robyn Cruze, as Violet, Maurie Fields, as Fred Livingstone, Bryan Marshall, as Mr. Pettinger, Tony Barry, as Logger, Terry Brady, Tom Long, as Billy Livingstone, Rob Steele, as James, Ian Bliss, as David Archdale, Colin Taylor, as Mr. Wilson, Ian Cockburn, as Mr. Archdale, Reg Cribb, as Vicar, Derani Scarr, as Woman in Crowd, Sam Neill, as Dr. Max Askey, Greta Scacchi, as Deborah Voysey, John Hargreaves, as Jack Dickens, Kerry Fox, as Sally Voysey, Michael Blakemore, Anton Chekhov,

The Negotiation (2018) Hyeob-sang
The Negotiation (2018) Hyeob-sang : Play Free

An ace crisis negotiator faces off against a cold-blooded hostage taker. Over the course of 21 hours, she attempts to crack his unusually calm demeanor and force him to reveal his motivations.

114 min | Action,Crime,Thriller | 19 September 2018 (South Korea)

The Negotiation (2018) Hyeob-sang : Son Ye-jin, as Ha Chae-yun, Hyun Bin, as Min Tae-gu, Joo-Young Lee, as Lee Da-bin, Kim Sang-Ho, as Ahn Hyuk-soo, Jang Young-Nam, as Section Chief Han, Jang Gwang, as Hwang Soo-suk, Mun-shik Lee, as Team Leader Jung, Lee Shi-Ah, as Yoo Yeon-joo, Byung Mo Choi, as Secretary Kong, Christian Lagahit, as Robber 1, Ahn Seong-Bong, as Parking lot janitor, Soo-Young Park, as Section Chief Choi, Jong-suk Lee, Sung-Hyun Choi,

Girlfriends of Christmas Past (2016)
Girlfriends of Christmas Past (2016) : Play Free

This Christmas three women plot revenge on the guy who cruelly dumped them all. But will vengeance be worth risking a chance at new love?

90 min | Comedy,Romance | 4 December 2016 (United States)

Girlfriends of Christmas Past (2016) : John Brotherton, as Anderson Whitmire, Meagan Holder, as Megan Walton, Chris Salvatore, as Tyler, Bryce Durfee, as Beau, Julia Parker, as Fran Beal, Jessa Settle, as Helena, Matthew P McManus, as Bernd, Rebekah Kochan, as Biker Mom, Dante, as Biker Dad, Dawn McCoy, as Housewife Hostess, Donna Rusch, as Lila Croft, Lexi Giovagnoli, as Carter's Assistant Carrie, Katherine McKalip, as Grandma Hattie, Samuel Engelen, as Carter's Nephew Bryce, Hana Engelen, as Carter's Niece Bailey, Benjamin T. Dalton, as Lila's Son Gregory, Tammin Sursok, as Livvy Beal, Brent Bailey, as Carter Bolton, Lindsey McKeon, as Murphy McCall, Abigail Klein, as Zoe Swann, Jake Helgren,

Shattered (2017)
Shattered (2017) : Play Free

Shattered is based on true events about family betrayal, love lost, and a dark destructive secret that swirls around a high powered political family in the Deep South. Kate Stenson (Molly Burnett) dreams of an enviable life as the qu

90 min | Thriller | 28 January 2017 (Spain)

Shattered (2017) : Eileen Dietz, as Dr. Panfil, LaRita Shelby, as Pam, Jonathan Camp, as Jax, Adam Huss, as Rocco, Chivonne Michelle, as Emily, Chalet Lizette Brannan, as Chelsea, Ron Roggé, as Deputy Mayor Celozzi, Tom Malloy, as Ken Burnett, Jaime Aymerich, as Travis, Michelle Alexandria, as Baby's Mother, Mary E. Kennedy, as Mrs. Searcy, D'Kia Anderson, as Attendant, Austin Saunders, as Jill, Karyme Lozano, as City Attomrey, Juliette Celozzi, as Babysitter, Tate Birchmore, as Logan, Ray Wise, as Forest Burnett, Molly Burnett, as Kate, Arianne Zucker, as Maureen, Alfonso Freeman, as Dr. Minton, Natasha Kermani, Paul Leach,

Tricky Brains (1991) Jing goo juen ga
Tricky Brains (1991) Jing goo juen ga : Play Free

A trickster-for-hire, known as the Tricky Expert, is hired to ruin the lives of a father and son by making them think that he's a part of the family.

110 min | Comedy,Romance | 2 February 1991 (Hong Kong)

Tricky Brains (1991) Jing goo juen ga : Man-Tat Ng, as Yan-Chi, Waise Lee, as Macky Kam, Jing Wong, as Chiu, Hon-Lam Pau, as Mr. Pluto Ching, Lucy's father, John Ching, as The Ultimate Expert, Man-No Chen, Fui-On Shing, as Chu, Mo-Lin Yu, Fun Lo, as Shark, Charlie Cho, as Drugstore Clerk, Jo-Jo Ngan, To-Hoi Kong, Biu Lung, Foo-Wai Lam, Sing-Kwong Tsang, Wai-Man Tam, Stephen Chow, as Koo Jing, Andy Lau, as Chi Man-Kit, Rosamund Kwan, as Lucy Ching, Chingmy Yau, as Banana Ho,

Hands Over the City (1963) Le mani sulla città
Hands Over the City (1963) Le mani sulla città : Play Free

Prior to a city council election, the collapse of a building leaves a land developer and his political backers defending themselves against a scandal.

101 min | Drama | July 1966 (United Kingdom)

Hands Over the City (1963) Le mani sulla città : Rod Steiger, as Edoardo Nottola, Salvo Randone, as De Angelis, Guido Alberti, as Maglione, Marcello Cannavale, as Amico di Nottola, Dante Di Pinto, as Presidente della Commissione, Alberto Conocchia, Carlo Fermariello, as De Vita, Terenzio Cordova, as Commissario, Gaetano Grimaldi Filioli, Angelo D'Alessandro, as Balsamo, Vincenzo Metafora, as Sindaco, Dany París, as Dany - Amante di Maglione, Alberto Amato, as Consigliere Comunale, Renzo Farinelli, as Giornalista, Pasquale Martino, as Capo dell'archivio, Mario Perelli, as Capo dell'Ufficio Technico, Francesco Rigamonti, as Consigiliere Comunale, Renato Terra, Francesco Rosi, Raffaele La Capria,

Supremacy (2014)
Supremacy (2014) : Play Free

A just paroled white neo-nazi and his ruthless girlfriend kill a cop and take an African-American family hostage. Meanwhile the supremacist leader who oversees his criminal empire from behind bars, is not happy. Inspired by real even

110 min | Drama,Thriller | 6 April 2015 (United Kingdom)

Supremacy (2014) : Lela Rochon, as Mother, Mahershala Ali, as Deputy Rivers, Julie Benz, as Kristen, Nick Chinlund, as Hannity, Robin Bobeau, as Cassie, Alex Henderson, as Jamar, Jenica Bergere, as Gerardi, Karan Soni, as Store Clerk, Shaun Taylor-Corbett, as Pedro, Tyrin Turner, as Reggie, Anson Mount, as Sobecki, Danny Glover, as Mr. Walker, Bradley James, as Sergeant Levy, Christopher Warner, as Agent 1, Sean McGowan, as O'Brien, Thomas F. Duffy, as Deputy Lansing, Joe Anderson, as Garrett Tully, Dawn Olivieri, as Doreen, Derek Luke, as Raymond, Evan Ross, as Anthony, Deon Taylor, Eric J. Adams,

Snatched (2016)
Snatched (2016) : Play Free

Random people are taken for no apparent reason.

47 min | Drama,Horror,Mystery | 11 June 2016 (United States)

Snatched (2016) : Liana Afuni, as Karen, Andrei Amarov, as Jacques, Amanda Sarah Baker, as Allie, Geraldine Bien, as Jane, Mehdya Fassi Fihri, as Diane, Milda Gecaite, as Sienna, Leroy Graham, as Roy, Carla Lerner, as Marie, Connor Lounsbury, as Jay, Merrill McGuinness, as Brittany, Chelsea Roach, as Lisa, Sam Simone, as Tara, Shawthel Stephenson, as Joe, Carrie Thomas, as Becca, Kate Elizabeth Young, as Kelly, Rich McKee, Jodi Beth,

Six Feet (2022)
Six Feet (2022) : Play Free

A lone front desk attendant in an isolated motel must battle his anxiety disorder, cleaning obsession and possible motel contamination while serving quarantined guests in the middle of a deadly global pandemic.

88 min | Drama,Mystery,Thriller | 2022 (United States)

Six Feet (2022) : Aly Mawji, as Tarik, Jessica Lynn Parsons, as Katy, Raymond Cruz, as Gus, Robert Palmer Watkins, as Chad, Michole Briana White, as Sheriff Dalton, Andrea Figliomeni, as Carolina, Louiza Zouzias, as Psychic, Kevin Andrew Grady, as Pastor, Sean Patrick McGowan, as Gym Salesman, Charley Rossman, as Trucker, Joseph Lopez, as Homeless Man, James Nevada, as Assistant Sheriff, Asit Vyas, as Tarik's Father, Sadrudin Mawji, Melanie Bivins, as Nurse Melanie, Craig Calamis, as Sam, Suzy Calamis, as 911 Operator, Rajendra Thakurathi, Stephen James Thomas,

VHYes (2019)
VHYes (2019) : Play Free

This bizarre retro comedy shot entirely on VHS and Beta follows 12-year-old Ralph as he accidentally records home videos and his favorite late-night shows over his parents' wedding tape.

136 min | Comedy | 14 April 2017 (Canada)

VHYes (2019) : Roy Abramsohn, as Gavin Johnson, Helen Kennedy, as Bree Jones, Amos Vernon, as New Zack, William Frederick Knight, as Kindly the Cowboy, Lucas Jaye, as Kiddo, Deborah Sale Butler, as Radio DJ, Rahm Braslaw, as Josh, Kerri Kenney, as Joan, Mark Proksch, as Teddy, Jelena Williams, as Skeet Woman, Thomas Lennon, as Tony V, Courtney Pauroso, as Cindy, Lindsley Allen, as Mom, Juju Journey Brener, as Little Girl, Vincent Foster, as Robber, Jake Lieberman, as Dispatcher, Jake Head, as Ralph's Dad, Christopher Marble, as Priest, Christian Drerup, as Ralph's Mom, Mason McNulty, as Ralph, Jack Henry Robbins, Nunzio Randazzo, Nate Gold, Tyrese Gibson, as Roman, Ludacris, as Tej Parker, Charlize Theron, as Cipher, Kurt Russell, as Mr. Nobody, Nathalie Emmanuel, as Ramsey, Luke Evans, as Owen, Elsa Pataky, as Elena, Kristofer Hivju, as Rhodes, Scott Eastwood, as Little Nobody, Patrick St. Esprit, as DS Allan, Janmarco Santiago, as Fernando, Luke Hawx, as Miller, Corey Maher, as Tac Team Leader, Olek Krupa, as Russian Minister of Defense, Alexander Babara, as Russian Aide, Andre Pushkin, as Russian Lead Driver, Vin Diesel, as Dom, Jason Statham, as Deckard, Dwayne Johnson, as Hobbs, Michelle Rodriguez, as Letty, F. Gary Gray, Gary Scott Thompson, Chris Morgan,

Bert Kreischer: The Machine (2016)
Bert Kreischer: The Machine (2016) : Play Free

Stand-up comedy special featuring inimitable storyteller Bert Kreisher, who expounds on a series of incredible and hilarious tales - from an unforgettable run-in with a grizzly bear to his legendary travels in Russia.

70 min | Comedy | 11 November 2016 (United States)

Bert Kreischer: The Machine (2016) : Bert Kreischer, as Self, Ryan Polito,

Ochazuke no aji (1952) Flavour of Green Tea Over Rice
Ochazuke no aji (1952) Flavour of Green Tea Over Rice : Play Free

A childless middle-aged couple faces a marital crisis.

116 min | Drama | 1 October 1952 (Japan)

Ochazuke no aji (1952) Flavour of Green Tea Over Rice : Chikage Awashima, as Aya Amamiya, Keiko Tsushima, as Setsuko Yamauchi, Kuniko Miyake, as Chizu Yamauchi, Eijirô Yanagi, as Naosuke Yamauchi, Hisao Toake, as Toichiro Amamiya, Yûko Mochizuki, as Shige Hirayama, Kôji Shitara, as Koji Yamauchi, Matsuko Shiga, as Toichiro's mistress, Yôko Kosono, as Fumi, Kinichi Ishikawa, as Company President, Yoko Osakura, as Kuroda Takako as Yoko Uehara, Etsuko Miyama, as Echo Bar Girl, Noriko Hinatsu, as Shopgirl, Mie Kitahara, as Waitress, Tami Yamamoto, as Yone, Eiko Yamada, as Maid, Shin Saburi, as Mokichi Satake, Michiyo Kogure, as Taeko Satake, Kôji Tsuruta, as Non-chan, Chishû Ryû, as Sadao Hirayama, Yasujirô Ozu, Kôgo Noda,

The Phantom of the Open (2021) El gran Maurice
The Phantom of the Open (2021) El gran Maurice : Play Free

Maurice Flitcroft, a dreamer and unrelenting optimist, managed to gain entry to The British Open Golf Championship Qualifying in 1976 and subsequently shot the worst round in Open history, becoming a folk hero in the process.

106 min | Comedy,Drama,Sport | 18 March 2022 (United Kingdom)

The Phantom of the Open (2021) El gran Maurice : Mark Rylance, as Maurice Flitcroft, Ian Porter, as Dick Nelson, Tommy Fallon, as Young Maurice, David Mara, as Genial Father, Sally Hawkins, as Jean Flitcroft, Austin W Griffin, as Young Mike, Jake Davies, as Michael Flitcroft, Christian Lees, as Gene Flitcroft, Jonah Lees, as James Flitcroft, Mark Lewis Jones, as Cliff, Johann Myers, as Willie, Nigel Betts, as Tony Marsh, Afsaneh Dehrouyeh, as Josie, Tim Berrington, as Golfer 1, Terence Booth, as Golfer 2, Neil Edmond, as Bruce Atkins, Ian Mansfield, as Greenkeeper, Amy Alexander, as Jenny, Craig Roberts, Simon Farnaby, Scott Murray,

SLAY: The Axell Hodges Story (2017)
SLAY: The Axell Hodges Story (2017) : Play Free

This film gives viewers a glimpse into the "24/7 fun" world of Axell Hodges. Who is he? Why do fans love him? Why do sponsors need him? And most importantly - how did he get so skilled at riding his motocross bike?

47 min | Documentary,Sport | 28 March 2017 (United States)

SLAY: The Axell Hodges Story (2017) : Tyler Bereman, as Self, Axell Hodges, Eric Johnson, Roger Larsen, Jeremy McGrath, Jeremy Stenberg, Bruce Stjernstrom,

When It Comes Around (2018)
When It Comes Around (2018) : Play Free

A young successful sports executive falls in love with a new agent at his office. He is manipulated by this beautiful woman and used as a pawn for her advancement.

90 min | Drama,Romance | 26 July 2018 (United States)

When It Comes Around (2018) : Denyce Lawton, as Jerry, Brad James, as Dexter, Jackée Harry, as Amina, Chico Benymon, as Randal, Sean Riggs, as Chris, Dorian Gregory, as Nate, Shanica Knowles, as Lisa, Nikea Gamby-Turner, as Mama, Aaliyah McGuire, as Sophie, Alex Gibbs, as Marcus, Donna Glytch, as Monique, Irvin n. Lewis Jr., as Arnold the insurance man, Leticia Perez, as Wrestler, Nena Za, as Tiffany, Dan Garcia,

The Pirate (1984) La pirate
The Pirate (1984) La pirate : Play Free

With the help of a couple of her oddball friends, a woman takes her former lesbian lover to a hotel to convince her that their affair shouldn't end. After much shouting and some sex, things complicate when the lover's husband shows u

88 min | Drama,Romance | 23 May 1984 (France)

The Pirate (1984) La pirate : Laure Marsac, as L'enfant, Michael Stevens, as Michael, Concierge de l'hôtel, Didier Chambragne, as Le coursier, Arsène Altmeyer, as Le taxi, Jane Birkin, as Alma, Maruschka Detmers, as Carole, Philippe Léotard, as N° 5, Andrew Birkin, as Le mari, Jacques Doillon,

Chup Chup Ke (2006)
Chup Chup Ke (2006) : Play Free

A debt-ridden young man attempts suicide, but is rescued only to find that his luck is finally turning.

164 min | Comedy,Drama,Romance | 9 June 2006 (India)

Chup Chup Ke (2006) : Neha Dhupia, as Meenakshi, Rajpal Naurang Yadav, as Bandya, Suniel Shetty, as Mangal Singh Chauhan, Govardhan Asrani, as Sharmaji, Anupam Kher, as Jaidev Prasad - Jeetu's father, Manoj Joshi, as Manohar - Pooja's Father, Shakti Kapoor, as Natwar Jhunjhunwala, Sushma Reddy, as Pooja, Amita Nangia, as Rupa - Jeetu's mother, Priyanshi, as Jeetu's Sister, Jaya Murali, as Prabhart's Wife, Paresh Bramhbhatt, as Fisher Man, Dileep, as Jeetu, Omar Bin Fahad, as Mallik, Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, as Shruti, Om Puri, as Prabhart Singh Chauhan, Paresh Rawal, as Gundya, Priyadarshan, Kookie Gulati, Neeraj Vora, Meccartin,

Gulltransporten (2022) Gold Run
Gulltransporten (2022) Gold Run : Play Free

He's not the bravest of men, but he's given a great responsibility and an enormous task - to get the whole Norwegian gold reserve away from the Germans during the invasion of Norway during the outbreak of WW2.

117 min | Drama,Thriller,War | 15 December 2022 (Norway)

Gulltransporten (2022) Gold Run : Gard B. Eidsvold, as Andreas Lund, Ida Elise Broch, as Nini Haslund Gleditsch, Jon Øigarden, as Fredrik Haslund, Thorbjørn Harr, as Oscar Torp, Anatole Taubman, as Major Otto Stoltmann, Sven Nordin, as Odd Henry, Axel Bøyum, as Ingvar Berge, Eivind Sander, as Major Bjørn Sunde, Lars Berge, as Haakon Lie, Morten Svartveit, as Nordahl Grieg, Terje Strømdahl, as Nicolai Rygg, Pål Anders Nordvi, as Bank manager, Bjørnar Bruun, as Bank clerk, Audun Sandem, as Kristian Gleditsch, Karin Klouman, as Irene Haslund, Martin Grid Toennesen, as Ryggs assistent, Nanna Lundevall, as Nini's colleague, Zeynep Husejin, as Veslemøy Haslund, Hallvard Bræin, Arne Lindtner Næss, Lasse Lindtner,


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