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Top 250 movies all time ◉ Watching up brand new movies

Top 250 movies all time ◉ Watching up brand new movies
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Good King Dagobert (1963) Le bon roi Dagobert
Good King Dagobert (1963) Le bon roi Dagobert : Play Free

Mr. Pelletan's rascal son Bébert son got another F for playing in class. His punishment is an essay on the Merovingian king Dagobert. All they know is he had eight wives and reunited Francia. The ignorant knave's irreverent imaginati

95 min | Comedy | 20 November 1963 (France)

Good King Dagobert (1963) Le bon roi Dagobert : Jean Tissier, as Le grand connétable, Michel Galabru, as Pépin, Pierre Doris, as Césaric la Crapule, Georges Lycan, as L'espion de grande taille, Rogers, as L'espion de petite taille, Henri Virlojeux, as L'instituteur, Max Amyl, as Le père supérieur, Alain Morat, as Bébert, Rivers Cadet, as Un faux pélerin, André Tomasi, as L'aide bourreau, Guy Henry, as Un garde de Charibert, Gaston Woignez, Pascale Roberts, as L'espionne Mata-Clotilde, Darry Cowl, as Le maître- bourreau Richardic, Anne-Marie Carrière, Jacques Dufilho, as L'alchimiste Chilpéric, Fernandel, as Monsieur Pelletan, Gino Cervi, as Le ministre saint-eloi, Darío Moreno, as Charibert - le frère de Dagobert, Marthe Mercadier, as Madame Pelletan, Pierre Chevalier, Gérard Carlier, Raymond Castans,

Arizona Trail (1943) To geraki tis pampas
Arizona Trail (1943) To geraki tis pampas : Play Free

A young cowboy returns home to help his father fight off a gang trying to take over the family ranch.

57 min | Drama,Western | 15 September 1943 (United States)

Arizona Trail (1943) To geraki tis pampas : Tex Ritter, as Johnny Trent, Fuzzy Knight, as 'Kansas' Cobb, Dennis Moore, as Wayne Carson Wayne Trent in credits, Janet Shaw, as Martha Brooks, Jack Ingram, as Ace Vincent, Erville Alderson, as Dan Trent, Joseph J. Greene, as Dr. J.D. 'Doc' Wallace, Glenn Strange, as Henchman Matt, Dan White, as Sheriff Jones, Art Fowler, as Henchman Curley, Johnny Bond, as Red, Red River Valley Boy, Red River Valley Boys, as Musicians, Roy Brent, as Ben Gorman, Jimmie Dean, as Guitar Player, Jack Gordon, as Sailor, George Gray, as Fake Blind Man, Ray Jones, as Stage Guard, Jack Kenny, as Barfly, Vernon Keays,

Where the Wild Things Are (2009) Wo die wilden Kerle wohnen
Where the Wild Things Are (2009) Wo die wilden Kerle wohnen : Play Free

Yearning for escape and adventure, a young boy runs away from home and sails to an island filled with creatures that take him in as their king.

101 min | Adventure,Drama,Family | 11 December 2009 (United Kingdom)

Where the Wild Things Are (2009) Wo die wilden Kerle wohnen : Max Records, as Max, Catherine O'Hara, as Judith, Forest Whitaker, as Ira, Pepita Emmerichs, as Claire, Max Pfeifer, as Claire's Friend, Madeleine Greaves, Joshua Jay, Ryan Corr, Catherine Keener, as Mom, Steve Mouzakis, as Teacher, Mark Ruffalo, as The Boyfriend, James Gandolfini, as Carol, Vincent Crowley, as Carol Suit Performer, Paul Dano, as Alexander, Sonny Gerasimowicz, as Alexander Suit Performer, Nick Farnell, as Judith Suit Performer, Sam Longley, as Ira Suit Performer, Michael Berry Jr., as The Bull, Spike Jonze, Dave Eggers, Maurice Sendak,

25 Hill (2011)
25 Hill (2011) : Play Free

The story of an 11-year-old boy whose derby dreams are left in pieces when his soldier father is killed in Afghanistan. The boy teams up with a father figure whose own son, a firefighter, died in the line of duty, and the two help ea

108 min | Drama,Family,Sport | 9 July 2011 (United States)

25 Hill (2011) : Winston Au, as Military Man #2, Ken McDonald, as Minister at Funeral, Rolonda Watts, as Mrs. Banner, Cathy Kondik, as Teacher, James Greilick, as Mac, Corbin Bernsen, as Roy Gibbs, Phil Kibbe, as Jason Gibbs, Meg Foster, as Audrey Gibbs, David Gillmore, as Buddy, Finley Bernsen, as Young Roy, Stan Barrett, as Man Helping Young Roy, Jerry Baxter, Dayton Romanos, as Kid Helping Young Roy, Kelleigh Miller, as Waitress, Peter Lawson Jones, as Mr. Banner, James P. McKenzie, as Church Pastor, Nathan Gamble, as Trey Caldwell, Timothy Omundson, as Thomas Caldwell, Maureen Flannigan, as Maggie Caldwell, Ronal Fergeson, as MIlitary Man #1,

The Waiter (2010)
The Waiter (2010) : Play Free

A man travels through corporate corruption and his own sin to find his soul.

92 min | Action,Crime,Drama | 14 March 2010 (United States)

The Waiter (2010) : Charles Durning, as Frank 'The Handler' Maro, Jason Konopisos-Alvarez, as Actor, Glenn Morshower, as Nigel Hamilton, Dan Lauria, as Father Parks, Dan Braverman, as Kinsky, Robert Z'Dar, as Lester Maleck, James Handy, as The CEO, Randal Reeder, as Ivan, Julie Martin, as Tiffany, Crystal Mantecon, as Saree, Ryan Wickerham, as Ford Bynum, Lawrence Varnado, as Hector, Jesse De Luna, as The Shooter, Berge Boghossian, as Sergi, Jenna Craig, as Chloe, Michael Basnight, as M Bar Doorman, Peter Blackwell, as Burglar #1, Gene Bolton, as Hamilton Bodyguard #1,

Detektyw Bruno (2022)
Detektyw Bruno (2022) : Play Free

The story of eight-year-old Oscar, a big fan of the series "Detective Bruno". The boy lives in the family orphanage and on his birthday he finds an envelope with a clue leading to the last gift hidden by his parents. He decides to...

108 min | Comedy,Family | 27 May 2022 (Poland)

Detektyw Bruno (2022) : Piotr Glowacki, as Detective Bruno Ksieski, Iwo Rajski, as Oskar Walczak, Karolina Gruszka, as Hanna, Dorota Kolak, as Maryska, Martyna Wozniak, as Patrycja, Mia Goti, as Kaja, Krzysztof Kuligowski, as Alek, Maja Stuchlik, as Maja, Maksymilian Stuchlik, as Maks, Diana Zamojska, as Zoska, Edyta Jungowska, as Aunt, Ireneusz Czop, as Uncle, Damian Kret, as Mikolaj Kapecki, Magdalena Niec, as Writer, Marcin Mroczek, as Pawel, Rafal Mroczek, as Gawel, Ewelina Starejki, as Alicja, Wojciech Skibinski, as Witold, Mariusz Palej, Marcin Ciaston,

Mutant Swinger from Mars (2009)
Mutant Swinger from Mars (2009) : Play Free

A "long lost sci-fi film" from the 50's, finally, has been recovered! Martians form Mars come to Earth for it's most valuable resource,.. women! It's up to Rusty Rave to stop them.

85 min | Comedy,Family,Fantasy | 10 March 2019 (United States)

Mutant Swinger from Mars (2009) : Biff Anderson, as Dr. Hypnotic-O, Dorothy A. Atabong, as Dancer, Rhonda Belcher, as Pam, Jennifer Bem, as Waitress, Rolfe D. Bergsman, as Dr. Von Helpsling, Brian Betzold, as Guy in bar, Alicia Bewernitz, as Get your Damn hands off me, you filthy ape!, The Brain, as Itself, Matt Cantu, as Spit Boy, Stephanie Cotton, as Tabitha, Rusty's Little Sister, Scott Dixon, as Dr. Vincent Smirnoff, Michael East, as Rusty Rave, Mark T. Elliott, as Ernie the Cop, Charleton Hen-ston, as The Chicken, Kevin M. James, as Fake Dr. Smirnoff Shemp, Richard Jewell, as Secret Saucer Agent #2, Michael Kallio, James Korloch, as Kirk the Bartender,

Serendipity (2001)
Serendipity (2001) : Play Free

A couple search for each other years after the night they first met, fell in love, and separated, convinced that one day they'd end up together.

90 min | Comedy,Romance | 26 December 2001 (United Kingdom)

Serendipity (2001) : Eugene Levy, as Bloomingdale's Salesman, Lilli Lavine, as Bloomingdale's Stock Girl, Michael Guarino Jr., as Customer At Bloomingdale's, Abdul Alshawish, Stephen Bruce, as Host At Serendipity, David Sparrow, as Josh's Dad, Ann Talman, as Bloomingdale's Saleswoman #1, Crystal Bock, as Bloomingdale's Saleswoman #2, Gary Gerbrandt, as Josh, Kate Blumberg, as Courtney, Ron Payne, as Louis Trager, Marcia Bennett, as Mrs. Trager, Victor A. Young, as Mr. Buchanan, Eve Crawford, as Mrs. Buchanan, Reg Wyns, as Rastafarian, Evan Neumann, as Kenny, John Cusack, as Jonathan Trager, Kate Beckinsale, as Sara Thomas, Jeremy Piven, as Dean Kansky, Bridget Moynahan, as Halley Buchanan, Peter Chelsom, Marc Klein,

Jaws vs. Kraken (2022)
Jaws vs. Kraken (2022) : Play Free

Something is happening in the abyss around Guadalupe Island; photos of great whites with strange scars believed to be from giant squids have surfaced; Dr. Tristan Guttridge tries to get a glimpse into the battles between the two b...

45 min | | 2 August 2022 (Netherlands)

Jaws vs. Kraken (2022) : Jack Dennis, as Narrator, Tristan Guttridge, as Behavioral Ecologist,

Remember Me (2010) Memoirs
Remember Me (2010) Memoirs : Play Free

A romantic drama centered on two new lovers: Tyler, whose parents have split in the wake of his brother's suicide, and Ally, who lives each day to the fullest since witnessing her mother's murder.

3 min | Drama,Romance | 19 October 2021 (United States)

Remember Me (2010) Memoirs : John Cho, as Spike Spiegel, Daniella Pineda, as Faye Valentine, Mustafa Shakir, as Jet Black, Greg Jardin, André Nemec, Noel Rodriguez, as Mugger, Kevin P. McCarthy, as Police Chief, Chris Cooper, as Sgt. Neil Craig, Athena Currey, as Toothbrush Girl, Lena Olin, as Diane Hirsch, Gregory Jbara, as Les Hirsch, Ruby Jerins, as Caroline Hawkins, Pierce Brosnan, as Charles Hawkins, Angela Pietropinto, as Diner Waitress, Tate Ellington, as Aidan Hall, David Deblinger, as NYU Professor, Lee Brock, as Uptight Mommy, Meghan Markle, as Megan, Emily Wickersham, as Miami Blonde, Kelli Barrett, as Miami Brunette, Jon Trosky, as Musician, Robert Pattinson, as Tyler Hawkins, Emilie de Ravin, as Ally Craig, Caitlyn Rund, as Alyssa Craig (11 yrs, Moisés Acevedo, Allen Coulter, Will Fetters,

Christmas Is You (2021)
Christmas Is You (2021) : Play Free

Emma must convince her first love Tyler, now a famous pop-star, to sign with her record company, while also trying to save the town's Christmas Caroling Celebration.

84 min | Family,Romance | 28 November 2021 (United States)

Christmas Is You (2021) : Karen Kruper, as Mrs. Thorn, Barclay Hope, as Frank Bloom, Steven Cree Molison, as Moe, Cassidy Nugent, as Young Emma, Nathan Parrott, as Young Tyler, Julia Ruggieri, as Daphne, Jason Sakaki, as Noah, Bobby Stewart, as Tree lot owner, Becca Tobin, as Emma Bloom, Matthew MacCaull, as Tyler Thorn, Casey Manderson, as Jett Bloom, Carmel Amit, as Rachel, Allan Harmon,

Il sesso della strega (1973) Sex of the Witch
Il sesso della strega (1973) Sex of the Witch : Play Free

In a secluded mansion, the Hilton patriarch dies, leaving several nieces and nephews. Soon, one of the heirs is murdered by a strange killer, under the instructions of a mysterious woman who seeks the demise of the Hilton family line

95 min | Horror,Mystery,Thriller | 20 March 1974 (Italy)

Il sesso della strega (1973) Sex of the Witch : Franco Garofalo, as Tony, Donald O'Brien, as Commissario, Gianni Dei, as Simon, Augusto Nobile, as Edward, Maurizio Tanfani, as Nath, Marzia Damon, as Gloria, Irio Fantini, as Ass. Ispettore Marchi, Ferruccio Viotti, as Notaio Thompson, Giovanni Petrucci, as Johnny, Annamaria Tornello, as Ingrid, Simone Santia, as Sir Thomas Hilton, Lorenza Guerrieri, as Lucy, Susanna Levi, as Mary, Jessica Dublin, as Evelin, Sergio Ferrero, as Ingrid - uomo, Camille Keaton, as Ann, Angelo Pannacciò, Franco Brocani,

Wedding Rehearsal (1932)
Wedding Rehearsal (1932) : Play Free

Young man fights off attempts to marry him off to a series of available girls. Intersting glimpses of London in 1930.

84 min | Comedy,Drama,Romance | 30 January 1933 (United Kingdom)

Wedding Rehearsal (1932) : Joan Gardner, as Lady Rose Mary, Merle Oberon, as Miss Hutchinson, Lady Tree, as Countess of Stokeshire, Kate Cutler, as Dowager Marchioness of Buckminster, Maurice Evans, as Tootles, Morton Selten, as Major Harry Roxbury, Edmund Breon, as Lord Fleet, Lawrence Hanray, as News editor, Diana Napier, as Mrs. Dryden, Rodolfo Mele, as The Cabaret Singer, Henry B. Longhurst, as Branson - Chauffeur, Vi Stevens, as Crowd Member in First Scene, Elsie Waters, as Nellie, Roland Young, as The Marquis of Buckminster, George Grossmith, as Earl of Stokeshire, John Loder, as Bimbo, Wendy Barrie, as Lady Mary Rose Roxbury, Alexander Korda, Lajos Biró, Arthur Wimperis,

Halloween Heroes (2021)
Halloween Heroes (2021) : Play Free

When a group of teens from Henderson Middle School become magically infused with the powers of their Halloween costumes, they band together to investigate several local spooky legends. Will these haunted folk tales wind up getting...

77 min | Comedy | 25 September 2021 (United States)

Halloween Heroes (2021) : Ellie Parker, as Receptionist, Joseph Moreland, as Benjamin Schafer, Richie Acevedo, as Rufus, Bobby Lacer, as Mayor Tim, Brayden Lacer, as Tommy, James Dickey, as Pastor Dale, Ryan McElhaney, as Brutus Snively, Tabatha Menser, as Blinkie's Mom, Mike Bucci, as Mr. Rambo, Matthew Utley, as Convict #5, Caleb Park, as Taekwondo Student #2, Ella Kate Brown, as Tammy, Kate Wolfe, as Student #10, Ryleigh Elizabeth Jordan, as Madi, Rylan Trigg, as Camper #3, Joey Berger, as Student #21, Aiden Hite, as Sheldon, Eileen Lacer, as Principal Healy, Jason Campbell,

The Miracle Morning (2020)
The Miracle Morning (2020) : Play Free

Adapted from the international best-selling book by speaker/author/coach Hal Elrod, this documentary on morning routines tells the story of how a simple morning routine became a worldwide movement, showing the morning routines of ...

87 min | Documentary | 17 December 2020 (United States)

The Miracle Morning (2020) : Rob Actis, as Narrator, Laila Ali, as Self, Dave Asprey, Jon Berghoff, Michael Breus, Brendon Burchard, Hal Elrod, Pat Flynn, John Gray, Lewis Howes, Kim Kiyosaki, Robert Kiyosaki, John Lee Dumas, David Osborn, Joe Polish, Amanda Robbins, Jairek Robbins, Mel Robbins,

The German Doctor (2013) Wakolda
The German Doctor (2013) Wakolda : Play Free

The true story of an Argentine family who lived with Josef Mengele without knowing his true identity, and of a girl who fell in love with one of the biggest criminals of all time.

93 min | Drama,History,Thriller | 8 August 2014 (United Kingdom)

The German Doctor (2013) Wakolda : Natalia Oreiro, as Eva, Elena Roger, as Nora Eldoc, Florencia Bado, as Lilith, Nicolas Marsella, as Polo, Ana Pauls, as Enfermera, Juan I. Martínez, as Otto, Carlos Kaspar, as Dueño de la fábrica, Abril Braunstein, as Ailín, Maria V. Barret, as Iva, Benito E. Crespo, as Cursis, Sebástian Cáneva, as Hijo de Cursis, Hartmut Becher, as Director de colegio, Valeria Radivo, as Professora, Ricardo Truppel, as Veterinario, Marcelo 'Hos' Bearzi, as Dueño de la hostería, Maia Muravchik, as Mujer del austriaco, Alex Brendemühl, as Mengele, Diego Peretti, as Enzo, Guillermo Pfening, as Klaus, Alan Daicz, as Tomás, Lucía Puenzo, John Ventimiglia, as Detective Costa, David Tennant, as Kilgrave, Rebecca De Mornay, as Dorothy, J.R. Ramirez, as Oscar Arocho, Janet McTeer, as Alisa Jones, Wil Traval, as Will Simpson, Benjamin Walker, as Erik Gelden, Jeremy Bobb, as Gregory Sallinger, Tiffany Mack, as Zaya Okonjo, Rachel McKeon, as Char, Mike Colter, as Luke Cage, Leah Gibson, as Inez Green, Susie Abromeit, as Pam, Aneesh Sheth, as Gillian, Erin Moriarty, as Hope Shlottman, Sarita Choudhury, as Kith Lyonne, Krysten Ritter, as Jessica Jones, Rachael Taylor, as Trish Walker, Eka Darville, as Malcolm Ducasse, Carrie-Anne Moss, as Jeri Hogarth, Melissa Rosenberg,

Love Contractually (2017) Hap joek nam nui
Love Contractually (2017) Hap joek nam nui : Play Free

A strict female CEO of an insurance company has already given up on love and believes that only the love towards a child is true and eternal. Thus, she decides to have her own child so she "borrows" sperm from a delivery man whom ...

98 min | Comedy,Drama,Romance | 14 February 2017 (China)

Love Contractually (2017) Hap joek nam nui : Sammi Cheng, as Ye Jin aka Katrina, Hsiao-chuan Chang, as Xiao Bo, Wenjuan Feng, as Vivian, QiaoQiao Jin, as Sophie, Suet Lam, as Ye Jin's Father, Bowen Wang, Xian-Zi, Dongdong Xu, Terence Yin, as Qin Feng, Guonan Liu, Xiaowei Tian,

Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and the Band (2019)
Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and the Band (2019) : Play Free

A confessional, cautionary, and occasionally humorous tale of Robbie Robertson's young life and the creation of one of the most enduring groups in the history of popular music, The Band.

100 min | Documentary,Biography,History | 21 February 2020 (United States)

Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and the Band (2019) : Levon Helm, as Vocals and Drums, The Band, Richard Manuel, as Piano and Vocals, Garth Hudson, as Self, Eric Clapton, Martin Scorsese, Taj Mahal, Rosemarie 'Dolly' Robertson, as Robbie's Mother, Chuck Berry, Jann Wenner, as Co-Founder, Rolling Stone Magazine, Ronnie Hawkins, Jim Robertson, as Robbie's Father, Alexander Klegerman, as Robbie's Biological Father, Natie Klegerman, as Robbie's Uncle, Morrie Klegerman, George Semkiw, as Guitar Player, Grant Smith, as Singer, as Themselves, Robbie Robertson, Bruce Springsteen, Rick Danko, as Bass and Vocals, Daniel Roher,

Alice in the Cities (1974)
Alice in the Cities (1974) : Play Free

A German journalist is saddled with a nine-year-old girl after encountering her mother at a New York airport.

113 min | Drama | 17 May 1974 (West Germany)

Alice in the Cities (1974) : Ernest Boehm, as Publisher, Sam Presti, as Car Dealer, Lois Moran, as Airport Hostess, Didi Petrikat, as Woman at Swimming Park, Hans Hirschmüller, as Police Officer, Sibylle Baier, as Woman on Ferry, Mirko, as Boy Singing Next to Jukebox, Julia Baier, as Young Girl on Ferry, Chuck Berry, as Chuck Berry, Peter Genée, as Man Looking at Monitor in New York Airport, Peter Handke, as Man at Chuck Berry concert, Jane Jarvis, as Organist at Shea Stadium, Micky Kley, as Woman Behind Philip and Alice on Plane, Martin Müller, as Man on Empire State Building Roof, Joachim von Mengershausen, as Man on Amsterdam Tour Boat, Wim Wenders, as Man by Jukebox in American Cafe, Yella Rottländer, as Alice van Damm, Rüdiger Vogler, as Philip Winter, Lisa Kreuzer, as Lisa van Damm, Edda Köchl, as Angela - Friend in New York, Veith von Fürstenberg,

Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster (1964) San daikaijû: Chikyû saidai no kessen
Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster (1964) San daikaijû: Chikyû saidai no kessen : Play Free

A detective is assigned to protect a princess who prophecies the Earth's end with the arrival of a powerful space monster. Mothra and her fairies must persuade Godzilla and Rodan to set aside their differences or face the invader alo

93 min | Action,Adventure,Fantasy | 18 April 2018 (United States)

Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster (1964) San daikaijû: Chikyû saidai no kessen : Ryan George, as Screenwriter, Ryan George, Emi Itô, as Shobijin Twin Fairy, Yumi Itô, Takashi Shimura, as Dr. Tsukamoto, Akihiko Hirata, as Chief Detective Okita, Hisaya Itô, as Malmess, Chief Assassin, Minoru Takada, as Prime Minister, Someshô Matsumoto, as Alien Expert, Ikio Sawamura, as Honest Fisherman, Kôzô Nomura, as Geologist, Kenji Sahara, as Editor in Chief Kanamaki, Susumu Kurobe, as Moustachoied Assassin, Tôru Ibuki, as Short-Tie Assassin, Kazuo Suzuki, as Showoff Door-Opener Assassin, Haruya Katô, as Journalist, Shin Ôtomo, as Boss of Assassins, Senkichi Ômura, as Would-Be Hat Retriever, Yôsuke Natsuki, as Detective Shindo, Yuriko Hoshi, as Naoko Shindo, Hiroshi Koizumi, as Professor Miura, Akiko Wakabayashi, as Princess Selina Salno of Sergina, Ishirô Honda, Shin'ichi Sekizawa,


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