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Top 100 movies release » In which channel ipl is live channel 5 catch up channel

Top 100 movies release » In which channel ipl is live channel 5 catch up channel
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The Next 365 Days (2022) 365
The Next 365 Days (2022) 365 : Play Free

Laura and Massimo's relationship hangs in the balance as they try to overcome trust issues and jealousy while a tenacious Nacho works to push them apart.

112 min | Drama,Romance | 19 August 2022 (United Kingdom)

The Next 365 Days (2022) 365 : Anna-Maria Sieklucka, as Laura Torricelli, Michele Morrone, as Massimo Torricelli, Simone Susinna, as Marcello 'Nacho' Matos, Magdalena Lamparska, as Olga, Otar Saralidze, as Domenico, Ewa Kasprzyk, as Klara Biel, Dariusz Jakubowski, as Tomasz Biel, Ramón Langa, as Don Fernando Matos, Tomasz Mandes, as Tommaso, Natalia Siwiec, as Emi, Karolina Pisarek, as Amelia, Rafal Iwaniuk, as Laura's bodyguard, Robert Zdebski, as Italian bodyguard, Paulina Mabiala, as Maria, Max Umer, as Bartender, Danilo Susinna, as Emi's lover, Piotr Mandes, as Mafioso, Andrzej Bakowski, Barbara Bialowas, Blanka Lipinska,

The Fault in Our Stars (2014) TFiOS
The Fault in Our Stars (2014) TFiOS : Play Free

Two teenage cancer patients begin a life-affirming journey to visit a reclusive author in Amsterdam.

90 min | Drama,Romance | 14 June 1991 (United States)

The Fault in Our Stars (2014) TFiOS : John Diehl, as Jack, Michel Qissi, as Tong Po, Heather McComb, as Lisa, Vince Murdocco, as Brian Wagner, Humberto Ortiz, as Joey, Matthias Hues, as Neil Vargas, Emmanuel Kervyn, as Kurt Sloan, Joe Restivo, as Ring Announcer, Vincent Klyn, as Thai Thug, Brian Austin Green, as Tommy, Brent Kelly, as Carl, Annie O'Donnell, as Brian's Mother, Christian Andrews, as Brian's Trainer, Jay Byron, as State Official, Gene LeBell, as Referee, Dale Jacoby, as Judge, Sasha Mitchell, as David Sloan, Peter Boyle, as Justin Maciah, Dennis Chan, as Xian Chow, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, as Sanga, Albert Pyun, Mark DiSalle, Jean-Claude Van Damme, David S. Goyer, Sam Trammell, as Michael, Willem Dafoe, as Peter van Houten, Lotte Verbeek, as Lidewij, Ana Dela Cruz, as Dr. Maria, Randy Kovitz, as Dr. Simmons, Toni Saladna, as Flight Attendant, David Whalen, as Gus' Dad, Milica Govich, as Gus' Mom, Allegra Carpenter, as Hostess, Emily Peachey, as Monica, Emily Bach, as Monica's Mom, Tim Hartman, as Minister, Mike Birbiglia, as Patrick, Bethany Leo, as Speaker #1 Beth, Alexis Hodges, as Speaker #2 Angel, Jean Brassard, as Waiter, Shailene Woodley, as Hazel, Ansel Elgort, as Gus, Nat Wolff, as Isaac, Laura Dern, as Frannie, Josh Boone, Scott Neustadter, Michael H. Weber, John Green,

Christmas a la Mode (2019)
Christmas a la Mode (2019) : Play Free

A woman needs a miracle in order to save her family's farm and her father's legacy in time for a happy Christmas.

87 min | Drama,Romance | 15 November 2019 (United States)

Christmas a la Mode (2019) : Caroline Keeler, as Gloria Jones, Tom Kemp, as Mr. Blanchard, Nick Verina, as Trey Bailey, Charles Van Eman, as Edgar Samuels, Celeste Oliva, as Mrs. Carlson, Caroline Portu, as Party Singer, Erin Cole, as Reporter, Donna Ognibene, as Ice Cream Patron, Steve Oksenuk, as Drummer at Christmas Party, Rickland Powell, as Background, Katie Leclerc, as Emily White, Ryan Cooper, as Charlie Blanchard, Jennifer Ellis, as Dorothy White, Kathy Harum, as Susan White, John Stimpson,

Doula (2022)
Doula (2022) : Play Free

After the sudden death of their midwife, an L.A. couple hire her son to be their live-in doula.

105 min | Comedy | 20 June 2022 (United States)

Doula (2022) : Troian Bellisario, as Deb, Arron Shiver, as Silvio, Will Greenberg, as Sascha, Robert Baker, as Tony, Anne Gee Byrd, as Tammi, Solomon Georgio, as Simon, Miles Glanville, as Will, Nadav Heyman, as Arbel, Will Janowitz, as The Priest, Sean Kazarian, as Dylan, Elyse Levesque, as Janet, Ally Maki, as Katherine, Nicholas Massouh, as Lyft Driver, Alex McKenna, as Aranrhod, Leslie Murphy, as Chelsea, Deanna Mustard, as Natasha, Amy Cale Peterson, as Jenni, Chris Pine, Cheryl Nichols,

My Hindu Friend (2015) Meu Amigo Hindu
My Hindu Friend (2015) Meu Amigo Hindu : Play Free

Diego is a film director very close to death, surrounded by people who are having trouble dealing with his current tempestuous mood. Chances are he won't survive, but if he does, that means he needs to relearn how to live.

124 min | Drama | 3 March 2016 (Brazil)

My Hindu Friend (2015) Meu Amigo Hindu : Bárbara Paz, as Sofia Guerra, Guilherme Weber, as Antonio Fairman, Dan Stulbach, as Marcos, Gilda Nomacce, as Antonio's Wife, Tuna Dwek, as Gabi, Tania Khalill, as Rosemary, Maitê Proença, as Debora, Dalton Vigh, as Dr. Morris, Supla, as Paiva, Ary Fontoura, as Dudu, Rio Adlakha, as Hindu Friend, Antonio Haddad Aguerre, as Beggar Girl, Marcello Airoldi, as Doctor #41, Juan Alba, as Rodrigo, Ana Babenco, as Ricardo's Daughter, Pedro Babenco, as Ricardo's Son, Willem Dafoe, as Diego Fairman, Maria Fernanda Cândido, as Livia Monteiro Bueno, Reynaldo Gianecchini, as Ricardo Steen, Selton Mello, as Common Man, Hector Babenco, Guilherme Quintella,

Permanent Collection (2020)
Permanent Collection (2020) : Play Free

As a misanthropic, aging bartender cares for his estranged wife they begin to outgrow their cynicism while he forges a friendship with an impressionable young woman who is just discovering it.

90 min | Comedy,Drama | 1 February 2020 (United States)

Permanent Collection (2020) : Sarah Herrman, as Riley, Sandra Roque, as Home Nurse, Marie Smalley, as Angry Neighbor, David Arballo, as Frank, Tyler Caffall, as Spoon's Ex Boyfriend, Donalia Jones, as Nurse #2, James Scott Patterson, as Neil, Macy Idzakovich, as Lizzie, Nazlah Black, as Spoon, Charlotte Bydwell, as Nelly, Michael Irish,

Some Dogs Bite (2010)
Some Dogs Bite (2010) : Play Free

A 14-year-old leads his two half-brothers (one older, one an infant) on a journey to find and live as a family with his father after their mother dies.

85 min | Drama | 10 November 2010 (United Kingdom)

Some Dogs Bite (2010) : Thomas Brodie-Sangster, as Casey, Aaron Taylor, as H, Michelle Asante, as Venetia, Mandeep Dhillon, as Seema, Aymen Hamdouchi, as Lenny Patrice, Cory Smith, as Severino, Kian Smith, Lewis Ryan Dickinson, Tim Ahern, as American Tourist, Nancy Baldwin, Ben Bishop, as Di Douglas Turner, Claire Disley, as Home Carer, Kerry Godliman, as Liz Walsh, Simon Jermond, as David, Radoslaw Kaim, as Marek, Georgina Lamb, as Sgt. Anne Riley, Duncan Marwick, as Bureau Teller, Brian McCardie, as Peter McBride, Marc Munden, Lin Coghlan,

BalletBoyz: Next Generation (2011)
BalletBoyz: Next Generation (2011) : Play Free

The film explores what it takes to turn eight individuals into one formidable dance company and follows the process from first auditions, through bootcamp training and creating work - right up to our recent performance.

0 min | Documentary | January (United Kingdom)

BalletBoyz: Next Generation (2011) : Michael Nunn,

Fishtales (2018) Fishtales 3
Fishtales (2018) Fishtales 3 : Play Free

Fifi and Lily are back for more fun and another amazing underwater adventure in fishtale reef. Join Trigger the seahorse, Kiki the pufferfish and their favorite teacher Professor Shark as they travel to locations under the sea.

74 min | Animation | 2018 (United States)

Fishtales (2018) Fishtales 3 : April Rose, Kj Schrock, Tina Shuster, as Fifi, Evan Tramel,

Final Account (2020)
Final Account (2020) : Play Free

An urgent portrait of the last living generation of Hitler's Third Reich in never-before-seen interviews raising vital questions about authority, conformity, national identity, and their own roles in the greatest human crimes in h...

94 min | Documentary | 21 May 2021 (United States)

Final Account (2020) :

Charles et Lucie (1979) Charles and Lucie
Charles et Lucie (1979) Charles and Lucie : Play Free

Charles and Lucie, an old and poor couple, inherits a luxurious house in the South of France.

95 min | Comedy,Drama,Romance | 5 September 1979 (France)

Charles et Lucie (1979) Charles and Lucie : Georges Claisse, as Nérac, Guy Grosso, as De la Madriguière, Marcel Gassouk, as Le chef déménageur, Albert Konan-Koffi, as Le gardien de la décharge, Henri Tisot, as Le gradé municipal, Albert Lerda, as L'agent municipal, Robert Beauvais, as Le gardien aux tics, Julie Turin, as Le petite fille aux oiseaux, Josy Andrieu, as La mère de la petite fille aux oiseaux, Féodor Atkine, as Le tueur fou, Jacques Hansen, as L'inspecteur principal, Pierre Repp, as Le conducteur d'autobus, Jacques Maury, as Le commissaire, Pierre Charras, as Un inspecteur, Jacques Allisio, as Le patron du chalutier, Bernard Jouanaud, as Le mousse, Daniel Ceccaldi, as Charles, Ginette Garcin, as Lucie, Jean-Marie Proslier, as Léon, Samson Fainsilber, as Le gobeur d'oeufs, Nelly Kaplan, Jean Chapot,

Putin's Kiss (2011) El petó de Putin
Putin's Kiss (2011) El petó de Putin : Play Free

Masha Drokova joins Nashi, a Russian ultra nationalist youth group, at the age of 16 and rapidly ascends its ranks, famously garnering a medal and the opportunity to kiss Vladimir Putin. The film details her growing disillusion wi...

85 min | Documentary,Drama | 19 January 2012 (Denmark)

Putin's Kiss (2011) El petó de Putin : Masha Drokova, as Self, Oleg Kashin, as journalist, Viktoria Drokova, as Masha Drokova's sister, Garry Kasparov, Dmitry Medvedev, Boris Nemtsov, Vladimir Putin, Anton Smirnov, Vasily Yakemenko, Ilya Yashin,

Project Christmas Wish (2020)
Project Christmas Wish (2020) : Play Free

For years Lucy has played Santa in her small-town community. As she grants a little girl's wish for a "Christmas like it used to be," she unexpectedly finds her own wishes coming true.

85 min | Drama,Family,Romance | 20 December 2020 (United States)

Project Christmas Wish (2020) : Paul Essiembre, as Tom, Nan Fewchuk, as Joyce Keller, Sharon Bajer, as Angela, Tim Nhlazane, as Cullen, Adrian McLean, as Morning Mike, Angela Narth, as Martha, Jan Skene, as Cheryl Wallace, Micaela Lozano, as Reporter, Stephanie Sy, as Ashley, Gino Anania, as Parker Wallace, Ariel Kromah, as Sonia, Rachael McLaren, as Melanie, Adam Hurtig, as Nolan, Duke, as Elvis the Dog, Chai, as Mr. Mittens the Cat, Flash, as Christmas Horse, Amanda Schull, as Lucy Keller, Travis Van Winkle, as Lucas, Averie Peters, as Max, Amy Groening, as Joan, Jeff Beesley, Anne Abramowitz Junget, Joie Botkin,

Flash of Genius (2008)
Flash of Genius (2008) : Play Free

Robert Kearns takes on the Detroit automakers who he claims stole his idea for the intermittent windshield wiper.

119 min | Biography,Drama | 20 March 2009 (United Kingdom)

Flash of Genius (2008) : Warren Belle, as Maryland Cop #2, Karl Pruner, as Pete, Bill Lake, as Scott, Dermot Mulroney, as Gil Previck, Landon Norris, as Young Dennis, Shae Norris, as Young Kathy, Steven Woodworth, as Young Tim, Victoria Learn, as Young Maureen, Dylan Authors, as Young Patrick, Ronn Sarosiak, as Reverend, Gavin Kuiack, as Baby Bob Jr., Ben Kuiak, Tom Rooney, as Jerry Barnley, Kate Parker, as Waitress, Andrew Gillies, as Paul Previck, Duane Murray, as Jim, Greg Kinnear, as Bob Kearns, Lauren Graham, as Phyllis Kearns, Alan Alda, as Gregory Lawson, Tim Eddis, as Maryland Cop #1, Marc Abraham, Philip Railsback, John Seabrook,

Song of Back and Neck (2018)
Song of Back and Neck (2018) : Play Free

Fred rarely gets through the day without falling to the ground with crippling pain. After meeting Regan and visiting an acupuncturist, he finally begins to find relief for both his chronic pain and his persistent loneliness.

85 min | Comedy,Romance | 23 April 2018 (United States)

Song of Back and Neck (2018) : Rosemarie DeWitt, as Regan, Robert Pine, as David Trolleycar, Alice Wen, as Sia, Raymond Ma, as Dr. Huang, Janine Poreba, as Tracey, Luke Spencer Roberts, as Pete, Daniel Thrasher, as Alex, William Wang, as Dr. Huang's Teacher, Edwin Kho, as Gon-Xi, Coca Xie, as Coca, Paul Kwo, as Zhang Wei, Trinka Soloway, as Maurney, Rajeev Chhibber, as Charles, Treisa Gary, as Beverly, Jessica McKenna, as Dawn, Kaidy Kuna, as Chinese Restaurant Manager, Paul Lieberstein, as Fred, Paul Feig, as Dr. Street, Sam Anderson, as Jarred Foxen, Clark Duke, as Atkins, Will Poulter, as Mark, Ellora Torchia, as Connie, Archie Madekwe, as Simon, Henrik Norlén, as Ulf, Gunnel Fred, as Siv, Isabelle Grill, as Maja, Agnes Westerlund Rase, as Dagny, Julia Ragnarsson, as Inga, Mats Blomgren, as Odd, Lars Väringer, as Sten, Anna Åström, as Karin, Hampus Hallberg, as Ingemar, Liv Mjönes, as Ulla, Louise Peterhoff, as Hanna, Katarina Weidhagen, as Ylva, Björn Andrésen, as Dan, Florence Pugh, as Dani, Jack Reynor, as Christian, Vilhelm Blomgren, as Pelle, William Jackson Harper, as Josh, Ari Aster,

The Great Santini (1979)
The Great Santini (1979) : Play Free

As he approaches manhood, Ben Meechum struggles to win the approval of his demanding alpha male father, an aggressively competitive, but frustrated Marine pilot.

115 min | Drama | 12 March 1981 (United Kingdom)

The Great Santini (1979) : Julie Anne Haddock, as Karen Meechum, Brian Andrews, as Matthew Meechum, Stan Shaw, as Toomer Smalls, Theresa Merritt, as Arrabella Smalls, David Keith, as Red Pettus, Paul Mantee, as Col. Virgil Hedgepath, Michael Strong, as Col. Varney, Bennett Liss, as Corp. Atchley, Joe Dorsey, as Coach Spinks, David Frankham, as Capt. Weber, Jan Stratton, as Mrs. Weber, Paul Gleason, as Lt. Sammy, W.K. Stratton, as Ace, Lew Horn, as Capt. Brookout, Michael Rougas, as Col. Mullinax, Al Garcia, as Pedro, Robert Duvall, as Bull Meechum, Blythe Danner, as Lillian Meechum, Michael O'Keefe, as Ben Meechum, Lisa Jane Persky, as Mary Anne Meechum, Lewis John Carlino, Pat Conroy, Herman Raucher,

Nemesis 4: Cry of Angels (1996) Nemesis 4: Death Angel
Nemesis 4: Cry of Angels (1996) Nemesis 4: Death Angel : Play Free

Alex shoots again. She has to kill a man, but shoots the wrong one. A high ransom is set on her, so she is visited by some head hunters. Well, she only could sit and wait and hope for a friend's help.

80 min | Action,Thriller,Sci-Fi | 27 April 1999 (United States)

Nemesis 4: Cry of Angels (1996) Nemesis 4: Death Angel : Blanka Copikova, as Woman in Black, Andrew Divoff, as Bernardo, Michal Gucík, as Priest, Nicholas Guest, as Earl Typhoon, Andrej Lehota, as Thug, Hracko Pavol, Simon Poland, as Johnny Impact, Sue Price, as Alex Sinclair, Juro Rasla, as Carlos Jr., Norbert Weisser, as Tokuda, Albert Pyun, Rebecca Charles,

Love by the Book (2015)
Love by the Book (2015) : Play Free

A bookstore owner and hopeless romantic meets the man of her dreams and tries to save her business with the help of a business consultant. She discovers what she needs to make the fairytales she bases her love life on true in this...

90 min | Drama,Family,Romance | 24 January 2015 (United States)

Love by the Book (2015) : Leah Renee, as Emma Graham, Kristopher Turner, as Eric Donovan, Cherilyn Wilson, as Jane Graham, Ryan Bittle, as Landon Crest, Cuyle Carvin, as Greg Thompson, Michael Ensign, as Philip, Stefanie Powers, as Marilyn, John Schneider, as Frank Donovan, Lola Wayne Villa, as Young Emma, Joelle Better, as Young Jane, Ashli Haynes, as Teenaged Girl, Danielle Langlois, as Carolyn Lake, Steven Huff, as Bookclub Member, David S. Cass Sr., Jeff Bonnett, Abbey Cleland Lopez,

Plus One at an Amish Wedding (2022) Un mondo nuovo
Plus One at an Amish Wedding (2022) Un mondo nuovo : Play Free

The movie is about Altiero Spinelli (one of the Italian founding fathers of the European Union) and his years under Mussolini's dictatorship.

100 min | Drama,History | 23 November 2014 (Italy)

Plus One at an Amish Wedding (2022) Un mondo nuovo : Vinicio Marchioni, as Altiero Spinelli, Isabella Ragonese, as Ursula Hirschmann, Peppino Mazzotta, as Ernesto Rossi, Orlando Cinque, as Eugenio Colorni, Valentina Carnelutti, as Ada Rossi, Sergio Albelli, Alex Cendron, as Virgilio, Simone Gandolfo, Giancarlo Judica Cordiglia, Miro Landoni, Pierre Lucat, as Giornalista, Strasburgo, Ignazio Oliva, Enrico Pittaluga, as Policeman, Stefano Scherini, as Ivan,

M (1931) M - Eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder
M (1931) M - Eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder : Play Free

When the police in a German city are unable to catch a child-murderer, other criminals join in the manhunt.

117 min | Crime,Mystery,Thriller | 31 August 1931 (Sweden)

M (1931) M - Eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder : Theodor Loos, as Inspector Groeber, Gustaf Gründgens, as Schränker, Friedrich Gnaß, as Franz, Fritz Odemar, as The Cheater, Paul Kemp, as Pickpocket with Six Watches, Theo Lingen, as Bauernfänger, Rudolf Blümner, as Beckert's Defender, Georg John, as Blind Panhandler, Franz Stein, as Minister, Ernst Stahl-Nachbaur, as Police Chief, Gerhard Bienert, as Criminal Secretary, Karl Platen, as Damowitz, Rosa Valetti, as Bartender, Hertha von Walther, as Prostitute, Lucie Rhoden, as Sekretärin im Polizeiarchiv, Joseph Almas, as Xxx, Peter Lorre, as Hans Beckert, Ellen Widmann, as Frau Beckmann, Inge Landgut, as Elsie Beckmann, Otto Wernicke, as Inspector Karl Lohmann, Fritz Lang, Thea von Harbou, Egon Jacobsohn,


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