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Top 20 Disney ❱ Dish satellite tv ver televisión española en directo

Top 20 Disney ❱ Dish satellite tv ver televisión española en directo
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Sunset in Naples (1956) Quando tramonta il sole
Sunset in Naples (1956) Quando tramonta il sole : Play Free

Take a look at some of the famous twins of Hollywood, including u003ca class=

94 min | | 5 April 1956 (Italy)

Sunset in Naples (1956) Quando tramonta il sole : Carlo Giuffrè, as Salvatore Gambardella, Maria Fiore, as Carolina, Giacomo Rondinella, as Peppino, Abbe Lane, as Eugenia Fougère, Alberto Rabagliati, as L'impresario milanese, Franco Caruso, as Gennarino, Giovanni Filidoro, Marcella Ferri, Eduardo Passarelli, Nietta Zocchi, Leonardo Severini, Eugenio Maggi, Nerio Bernardi, Gino Buzzanca, as Don Nicola, Mario Carotenuto, as Ferdinando Bideri, Charles Vanel, Guido Brignone, Ivo Perilli,

Siren (2016)
Siren (2016) : Play Free

A bachelor party becomes a savage fight for survival when the groomsmen unwittingly unleash a fabled predator upon the festivities.

82 min | Horror,Mystery,Thriller | 2 December 2016 (United States)

Siren (2016) : Michael Aaron Milligan, as Mac, Brittany S. Hall, as 50n, Randy McDowell, as Elliot, Lindsey Garrett, as Eva, William Mark McCullough, as The Addict, Patrick Wood, as Bouncer, Stephen Caudill, as Sheriff Boone, Brian F. Durkin, as Officer O'Brien, Preston James Hillier, as Officer Collins, Ava Atwood, as Young Lily, Elyse Dufour, as Aoide - the Door Girl, Vivian Kyle, as Melete - the Gold Dancer, Ashley Skelly, as Mneme - the Kinfe Dancer, Monica Ollander, as Jonah's 1st Girlfriend, Jude S. Walko, as Temptations Bartender, Andrea Joe, as Temptations Stripper, Chase Williamson, as Jonah, Hannah Fierman, as Lily, Justin Welborn, as Mr. Nyx, Hayes Mercure, as Rand, Gregg Bishop, Ben Collins, Luke Piotrowski, David Bruckner,

Downpour (1972) Ragbar
Downpour (1972) Ragbar : Play Free

A well educated and humble teacher arrives in a new city and at a new job in the pre-revolutionary Iran. He falls in love with a hardworking underprivileged young woman that nurses her very old mother and raises her young brother....

128 min | Comedy,Drama,Romance | November 1972 (United States)

Downpour (1972) Ragbar : Parviz Fanizadeh, as Hekmati, Mohamad Ali Keshavarz, as Principal, Jamshid Layegh, Parvaneh Massoumi, as Atieh, Esmat Safavi, as Atieh's mother, Hossein Kasbian, as Barber, Manuchehr Farid, as Rahim, Rogheyeh Chehreh-Azad, Reza Bani Ahmad, Farkhondeh Bavar, Abbas Dastranj, as Mosayeb, Sirrus Hassanpur, Said Oveissi, Parvin Solaymani, as Principal's wife, Hassan Zandi, Bahram Beyzaie,

No Room to Die (1969) Una lunga fila di croci
No Room to Die (1969) Una lunga fila di croci : Play Free

Django and Santana are bounty hunters taking out bandits in a small Western town. An evil landowner smuggling illegal immigrants and the men that work for him have mighty fine prices on their heads. So it only makes sense that Django

97 min | Western | 18 April 1969 (Italy)

No Room to Die (1969) Una lunga fila di croci : Franco Ukmar, as Cerockee, Giulio Mauroni, Gabriele Torrei, Giancarlo Sisti, as Buck Sullivan, Giorgio Dolfin, as Fargo Henchman, Mario Brega, as Brandon's Partner, Riccardo Garrone, as Mr. Fargo, Bruno Ariè, as Gunman in Flashback, Angelo Boscariol, as Soldier, Omero Capanna, as Henchman, Teodoro Corrà, as Innkeeper, Dakar, as Fargo's Bodyguard, Paolo Figlia, as Burt Kelly, Gilberto Galimberti, as Carl Smart, Giglio Gigli, Oscar Giustini, Anthony Steffen, as Johnny Brandon, William Berger, as Everett 'Bible' Murdock, Nicoletta Machiavelli, as Maya, Mariangela Giordano, as Dolores Roja, Sergio Garrone,

The Green Man (1956)
The Green Man (1956) : Play Free

An assassin is annoyed by a vacuum cleaner salesman determined to stop him.

80 min | Comedy,Crime | 21 December 1956 (France)

The Green Man (1956) : Raymond Huntley, as Sir Gregory Upshott, Colin Gordon, as Reginald Willoughby-Cruft, Avril Angers, as Marigold, Eileen Moore, as Joan Wood, Dora Bryan, as Lily, John Chandos, as Mc Kechnie, Cyril Chamberlain, as Sergeant Bassett, Richard Wattis, as Doctor, Vivien Wood, as Leader of Trio, Marie Burke, as Felicity, Lucy Griffiths, as Annabel, Arthur Brough, as Landlord, Arthur Lowe, as Radio Salesman, Alexander Gauge, as Chairman, Peter Bull, as General Niva, Willoughby Goddard, as Statesman, Alastair Sim, as Hawkins, George Cole, as William Blake, Terry-Thomas, as Charles Boughtflower, Jill Adams, as Ann Vincent, Robert Day, Basil Dearden, Sidney Gilliat, Frank Launder,

Dynamite Brothers (1974)
Dynamite Brothers (1974) : Play Free

Young black man teams up with a Chinese kung-fu expert to fight a drug ring.

90 min | Action,Drama | May 1974 (United States)

Dynamite Brothers (1974) : Timothy Brown, as Stud Brown, Alan Tang, as Larry Chin, Aldo Ray, as Burke, James Hong, as Wei Chin, Don Oliver, as Smiling Man, Al Richardson, as Razor, Carol Speed, as Sarah, Clare Torao, as Betty Fon, Lung Chan, as Tuen's Bodyguard, Richard Lee-Sung, as Kung Fat, Ching-Ying Lam, as Tuen's Henchman, Margo Hope, as Chu Lin, Steve Armstrong, as Truck Driver, Jean Clark, as Passenger, Erik Cord, as Bigot, Susie Ewing, as Laura, Steve Fisher, Yung-Sheng Kuo, Al Adamson, John D'Amato, Marvin Lagunoff,

Burning (2021)
Burning (2021) : Play Free

Looks at the deadly Australian bushfires of 2019-2020, known as 'Black Summer'. An exploration of what happened as told from the perspective of victims of the fires, activists and scientists.

86 min | Documentary | 26 November 2021 (United Kingdom)

Burning (2021) : Scott Morrison, as Self, Zoey Salucci, Daisy Jeffrey, Greg Mullins, Brian Ayliffe, Tim Flannery, Rachel Mounsey, Rebecca Mcgowan, Barnaby Joyce, Amber Mcdonald, Marian Wilkinson, Mark Graham, Tony Abbot, Mary Ayliffe, Jann Gilbert, Michael Harrington, Mike Cannon-Brookes, Roly Stokes,

House of Wax (1953)
House of Wax (1953) : Play Free

An associate burns down a wax museum with the owner inside, but he survives only to become vengeful and murderous.

88 min | Horror | 25 April 1953 (United States)

House of Wax (1953) : Vincent Price, as Prof. Henry Jarrod, Frank Lovejoy, as Det. Lt. Tom Brennan, Phyllis Kirk, as Sue Allen, Carolyn Jones, as Cathy Gray, Paul Picerni, as Scott Andrews, Roy Roberts, as Matthew Burke, Angela Clarke, as Mrs. Andrews, Paul Cavanagh, as Sidney Wallace, Dabbs Greer, as Sgt. Jim Shane, Charles Bronson, as Igor, Reggie Rymal, as The Barker, Oliver Blake, as Pompous Patron with Watch, Joanne Brown, as Girlfriend, Steve Carruthers, as Museum Patron, Leo Curley, as Portly Man, Dan Dowling, Frank Ferguson, as Medical Examiner, Darwin Greenfield, as Lodger, André De Toth, Crane Wilbur, Charles Belden,

Gremlins (1984) Kleine Monster
Gremlins (1984) Kleine Monster : Play Free

A young man inadvertently breaks three important rules concerning his new pet and unleashes a horde of malevolently mischievous monsters on a small town.

106 min | Comedy,Fantasy,Horror | 7 December 1984 (United Kingdom)

Gremlins (1984) Kleine Monster : Keye Luke, as Grandfather, Don Steele, as Rockin' Ricky Rialto, Susan Burgess, as Little Girl, Scott Brady, as Sheriff Frank, Arnie Moore, as Pete's Father, Corey Feldman, as Pete, Harry Carey Jr., as Mr. Anderson, Dick Miller, as Mr. Futterman, Polly Holliday, as Mrs. Deagle, Donald Elson, as Man on Street, Belinda Balaski, as Mrs. Harris, Danny Llewelyn, as Hungry Child, Edward Andrews, as Mr. Corben, Judge Reinhold, as Gerald Hopkins, Lois Foraker, as Bank Teller, Chuck Jones, as Mr. Jones, Zach Galligan, as Billy, Phoebe Cates, as Kate, Hoyt Axton, as Randall Peltzer, John Louie, as Chinese Boy, Joe Dante, Chris Columbus,

The Freakmaker (1974) The Mutations
The Freakmaker (1974) The Mutations : Play Free

A scientist experiments with crossing humans and plants, for which he uses his students.

92 min | Horror,Sci-Fi | October 1974 (United Kingdom)

The Freakmaker (1974) The Mutations : Michael Dunn, as Burns, Scott Antony, as Tony, Jill Haworth, as Lauren, Olga Anthony, as Bridget, Lisa Collings, as Prostitute, Joan Scott, as Landlady, Toby Lenon, as Tramp, Richard Davies, as Doctor, John Wireford, as Policeman, Eithne Dunne, as Nurse, Tony Mayne, as Dwarf Tony, Molly Tweedlie, as Dwarf Molly, Kathy Kitchen, as Midget Kathy, Fran Fullenwider, as Fat Lady, Lesley Roose, as Skinny Lady, Fay Bura, as Bearded Lady, Donald Pleasence, as Dr. Nolter, Tom Baker, as Lynch, Brad Harris, as Brian, Julie Ege, as Hedi, Jack Cardiff, Robert D. Weinbach,

First Man Into Space (1959)
First Man Into Space (1959) : Play Free

The first pilot to leave Earth's atmosphere lands, then vanishes; but something with a craving for blood prowls the countryside...

77 min | Drama,Horror,Sci-Fi | February 1959 (United Kingdom)

First Man Into Space (1959) : Marshall Thompson, as Cmdr. Charles Ernest Prescott, Marla Landi, as Tia Francesca, Bill Edwards, as Lt. Dan Milton Prescott, Robert Ayres, as Capt. Ben Richards, Bill Nagy, as Police Chief Wilson, Carl Jaffe, as Dr. Paul von Essen, Roger Delgado, as Ramon de Guerrera - Mexican Consul, John McLaren, as Harold Atkins - State Dept. Official, Spencer Teakle, as Ratings Control Room, Chuck Keyser, John Fabian, Richard Shaw, as Witney, Bill Nick, as Clancy, Helen Forrest, as Secretary, Roland Brand, as Truck Driver, Barry Shawzin, as Sanchez - Mexican Farmer, Mark Sheldon, as Doctor, Michael Bell, as State Trooper, Robert Day, John Croydon, Charles F. Vetter, Wyott Ordung,

Beyond Rangoon (1995)
Beyond Rangoon (1995) : Play Free

Laura is trying to pick up the pieces of her life after the murder of her husband and son, and goes on vacation with her sister to Burma. After losing her passport at a political rally, she is left on her own for a few days, during w

100 min | Action,Adventure,Drama | 30 June 1995 (United Kingdom)

Beyond Rangoon (1995) : Tiara Jacquelina, as San San - Hotel Desk Clerk, Kuswadinata, as Colonel at Hotel, Victor Slezak, as Mr. Scott, Jit Murad, as Sein Htoo, Ye Myint, as Zaw Win, Cho Cho Myint, as Zabai, Johnny Cheah, as Min Han, Haji Mohd Rajoli, as Karen Father, Azmi Hassan, as Older Karen Boy, Ahmad Fithi, as Younger Karen Boy, Adelle Lutz, as Aung San Suu Kyi, Mohd Wan Nazri, as Checkpoint Soldier #1 at Train, Zaidi Omar, as Checkpoint Officer #1 at Train, Roslee Mansor, as Checkpoint Soldier #2 at Train, Michael Pickells, as Nick Bowman, Enzo Rossi, as Danny Bowman, Patricia Arquette, as Laura Bowman, U Aung Ko, as U Aung Ko, Frances McDormand, as Andy Bowman, Spalding Gray, as Jeremy Watt, John Boorman, Alex Lasker, Bill Rubenstein,

Abschied (1930) Farewell
Abschied (1930) Farewell : Play Free

Peter Winkler's new job offer is about to take him away from his lover Hella, but he has been keeping it a secret from her. Mutual lack of trust and vicious gossip threatens their relationship as they plan to make their farewells.

73 min | Comedy,Drama | 25 August 1930 (Germany)

Abschied (1930) Farewell : Frank Günther, as Conférencier Neumann, Erwin Bootz, as Musiker Erwin Bootz, Martha Ziegler, as Dienstmädchen Lina, Vladimir Sokoloff, as Der Baron, Esmée Symon, as 1. Lennox-Sister, Gisela Draeger, as 2. Lennox-Sister, Marianne Mosner, as 3. Lennox-Sister, Georg Nikolai, Erwin Splettstößer, Bruno Hoenscherle, Daisy Rensburg, Brigitte Horney, as Verkäuferin Hella, Aribert Mog, as Vertreter Peter Winkler, Emilia Unda, as Pensionsinhaberin Frau. Weber, Konstantin Mic, as Bogdanoff, Robert Siodmak, Emeric Pressburger,

Kogarashi Monjiro 2: Secret of Monjiro's Birth (1972) Kogarashi Monjirô: Kakawari gozansen
Kogarashi Monjiro 2: Secret of Monjiro's Birth (1972) Kogarashi Monjirô: Kakawari gozansen : Play Free

Monjiro, reunited with his long lost sister, is pursued by a yakuza gang because he killed their boss. He also meets a fellow gambler who idolizes Monjiro.

90 min | Action | 14 September 1972 (Japan)

Kogarashi Monjiro 2: Secret of Monjiro's Birth (1972) Kogarashi Monjirô: Kakawari gozansen : Rin'ichi Yamamoto, Kyôsuke Machida, Hiroshi Nawa, Saburô Date, Mieko Hoshino, Yukie Kagawa, Kojirô Kawanami, Mineko Maruhira, Eiko Nakamura, Masaru Shiga, Akira Shioji, Kojiro Shirakawa, Kachô Tsukitei, Bunta Sugawara, as Monjirô Kogarashi, Etsuko Ichihara, as Omitsu, Kunie Tanaka, Minoru Ôki, Sadao Nakajima, Tatsuo Nogami,

Stanleyville (2021)
Stanleyville (2021) : Play Free

A dissatisfied woman abandons her career and her family when she gets the chance to compete in a bizarre and dangerously flawed contest. The prize: a brand new habanero-orange compact SUV.

89 min | Comedy | 15 August 2021 (Canada)

Stanleyville (2021) : Adam Brown, as Manny Jumpcannon, Julian Richings, as Homunculus, Mihály Szabados, as Delivery Man, Susanne Wuest, as Maria Barbizan, Cara Ricketts, as Felicie Arkady, Christian Serritiello, as Andrew Frisbee, Jr., George Tchortov, as Bofill Pancreas, Maxwell McCabe-Lokos, Rob Benvie,

Gasoline Alley (2022)
Gasoline Alley (2022) : Play Free

A man implicated in the triple homicide of three Hollywood starlets begins his own investigation. Needing assistance, he enlists the two detectives on his tail in order to expose a conspiracy more explosive than any of them imagined.

0 min | Action,Thriller | 25 February 2022 (United States)

Gasoline Alley (2022) : Kenny Wormald, Rick Salomon, as Percy Muleeny, Sufe Bradshaw, as Eleanor Rogers, Angie Pack, as Cassandra, Irina Antonenko, as Star, Steve Eastin, Vernon Davis, Eric Buarque, Chris Cleveland, as Mike, Ash Adams, as Frank Flosso, Johnny Dowers, as Erasmus Alcindor, Hope Golds, as Lana, Adam Huel Potter, as Officer Pete, Mike Dargatis, as Carlos, The D.O.C., Billy Jack Harlow, as Roy, Bruce Willis, as Detective Freeman, Devon Sawa, as Jimmy Jayne, Luke Wilson, as Detective Vargas, Kat Foster, as Christine, Edward Drake,

Central Station (1998) Central do Brasil
Central Station (1998) Central do Brasil : Play Free

The emotive journey of a former schoolteacher who writes letters for illiterate people, and a young boy whose mother has just died, as they search for the father he never knew.

110 min | Drama | 12 March 1999 (United Kingdom)

Central Station (1998) Central do Brasil : Othon Bastos, as Cezar, Otávio Augusto, as Pedrão, Stela Freitas, as Yolanda, Matheus Nachtergaele, as Isaías, Caio Junqueira, as Moisés, Socorro Nobre, as Dora's Client, Manoel Gomes, Roberto Andrade, Sheyla Kenia, Malcon Soares, Maria Fernandes, Maria Marlene, Christano Camargo, Jorseba-Sebastiano Oliveira, Andréa Albuquerque, Sidney Antunes, as Crente, Fernanda Montenegro, as Isadora, Vinícius de Oliveira, as Josué, Marília Pêra, as Irene, Soia Lira, as Ana, Walter Salles, Marcos Bernstein, João Emanuel Carneiro,

Into the Arms of Strangers: Stories of the Kindertransport (2000)
Into the Arms of Strangers: Stories of the Kindertransport (2000) : Play Free

The secret smuggling of 9,300 Jewish children out of Nazi Germany in the late 1930s.

122 min | Documentary,History,War | 24 November 2000 (United Kingdom)

Into the Arms of Strangers: Stories of the Kindertransport (2000) : Judi Dench, as Narrator, Lory Cahn, as Self, Kurt Fuchel, Eva Hayman, Ursula Rosenfeld, Lorraine Allard, Jack Hellman, Lore Segal, Robert Sugar, Hedy Epstein, Norbert Wollheim, Nicholas Winton, Franzi Groszmann, Alexander Gordon, Bertha Leverton, Inge Sadan, Mariam Cohen, Mirka Colman, Mark Jonathan Harris,

Vendetta (2013)
Vendetta (2013) : Play Free

Special ops interrogation officer Jimmy Vickers tracks down a gang who slaughtered his parents. With police closing in & his old unit on his trail, he has to to evade capture long enough to complete his gruesome crusade.

106 min | Action,Thriller | 23 December 2013 (United Kingdom)

Vendetta (2013) : Ricci Harnett, as Joe Windsor, Nick Nevern, as Ronnie, Bruce Payne, as Rooker, Emma Samms, as Sandra Vickers, Tony Denham, as George Vickers, Tamaryn Payne, as WPC Jenny Clarke, Michael Ryan, as Griff, Anna Brecon, as Julia, Samuel Kane, as Dennis, Simona Roman, as Sophia, Joshua Osei, as Warren Evans, Ryan Oliva, as Caleb, James Mullinger, as Alex, Hugo Myatt, as Carter, Jay Sutherland, as Elliot Grant, Naomi Todd, as Cassie, Danny Dyer, as Jimmy Vickers, Vincent Regan, as Colonel Leach, Roxanne McKee, as Morgan Vickers, Alistair Petrie, as DCI Spencer Holland, Stephen Reynolds,

One Day More (2011) Il giorno in più
One Day More (2011) Il giorno in più : Play Free

Giaccomo is a forty-year-old who works at a company in Milan. To avoid working on weekends, he lies about having girlfriend whose character he creates based upon a girl he sees every morning.

112 min | Comedy,Romance | 2 December 2011 (Italy)

One Day More (2011) Il giorno in più : Fabio Volo, as Giacomo Bonetti, Isabella Ragonese, as Michela, Pietro Ragusa, as Dante, Camilla Filippi, as Silvia, Stefania Sandrelli, as Madre di Giacomo, Lino Toffolo, as Fausto, Roberto Citran, as Ricardi, Luciana Littizzetto, as Boldrini, Valeria Bilello, as Alessia, Jack Perry, as Tom, Irene Ferri, as Alice, Hassani Shapi, as Chandry, Roberto Basilico, as Waiter, David Fierro, as Vitantonio, Alessandro Lussiana, Nick Nicolosi, as Donnie, Stella Pecollo, as Chantal Ricardi, Pietro Traldi, Massimo Venier, Michele Pellegrini, Federica Pontremoli,


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