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Top 110+ Best Publishers Sites 2018 - 2019

Top 110+ Best Publishers Sites 2018 - 2019

Mister Bell

"R & D and technological solutions are the DNA of the group since its inception. Mister Bell Solutions develops continuously and licenses proprietary tools (tracking, re-targeting, matching, analytics, data-targeting) [allowing] advertisers and agencies to operate on mobile performance. With an exclusive inventory and diffusion capacity unprecedented, Mister Bell appears as one of the leading mobile performance with agencies and advertisers in Europe (EU), Latin America (LATAM) and the region average (MENA)." Translated by Google Translate


"Since 2001, Mirando marketed online advertising on quality websites and has been a partner for media agencies, advertisers and website operators. The advertising will be delivered exclusively through its own ad server technology and the Mirando network with more than 400 publishers."


"MineWhat is delivering solutions for ecommerce companies to "re engage" their consumers. MineWhat's platform decreases user acquisition costs,increases conversions by providing auto magic shopping assistance and behaviour analytics."


Coinhive grew out of an experiment at, a German image board. We pride ourselfs in offering a community platform that is not riddled by intrusive ads or shady money grabs. We are self-funded and have been running this platform for the past 11 years.


"Back in 2002 Social Networking was a fairly new landscape. MindViz emerged as a network hub for our other social niche sites like IconHell, AI-Buddy, ForumHell, etc... and eventually emerged as a new and innovative Social Networking platform that did quite a good job providing features that other Social Networking sites did not offer - such as realtime on site instant messaging, fully customizeable profiles with theme maker, realtime chat rooms, free music storefront for bands, etc... We peaked between 2006 and 2011, and then our numbers have slowly declined. It's been hard not being able to dedicate the kind of time required to evolve a product like this, and with so many Social Networking platforms available, it's hard to justify continuing work in this area. We have been running the site at a loss for quite a few years now to maintain the product for our dedicated users, but we have reached a point where it is no longer feasible to keep it online as a Social Networking Service. We would like to thank everyone who had an interest in MindViz & It's Network Sites, for giving us a chance in this field. "

Microsoft Advertising

"We constantly innovate to simplify the business of digital advertising, so that customers can amplify their brand stories across audiences, channels and screens in the most creative, engaging and efficient ways possible."


"...Our technology requires very little technical expertise to produce meaningful single question polls and actionable results..."


"MicroAd offers clients with several ad delivery options, including behavioral targeting and retargeting. CyberAgent, Japan’s largest Internet advertising agency in terms of revenues is the parent company of MicroAd, providing a tremendously strong sales channel through which most clients have been won."


"As the leading third-party advertising technology company, Miaozhen Systems provide impartial, scientific and reliable data and solutions, promoting advertising industry to innovate and develop."


"MI725 gives a distinct advantage in today's automotive marketing with a simplified approach to campaign creation and delivery, stream-lined lead management, and ROI reporting. MI725 intuitive technology recommends marketing strategies based on proven results."


"Our Audience Development Platform has been built to promote the best content from the web with the highest level of engagement."


"Independent Internet Measurement specialist provider of data and software for the media and advertising business. MetriWare is the Belgian reference for the internet measurement of Media sites."


"Metrigo provides an innovative platform that can reach the company to display advertising sales and quantitative range goals. We use advanced bidding strategies in media buying. We employ intelligent models to optimize your campaign."


"Metapeople GmbH together with its associated subsidiaries stands for customized solutions for national and international online marketing projects in the areas of Search-Engine-Marketing, Search-Engine-Optimization, Affiliate-Marketing, Social-Media and Online-Media."


"Merchenta's behavioural merchandising platform presents consumers with relevant, personalised products & offers on behalf of retailers. We work with a range of leading retailers to offer the most relevant products to you, based on your interests and those of other people like you."


MerchantAdvantage exists to address ecommerce marketing issues experienced by mid-sized to large online merchants and marketing/advertising agencies, providing long-term scalable cost effective solutions.

CommerceHub (formerly Mercent)

"CommerceHub helps retailers and brands increase sales and delight shoppers by expanding product assortment, promoting and selling products on the channels that perform, and enabling rapid, on-time customer delivery."


"We are a full-service digital marketing company that develops technological solutions for Facebook advertising. Our mission is to empower e-commerce companies to maximize their success in Facebook advertising by helping them reach new relevant customers and increase online sales."


"MenloTechnologies (Menlo) is the leading third party online advertising technology and data solution provider in China. Menlo provides digital advertising operating systems for the online and mobile marketing industry in China."


"Melt is a Brazilian company established with the aim of revolutionizing the Hispanic market buying online media. With this, we launched a self-service tool that helps agencies, medium and large advertisers to optimize the most of their investments in digital advertising."


Innovations to improve the efficiency of online marketing


"Meetrics supports online media with live reports and usage analysis based on the visibility of web content in the publication of news and optimization of online marketing activities."


"Medyanet is Turkey's leading online advertising sales company founded in 1999. We do display, mobile, online video, performance-oriented advertising which serves the areas of digital marketing and social media."


"Medley, Inc. is well-known leader in affiliate marketing."


Mediego is an innovative solution for personalization based on a behavioral algorithm that analyzes complex data collected online or via outlets in real-time. With Mediego, you can send highly customized content to your customers, identify their preferences, interests and their potential to purchase, all in real time. Easy to install and operational from the first visit, Mediego is The turnkey solution to customize your content in real time.


"MediaWhiz is an online performance marketing agency that helps clients acquire customers more profitably utilizing programs of continuous improvement via Affiliate Marketing, Search Marketing, Social Marketing, Display Advertising, Email Marketing and Data Acquisition."


Founded in 2013, MediaWallah is the next generation of people intelligence for traditional and digital advertising. Our mission is to deliver identification data to improve media performance and results by linking cross platform users, identifying screen users and closing the loop in terms of where someone is in their buying cycle. We believe that the true value of data can only be measured if it is made actionable. Our team is compiled of veterans with over 15 years of experience in RTB, Tag Management, Search Marketing, Social media, Mobile, Website Optimization, Attribution and Ad serving.


"The company aggregates the excellent Internet technical experts in the industry, advertising and marketing experts and interactive creative experts, is a company specializing in precision marketing and digital marketing professional advertising technology and service agencies. Poly wins million together to continuously improve the network marketing return on investment rate target, based on the state-of-the-art Internet technology development, multi-data convergence advertisers, website owners, agents and consumers find value in the hundreds of millions of data dynamic optimization to achieve fine classification of the target consumer groups and targeted advertising effectiveness."


"MediaShift is a next-generation digital ad tech company that monetizes WiFi networks and web publishing sites, while offering advertisers access to one of the fastest growing audience platforms targeting on-the-go consumers. Our patented ad platform is the first in the industry to monetize WiFi networks with advertising at both sign-in and in-session."


"MediaShakers is a global online advertising network dedicated to creating innovative opportunities for both publishers and advertisers."



"Our approach is to handle everything subscription-related for clients: subscriber support, monthly billing, credit card processing, real-time reports, data security compliance, fraud protection, ease of customization, ongoing technological development, and more. We also help publishers crack the code to their optimum subscription rate and find the “premium content” that will drive revenue growth and quality readership."


"The median - the industry's first private company - founded in 1989, decades of experience with social scientists. Twenty years is one of the most famous domestic research firm. The company's turnover increased market share amounting addition to research all along attached great importance to the social research and public policy of continuous assessment."


"Our technology and services enable marketers to reach the audiences they want at the scale they need to achieve the outcomes they desire. Since 2007, when we created the first software for real-time media buying, MediaMath's global infrastructure, vast partner network and quantitative approach have delivered transformative results – truly strength in numbers. Today, marketers are adopting our vision. They are engaging in one-to-one conversations with customers and prospects across display, social, mobile and video. And they're focused on real business outcomes rather than user clicks. MediaMath is partnering with the most forward-thinking brands and agencies to accelerate these changes. We build on the leading edge of technology and innovate at scale. We combine an open platform – purpose-built for enterprise marketers and powered by machine learning – with scaled, privileged inventory, exclusive data and industry-leading training and support."


"Maximum revenue from your site."


"Create your ad campaign with the help of our 'serve yourself' platform around the clock. Take control of your budget with our affordable bidding and budgeting solutions. Get the most out of your ad campaign with real-time information at your fingertips."

Rakuten Display (formerly Rakuten MediaForge)

"Lets face it: marketing today is complicated. Managing all consumer touch points requires working with multiple vendors, which makes efficiency and obtaining holistic insights challenging. We believe it's time for a better approach - the omni experience - which consolidates all channel offerings into a single platform and dashboard for full transparency into the customer funnel - and helps marketers get back to actual marketing. The omni experience is a part of our larger vision to drive the marketing industry forward with the people, innovative thinking and transparency that go beyond what is possible."


"Media Desk is a self-service media buying platform. It connects you with the main sources of online display inventory across Brazil and Latin America to help you buy more efficiently and obtain better results for your campaigns."


" has one of the most comprehensive portfolios of advertising technology in the industry across search, display, mobile, native, local, products and video. Its platform & products are licensed by various publishers, ad networks, and other ad tech companies worldwide. Each product implementation has the feature set required to execute successfully. builds products that auto-learn and optimize to display the most relevant ads and offers to end-users in formats that provide a balance of user experience and revenue, and provide industry leading user privacy protections. This creates long-term sustainable value and, at the same time, maximizes publisher revenue and provides high ROI to advertisers. It simplifies online advertising by building top-tier products across multiple segments within ad tech such that all of the customers’ needs are met without them having to engage multiple vendors, or at their option, to use the Company’s platform to unify the solutions from multiple vendors that they want to manage.’s offerings incorporate proprietary machine learning algorithms, sophisticated data processing, and detailed analytics capabilities to successfully target internet users. It currently manages traffic that generates 70+ million paid ad clicks each month (as at Q1 2016). To put this into perspective, at the industry average display CTR of 0.08%, it wouldrequire others an estimated 87.5+ billion display ad impressions permonth to generate this volume of ad clicks.’s suite is constantly self-optimizing based on its ability to analyze and learn from vast volumes of data. Additional data obtained from the volume of transactions on the platform make its algorithms more intelligent, leading to higher quality matching, stronger ROI for advertisers, and increased revenue for publishers. As a result of this high quality matching, attracts even more sellers, which in turn attracts more buyers, leading to strong network effects. Further, is the original creator of the display-to-search (D2S) ad format, a highly sophisticated method of monetizing display placements by identifying user search intent and displaying relevant search keywords which lead to display of search ads bought by advertisers on a cost per click (CPC) pricing model. Advertisers have seen extremely high conversion/sales through this format without the risk of having to buy cost per thousand impressions (CPM) based media where they run the risk of paying for media with which users did not engage. Hence, this format enjoys uncapped advertising budgets as it is seen by advertisers as a cost of sales rather than an operating expense from a discretionary marketing budget.’s robust technology platform, extensive product features, rigorous quality and compliance standards, and experience in quickly ramping to achieve scale represent meaningful and lasting competitive advantages that have generated powerful results for’s publisher and advertiser clients."


"Start now to really monetize your site. We optimize each of your impressions to its full potential, regardless of your volume. Once you have inserted tags, we manage the rest ourselves."

Media Today (formerly

"Our task - to bring contextual advertising to a new level, providing unique opportunities to contact the user. We strive to promote not just good, we want to interested users, to get his attention, involving consumers in the process of communication with the advertising message. We do not just deliver information about the product, we create a complete image of the brand, without breaking a single message of the advertising campaign."



"With the AdSecure Platform, we have created a revolutionary SaaS platform that can be easily deployed to provide insights on your audience quality and then block impression fraud in real time. Through big data analysis, an array of data feeds and sophisticated techniques, MdotLabs gives advertisers and publishers the tools they need to differentiate real users from non-human traffic."


"MCOnet Ltd., based in Hungary, is one of the largest companies in Central Europe producing web-sites and advertisements with virtual and PR communication background. Having over thousand partners, we are also one of the most considerable electronic media groups."


You have a website that you want to supplement with a high quality advertising and increase advertising revenue? If this is what you want, then hesitate and apply Mcab advertising platform!

Stroer (formerly adscale)

“adscale is Germany’s leading marketplace for digital advertising, bringing advertisers and website operators together to buy and sell video, display and text advertising.”


"Maxymiser is the global expert in multivariate testing, personalization and optimization solutions. Maxymiser combines online testing and automated personalization into a single platform that empowers marketers to launch comprehensive optimization campaigns on-the-fly without the need for IT resources."

MaxPoint Interactive

"MaxPoint’s Digital Zip technology delivers the most effective and scalable neighborhood-level digital campaigns. We pinpoint qualified customers interested in purchasing your product with more precision than using traditional zip codes, ultimately offering accurate neighborhood-level targeting with national reach and local results."


"MaxMind provides IP intelligence through the GeoIP brand. By pinpointing the location of Internet customers and visitors by country, geographic region, city, and postal code, GeoIP data provides online businesses with a valuable marketing tool as well as the ability to customize their websites to better serve clients."


"Maxlab values ​​its customers and offers a form of collaboration that takes all the work on the development, implementation and monitoring of advertising campaigns on the Internet, which saves staff time of advertising and marketing."


Our in-house developed ad serving and conversion tracking technology services a booming network of over 500 advertisers, 7000 publishers, and thousands of international, localized lead campaigns targeted to worldwide audiences. Our affiliate management platform is trusted by world-class advertisers and, with the attention of our experienced account teams, provides a customizable, scalable and reliable alternative to standard, off-the-shelf licenses.

Radiate Media (formerly Matchbin)

"We drive business to local merchants by providing interactive tools and services through local media partners."

" helped pioneer the online dating industry and now services 24 countries and territories and hosts Web sites in 15 different languages. We create romantic opportunities so singles are more likely to find someone special." is owned by IAC.


"MasterTarget - a web-based system, based on a partnership model with Pay-Per-Action between advertisers and owners of Internet resources. Advertiser in this type of cooperation pays the webmaster (owner of an advertising platform) only useful for the actions of users on the site."

Martini Media

"Martini Media is the leading digital media platform for reaching influential American consumers with household incomes over $100K. Martini operates a publisher network of 1000 of the most affluent, engaging sites on the web in lifestyle and business, providing revenue support across web, video, mobile, email, social and data."

Marktest Group

"The Marktest Group, [consists] of several companies specializing in the field of market research and information processing,[and] has been growing [at] a continuous and sustained [rate] since its foundation. [It] is currently the largest Portuguese Group with national and international projection in your area [of] activity."

MarkMonitor Inc

"When the world's leading brands rely on you to protect their revenue and reputation in the digital world, you develop powerful insights and unrivalled methodologies to help combat sophisticated, evolving online threats. MarkMonitor clients look to our unique combination of industry-leading expertise, advanced technologies and extensive industry relationships to preserve marketing investments, revenues and customer trust."


"Marketo Lead Management gives Marketers the power and flexibility to automate demand generation campaigns and deliver high quality leads with less effort. Marketo Sales Insight helps Sales understand, prioritize and interact with the hottest leads and opportunities to close more business faster. Marketo Revenue Cycle Analytics enables marketers to measure, optimize, and forecast the revenue cycle."


MarketGid USA

"MGID is a news and product portal which connects thousands of websites around the web."

Market Thunder

Thunder’s technologies cover a multitude of cases including feed-driven dynamic creatives, mass creative versioning, automatic optimization, and more. Build static and dynamic creatives with incredible agility and without having to sacrifice ad quality, branding, or pixel perfection.


Markafoni, Turkey's first and leading private shopping site, was established in 2008. Markafoni has become the icon brand of fashion and lifestyle, presenting the most famous brands of Turkey and the world with its special discounts up to 90% in many categories, mainly clothing, accessories, cosmetics, shoes, bags and decoration. Markafoni, who has been awarded many awards for his successful marketing and communications strategy, joined the South African MIH Allegro BV, which in 2014 was owned by the Naspers Group. Markafoni is moving confidently to become a global brand under the roof of the Naspers Group, which operates in 129 countries and has the world's most important media and e-commerce brands.

Mark & Mini

"Mark & ​​Mini is an operator, on the dividing line between TV and the Internet, the operation does worthy of TV programs via the Internet. Mark & ​​Mini does this by means of a TV commercial, prior to the requested TV program (called pre-roll/streamspot) broadcast."

Marin Software

"Marin Software is a leading provider of online advertising management solutions, offering an integrated platform for managing search, display, and social marketing."


"Marimedia Ltd. is a leading international digital advertisement network of thousands of publishers and advertisers delivering billions of impressions each month. Marimedia’s experienced Internet professionals maximize revenue for both advertisers and publishers by finding the best possible fit between top-performing advertisers and targeted, reputable publishers."


Marchex is a digital call advertising and small business marketing company. Marchexs mission is to unlock local commerce globally by helping advertisers reach customers wherever they may be in mobile, offline and online channels, including on our own local and category websites.


"MapLoco allows you to add stunning maps to your website showing the cities your site visitors are coming from. You'll get detailed statistics about the number of hits from thousands of cities and countries across the world. MapLoco allows you to zoom in to continents for a closer view of each geographic area to help you better understand your audience."


"ManyContacts is an attention-grabbing free contact form that sits on top of your website and helps to convert visitors into qualified leads and, ultimately, customers."

Mango Office

"Mango Telecom" offers customers cloud business communications. We help businesses organize telephone communications, save on equipment and calls, increase the productivity of employees working on the phone, increase sales and quality of customer service. Mango Telecom was founded in 2000. Today it occupies the 1 st place in the Russian market of virtual automatic telephone exchanges and is included in TOP-20 telecommunication companies in Russia. Branches of Mango Telecom operate in 27 cities of Russia and Germany. With us already 39 000 enterprises

Makazi Group

"makazi offers international advertisers a technology platform enabling the consolidation of all digital information sources related to customer data, as well as ensuring its smart and customized activation across all communication channels. This platform is supported by the company expertise in data marketing and a range of services designed to leverage data information for a better use of marketing budgets."


"mainADV provides custom-tailored and measurable solutions to deliver the best online marketing strategies for our clients. We are a company that specializes in Programmatic Buying applied to Performance Marketing, with the ability to reach target audiences all over the world..."


"Get the ✔ ✔ from WhatsApp® on your Gmail."


"MailChimp makes it easy to design exceptional email campaigns, share them on social networks, integrate with web services you already use, manage subscribers and track your results."

Mail.Ru Group

"Mail.Ru is the foremost Russian Internet portal, serving the entertainment and communication needs of the global Russian-speaking community with a comprehensive array of more than 40 services including the largest Russian free e-mail service, instant messenger Mail.Ru Agent, national social network My Mir@Mail.Ru, and search engine Poisk@Mail.Ru."

Waywire Enterprise (Magnify Networks)

"Waywire Enterprise is the leading provider of cloud-based video curation solutions to the online publishing, brands, and ad networks. Waywire Enterprise‘s solutions enable websites to curate, upload, and aggregate content."

Magnetise Group

"The Magnetise Group is a marketing technology company dedicated to improving the reach, return and accountability of digital engagement. Its platform enables a suite of products to create and manage advertising, marketing and lead generation campaigns that deliver significant revenue while optimising both response rates and data quality."

Magnetic Media Online

Magnetic is a digital marketing and artificial intelligence company. We use machine learning and AI to deliver smarter, faster, and more effective advertising. Our powerful AI platform continuously analyzes the attributes of 320 million live user profiles alongside real-time inventory supply and bid opportunities to deliver highly performant and profitable campaigns for our clients.

Magna Advertise

"Magna - a system for placing contextual ads on business resources RBC, major news sites and image business resources paying for clicks on your ad."


"MADS delivers robust technology powering the digital advertising business of Europe’s leading publishers and agencies. Using the best-in-class digital advertising platform MADS ONE, publishers and agencies can run ahead-of-the-game display and messaging advertisements on tablets, smartphones and desktops."


mobile advertising platform which uses Real Time Bidding technology.

Madison Logic

Madison Logic is the global leader in Account Based Marketing. Our B2B marketing technology platform, Activate ABM™, unifies display advertising and lead generation with comprehensive attribution metrics to show real return on investment. As the only comprehensive global ABM platform built for B2B marketers, it leverages unmatched proprietary data, reach, and scale to identify, engage and convert prospective accounts. With Madison Logic, B2B marketers can easily gain insights into their target accounts to personalize their message, optimize their programs and inform their sales and marketing strategy.

Mad Ads Media

"We networks, ad exchanges, and RTB advertisers to compete for your inventory. Our optimization technology assures the ad provider with the highest CPM is served, earning you the most for every impression."


"To maximize the benefit of marketing research, those who use it need to understand the research process and its limitations: M8Lab can analyze for you all your stats or provide information about your core business."


"zanox is the leading European performance advertising network. With over 650 employees across the globe, the zanox group - comprising the companies, zanox, Affiliate Window,, M4N and eprofessional - supports companies from all industries and of all sizes in the effective marketing of products and services on the internet." ZANOX AG is owned by Axel Springer AG, with a shareholding of 52.5%, and by the Swiss PubliGroupe AG with 47.5%.


" provides brand advertisers with objective data to improve their digital performance, and can be used in conjunction with all partners in the digital eco system to increase ROI."


"m-pathy records user interactions i.e. mouse movements and clicks to analyze the usability under realistic conditions. In compliance with data protection personal data is anonymized while recording."

Lynchpin Analytics

Established in 2005, Lynchpin is a full service analytics consultancy. Strategists, analysts and engineers work together on data projects to give a responsive, cohesive and advanced service. As your business progresses from the insights we find and so we adapt our strategy, evolving and reacting to drive your business forward.


"Customizable search advertising management and optimization technology and global service delivery model. The technology is being presently used by large interactive agencies in Europe and Services are being used by leading US retail advertisers."

Aabaco (formerly Luminate)

Aabaco Small Business from Yahoo! (formerly Yahoo! Small Business) offers a full range of small business services consisting of ecommerce, web hosting, domains, advertising, and local marketing.

Lucini & Lucini Communications

"Lucini & Lucini is a global leading provider of email marketing and email delivery services for Agencies, Businesses, Associations and Publisher by focusing on our customer's satisfaction and needs."


"LUCIDMEDIA NETWORKS, INC. provides digital media management solutions for the online display advertising industry. It offers LucidMedia demand-side platform, a transparent digital advertising management platform that allows advertisers and their interactive agencies to manage the aspects of targeting, engaging, and converting online customers in a consolidated buying platform... As of October 2, 2012, Lucidmedia Networks, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Videology, Inc."

Lucid was founded in 2010 as Federated Sample, LLC; the parent company was renamed in 2015, keeping the Federated Sample and Fulcrum business units as thriving brands, and adding the Proof adtech/martech business. The name Lucid reinforces our commitment to creating clarity through the power of massive data - "human answers". - See more at:


Lotame is a data management platform (DMP) that lets marketers, agencies and publishers harness audience data to make smarter marketing, product and business decisions. Through our platform, clients can learn more about their most valuable customers, find prospects that look and act exactly like them, and then execute ad campaigns and content strategies that target them across any digital device.


"LoopFuse is a leading provider of on-demand sales and marketing automation solutions designed to close the loop between sales and marketing."


"Loomia is a leader in recommendations sciences. Our recommendations solution creates a highly relevant and personalized experience for consumers of content on the internet, mobile devices, via email, or any other Internet enabled device."


"Launched in 2009 with the promise of revolutionizing the ways of monetization on the internet, Lomadee today offers the most complete tool of contextual advertising network."


" equipped with a system infrastructure that can be processed and stable delivery fast log audience large-scale data."


Introducing LKQD FUSION, a feature-rich single tag solution capable of delivering both Flash and HTML5 video ads in any desktop player. Paired with an intelligent dynamic ad decisioning process that helps maximize publisher revenue without requiring constant management of advertiser tags. Never manage a "waterfall" again. Read More


"LiveRamp is the leader in data connectivity, helping the world’s largest brands use their data to improve customer interactions on any channel and device. We help marketers eliminate data silos and unlock greater value from the tools they use every day. By connecting disparate marketing platforms at the data layer, we enable brands to use a new generation of data-driven marketing strategies for ROI measurement, targeting, one-to-one marketing, and more. We thrive on mind-bending technical challenges, and we’re always looking for smart and compassionate people to help us blaze a trail. Learn more about working here. LiveRamp is an Acxiom company located in the technology hub of San Francisco — and we’re always happy to entertain. If you’re interested in connecting your data or becoming a partner, drop us a line. We’d love to tell you our story and hear yours."

Audience Network (Previously LiveRail)

Use Audience Network to deliver video ads on apps and sites beyond Facebook where people spend their time. Ads in Audience Network can be delivered across devices into a variety of video and display placements, including native, interstitial, rewarded and in-stream video.


"Liqwid tag dynamically creates adaptive extensions to webpages that provide on the viewers' screens above-the-fold and non-scrollable digital real-estate programmed for managed advertising delivery based on 100% viewablity across all devices."


"Linkwise is the first and largest Affiliate Network in Greece. Launched in 2008, it has since been at the forefront of the Affiliate Marketing sector and works with the largest brands in the market."


"LinkSmart provides text-linking optimization solutions for web publishers. Its cloud-based Total Link Management (TLM) solution analyzes, manages and dynamically optimizes text-linked keywords. LinkSmart's TLM solution provides end-to-end functionality that reveals actionable insights into how readers navigate through websites."

Rakuten LinkShare

Our Mission Traveling an ever-expanding technological landscape, today's consumer has no borders. This makes it an especially exciting time for brands. That’s why our mission is to empower clients with solutions that go beyond the expected, from superior service and technology to consumer-centric insights that drive better results. This means offering real-time insight into campaign performance across multiple channels and devices. It means maintaining a bird's eye view of purchasing paths. And it means discovering new opportunities to facilitate global expansion.


"LinkPrice is an online affiliate marketing company... It helps merchants to build effective online sales channels based on performance and also provide the affiliate members who are the operators of websites with many benefits and support them to create profits through commercial activities."

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

"Our mission is simple: To connect the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful. When you join LinkedIn, you get access to people, jobs, news, updates, and insights that help you be great at what you do."


"LinkedIn takes your professional network online, giving you access to people, jobs, and opportunities. Built upon trusted connections and relationships, LinkedIn has established the world’s largest and most powerful professional network. To learn more about how we collect and use information for online advertising, please visit: If you are a LinkedIn member, we recommend that you opt out from your LinkedIn Privacy Settings here: This will opt you out from LinkedIn data collection and targeting cookies on any computers, mobile devices and browsers you use to visit third party sites, provided you have logged onto LinkedIn."


"LinkConnector is an affiliate marketing network helping merchants and affiliates increase online sales and revenue."


"Linkbucks is the first Internet advertising network to recognize that the interplay between websites and web users is the foundation of a successful viral campaign. Our network brings web users, websites, and marketers together in a way that is beneficial to everyone."


"Quantum statistics [is] a professional web site traffic statistics tool."

LINCE Adserver

"Adserver Lynx is a concrete solution to the needs of the agencies, electronic media and corporate portals have a system that allows them to autonomously manage all of their spaces and advertising campaigns having multiple functionalities and advantages such as: Autonomy... Speed... Segmentation... Transparency... Versatility..."


"Smarter Content Recommendations Interested in making your website visitors stay longer, and consume more of your content? Install the most effective content recommendation widgets on the market."


"Ligatus is a performance-marketing system permanently integrated into more than 260 premium-partner portals. Using its own optimisation algorithm, Ligatus enables advertising clients and agencies to position their advertising messages intelligently so that they precisely match the respective target group."

OpenX Lift (formerly LiftDNA)

"OpenX Lift is the only yield optimization platform that is a first party to the publisher's ad server...With direct ad server integration, OpenX Lift derives unparalleled insight for data-driven optimization, audience segmentation and performance-driven campaign management."

LifeStreet Media

"LifeStreet Media is the largest social media ad network for Facebook applications, and one of the world’s biggest distributors of Facebook applications."

Yahoo Commerce Central (formerly Lexity)

"We understand ecommerce is dynamic and as the space changes, so will your marketing needs. That’s why with Yahoo Commerce Central, you can add as many apps as you want at any time. There’s no subscription fee so you’ll only need to pay for the apps that will work for you and your budget."


"Distribute your product catalogues on all comparison shopping sites, marketplaces, affiliate networks, social networks and sponsored links!"


"Leitmotif is an Internet agency whose core competence lies in the efficient linking of web development and online marketing. The design, development and editorial support for modern web applications and sites are also part of daily business, such as the planning and implementation of online marketing campaigns."


"Leiki Focus is the most advanced consumer analysis and targeted campaign solution for Product Vendors, Media Agencies and Ad Networks."

Upfront Digital Media (formerly Legolas Media)

Krux helps companies deliver personalized experiences to the right people, in the right way, on the right screen, at the right time. Every company is awash in people data from multiple sources, without the tools to harness and learn from it. Kruxs real-time, no limits data management platform (DMP) helps businesses give their customers and audiences better content, advertising, and shopping experiences by unifying, analyzing, and activating consumer data signatures across every device (desktop, mobile, tablet, set-top) and every channel (display, social, search, video) in real time. We call this People Data Activation. People Data Activation comprises six core capabilities, completeness, governance, learning, synthesis, identity and actionability. Through a unique combination of SaaS technology, implementation, advisory, and data science services, Krux helps companies cultivate all six capabilities so they can compete in an increasingly data-driven future. Founded in 2010, Krux interacts with more than 2 billion devices worldwide, serves more than 20 billion page views per month and processes 1.5 billion CRM records per month across the U.S., EU, and Asia Pacific. Clients around the world such as Time Warner, Kelloggs, Axel Springer and Meredith have achieved more than 10x return on their investment in our technology and tools.


"The system identifies the companies which visited your website, finds out what they were interested in and fills in their retunrs, emails, phones, names... It generates LEADS, or contacts for potential clients, who actually have real, provable interest in your specific products or services."


"A truly free Marketing Automation Platform that helps ambitious Marketers make top performing marketing. Leadsius Free includes campaign management, email marketing, lead nurturing, lead scoring, lead analysis & reporting, website visitor tracking, landing page creation and a suite of add-on functionality like CRM integration." Group

"Every Website, Social Media Page, Online Marketing program and eCommerce solution we build starts with an in-depth interview. We want to understand your business. We use this information along with our...experience to build you a powerful web presence."

Leading Reports

"Our products and additional modules are redeemable monthly. We support you in advance! The calculation of our products is made ​​at the end of the month, according to the usage. We do not work with hidden costs! Subdomains of a domain booked are included in the product price. You can for Leading Reports versions create any number of users. There are no training or installation costs for our software. We host your data on German servers. Our software and your data will be hosted exclusively on German servers. We conform with data protection! Leading Reports is 100% compliance with data protection. All processed information refer exclusively to company data. The technology takes into account all the necessary requirements of the Federal Data / Telemedia Act and the Düsseldorf Circle." "


LeadGenic - an intelligent system for efficient collection of the contact details of potential customers online.

Lead Forensics

"Driven by a team of highly-experienced Sales and Marketing professionals and developed by IT experts, Lead Forensics was created with first-hand experience of the challenges faced by b2b Sales and Marketers alike."


"LeadDyno helps you measure the ROI of your online advertising, so that you can intelligently allocate your future spending. You can also setup an affiliate / reseller program in just minutes."

LCX Digital

", LLC., a pioneer in interactive marketing and technology, targets and delivers audiences for advertisers. Our customers generate increased revenue and profits through guaranteed performance of media, coupled with one seamless platform of serving, targeting, tracking and analytics technologies."


Lazada Group operates Lazada, Southeast Asia’s number one online shopping and selling destination, with presence in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Launched in March 2012, Lazada is pioneering eCommerce in the region by providing customers with an effortless shopping experience with multiple payment methods including cash-on-delivery, extensive customer care and free returns. Lazada features a wide product offering in categories ranging from consumer electronics to household goods, toys, fashion and sports equipment. Lazada offers brands and merchants a marketplace solution with simple and direct access to about 560 million consumers in six countries through one retail channel.


"We help marketers advertise to professional audiences. Generate more leads cost-effectively."

Lanista Concepts

"We link quality publishers with our top brand advertisers nationwide. To accomplish this, we assembled a growing network of influential tastemakers that offer dynamic and interactive content to their followers."

Kupona Media

"KUPONA is an online performance marketing agency with retargeting based on CPO output."

Salesforce DMP

Salesforce DMP helps more than 200 leading marketers and media companies deliver more relevant, thus more valuable, consumer experiences by capturing, unifying, and activating data signatures across every device (desktop, mobile, tablet, set-top) and every channel (display, social, search, video), in real time. Every company is awash in people data from multiple sources, without the tools to harness and learn from it. Through our data management platform (DMP), Salesforce DMP serves as the Intelligent Marketing HubTM that helps market leaders deliver breakthrough media, content, and commerce experiences that deepen consumer engagement, strengthen brands, and improve business performance. Monthly, Salesforce DMP interacts with more than 3 billion browsers and devices, supports more than 200 billion data collection events, processes more than 5 billion CRM records, and orchestrates more than 200 billion personalized consumer experiences. Salesforce DMP was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in San Francisco with ten offices across five continents. Salesforce DMP clients include companies like Kellogg, ConAgra, Jet Blue, Mondelez, Time Warner, Meredith and Peugeot-PSA, with enterprises regularly achieving a 10x or higher ROI.


"Korrelate's O2O (online to offline) solution provides marketers with a census-based definitive link between digital campaigns and actions taken offline without compromising the users’ privacy."


"Kontextua is the leading In-Text, in-Image and Display Advertising Network for Latin America, serving the needs of more than 20k Webmasters a day, providing excellent monetization solutions for Online Businesses."


Kontera Technologies

"Kontera’s patented technology performs real-time semantic analysis of content and other information to dynamically hyper-link the terms that most accurately represent and predict user-intent and engagement."


"Our mission is to bring true monetization and optimization abilities to the long tail and maximize publisher’s income. With billions of impressions being served through our system, we are able to offer sites of all caliber services that are usually only available for top brand publishers."

RevX (Formally Komli Media)

"RevX is a technology company that offers mobile advertising products to help marketers acquire, engage, retain and drive transactions for their app users. The RevX platform delivers highly personalized mobile-ads based on deep insights into users’ app behavior. It leverages vast amounts of data and a predictive software algorithm to optimize marketing spend. The platform provides unparalleled reach through mobile programmatic exchanges and leading social channels. Mobile marketers use RevX’s solutions to increase app retention and engage their app users with personalized messages."


Our DNA: new technologies For several years, 6PEO markets, with major accounts, KMELEO, original solution of web services based on innovative technology. Composed of experts from e-marketing, new technologies and statistics, our team uses its global network of partners to detect premiere, innovative Web technologies. Our vision: innovation, value and performance If innovation remains the cornerstone of our processes and drive our performance, our vision is firmly focused on values ​​and respect for surfers. Our pillars: visionary investors Innovacom Management, through its bottom FCPR Innovacom 6, entered March 15, 2011 the capital of the company by investing $ 2 million to support the growth of Kméléo.


"The best way to turn your website traffic into cash with the most publisher friendly ad network! ...Very easy to get accepted and place our ads. Many ad formats to choose. Real time statistics."


"KlikSaya.Com online advertising market is Indonesia. By using our services, you can put your ads to a variety of leading sites, at reasonable costs, and advertising reporting features."


"Klikki is a fast growing Nordic Digital Marketing Company with offices in Helsinki, Stockholm, Piteå, Copenhagen and Oslo. The Company represents the next generation Digital Marketing Company focusing on technology-driven, results-based, integrated digital marketing solutions for desktop, tablets and mobile that maximise the total effect of our clients digital marketing budgets."


"KlausTech Inc. is a provider of digital marketing technology, licensing and related solutions and services. Our experienced team provides advertisers and publishers with online tools which generate maximum return on ad spending, reach customers globally and build brand awareness and loyalty."


We help leading web publishers tap into the growing user acquisition marketplace, while giving app developers the opportunity to attract a niche, highly engaged user base via a unique distribution outlet.

Kitara Media

"Kitara Media provides performance focused advertising agency solutions to our advertising partners while offering network eXchange solutions to our web site publishing partners."


"Kiosked turns any online content, images, videos and applications into interactive and viral storefronts... Kiosked enables brands to turn their content into storefronts and engage directly with their fans everywhere. Publishers can monetize the impulses they generate through Kiosked content. Through kiosks anyone can buy, want and get more information when an impulse is born."

"We're commited to delivering casual, social games that have connected over 38 million players with over 2.8 billion game plays. We're a passionate team who have delivered 150 classic and fun new titles in 14 languages, across our growing gaming network on the web, social and mobile."


KickFactory is a managed service that makes it possible for brands to win customers through social sales at scale — all without adding costly headcount or slowing down to learn new tools.

Direct Response Technologies

"In 2006, our proven expertise as the leading provider of affiliate marketing and tracking software was further enhanced—as we proudly became a business unit of Digital River, Inc. Today, the world´s leading merchants, advertising networks and ad agencies depend on our robust performance-driven solutions and proven expertise to help them build, manage, optimize and grow their global e-commerce business. Direct Response Technologies´ flagship solution DirectTrack® continues to set the bar as the world’s premier affiliate marketing and tracking platform."


"Kelkoo Shopping: Online Shopping & Price Comparison. Shopping website featuring online shopping guides and user reviews to help to find the latest products at the best price available."


"Kavanga - one of the largest advertising networks Runet working on its own technology platform."


"We, Kauli, provides contextual advertising services to maximize the effectiveness of online advertising using our publisher contents network and the high-precision context extraction technologies."


Katchup is a subsidiary of CyberCité, a company specializing in digital marketing for 15 years, with 90 employees in Paris, Lyon, Nantes and Chambery.


Katana provides next generation digital media solutions via innovations in data modeling and advertising technologies.
 We combine advanced audience data models, real-time advertising inventory and highly sophisticated technology infrastructure to run smarter paid media campaigns.


"Kargo connects brands and publisher audiences. Our engagement technology delivers brand messages richly, creatively, and effectively, and our premium publisher roster provides the transparency and peace of mind to confidently broadcast to fast-growing mobile and tablet audiences."

Kantar Media

"We aim to transform data into insights that inspire our clients to make creative business decision....Whether optimizing the number and value of audience exposures and interactions or planning the next big campaign, we represent inspiration to our clients, who benefit from our unrivaled insight, intelligence and cost-effective media measurement data."


"Kanoodle is a subsidiary of Seevast - a holding company that consists of Internet marketing services companies that create integrated solutions to build and strengthen businesses...Our advertiser solutions help you reach your customers across a wide network of search sites, and our simple to use publisher solutions can help you generate revenue from your site."


"Kalooga enriches your website. We engage users by exposing relevant pictorial content through integrated visual navigation - enhancing the user journey, building traffic and growing revenue."

Just Relevant

"Just Relevant is a quick and easy way for website publishers to display merchant ads relevant to their site's content."

Just Premium

"JustPremium is the world's first RTB Ad Exchange for High-Impact Adsizes in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. This new exchange offers advertisers state-of-the-art Rich Media Ads on a network of Premium Publishers."

Millenial Media (Jumptap)

"Millennial Media is the leading mobile ad marketplace, making mobile simple for the world’s top brands, app developers, and mobile web publishers. The company's data and technology assets enable advertisers to connect with target audiences at scale, while driving monetization for publisher and developer partners. AOL acquired Millennial Media on October 23, 2015. Millennial Media boosts AOL's global, mobile capabilities and scale across ONE by AOL for advertisers and agencies, and offers the most attractive monetization platform for app developers."


"JuiceADV is one of the first online advertising companies that has stood out over the years for the quality of service offered and the booming market of online advertising."


JS Communications

"...match ads content developed by our own technology DCM (Dynamic Contents Match) engine Using a wide range of content in the context of the optimal ads."

Jobs 2 Careers

"Jobs2Careers is the #1 Pay-Per-Application job search engine with more than 20 million registered users and over 1 billion monthly searches. Our mission is to innovate the way talent effectively finds work and work finds talent. We not only offer professional jobs, but also part-time work and gigs to job seekers. For employers, we offer unique pay-for-performance solutions that allow for more effective and economical recruiting."


"Jivox -- the leader in data driven advertising and marketing Jivox is the leader in data driven advertising and marketing – including programmatic creative advertising that includes in app video, native, mobile and display ads – for multiscreen ad campaigns. Global brands and media agencies rely on Jivox’s data driven dynamic ad platform to create, serve and manage personalized advertising campaigns, sometimes described as programmatic creative advertising. Data is what makes programmatic creative campaigns work, enabling advertisers to adjust branding and product messaging, images, pricing, and other ad content on-the-fly based on relevance to the user and market conditions, creating a personalized, custom experience for the consumer. As a result, Jivox’s flagship product, Jivox IQ is the preferred dynamic ad platform and is used today by several hundred brands, media companies and creative agencies to create and serve their most demanding multi-screen ad campaigns. Our marquee customer list includes A&E Networks, Charles Schwab, College Humor, Crispin Porter & Bogusky, Federated Media, FedEx, Digitas, Havas, Hearst, Jack Daniels, Johnson & Johnson, Marriott, Merkley + Partners, Razorfish, Red Bull, Universal McCann, and Wieden+Kennedy. In addition to being first to deliver a true data driven dynamic ad development and serving platform, Jivox also pioneered the use of self-service creative and production tools to enable personalized ads at scale without the complexities and error prone process of manual code development."


"The Jink GmbH specializes in the planning and implementation of online advertising campaigns and marketing of professional websites. Monitor with a customized marketing on the ad-server technology and analyze your campaigns and constantly evaluate them on the back of success. The resultant reporting system records the technical processing and can represent the values ​​of broken transparent. To obtain valid data and can make the success of effectively measured."

Jeetyet Media

"Jeetyet Media at its simplest, represents several large publishers and provides advertisers with access to their vast inventory. We value the simpler time behind the scenes but we are fit for the technology that can only be described as the world of tomorrow. This technology allows us to place ads in scalable and targeted ways across the internet."



"Welcome to the Friends of J-List, our affiliate program, which will enable fans and customers to support J-List and help us spread interest in Japan to others while earning cash or store credit for each order you send our way. Our Affiliate program is open to anyone who owns a website."

IXI Services

"IXI, an Equifax company, helps the nation’s leading financial services and consumer marketing firms optimize marketing efforts, manage risk, identify growth markets, and enhance practice and performance management. For over 15 years, IXI solutions have enabled marketing, sales, and risk management executives to differentiate and target consumer households through online and offline channels based on measures of wealth, income, spending, credit, investment style, share-of-wallet, and share-of-market."

"Premium Social Network Advertising on the Internet's Premier Social Marketing Platform."


Apple designs Macs along with Mac OS X, iLife, iWork, and professional software.


"iSocket is the first technology platform to automate the buying and selling of well-defined, reserved ad inventory. Finally, automation for the top shelf."


We drive digital performance on a global scale. A consultant to the world’s best brands on SEO, paid search, display, social, mobile & more.


"Through its relationships with global publishers, the iPromote™ Ad Network gives the advertisers the power to reach millions of unique potential customers. In addition, the AdXpert™ Serving Technology, developed over more than a decade of online advertising research, adjusts when and where ads are displayed to maximize each one’s conversion potential."


A technology led digital agency, backed by data, innovation and top industry experts. We build brands online by combining robust technology and digital know-how. We’re inspired by all that technology allows, but aware it is nothing without big ideas that make a powerful impact. Our dedication and comprehension of today’s web technologies are unsurpassed. By combining strategic approach and cutting edge solutions we help our clients stay a step ahead of competitors allowing them to gain additional market share. From future vision to execution, we shape new meaningful connections between people and brand and build long term relationships.

IPG Mediabrands

WHO WE ARE First, let’s talk about what we’re not. We’re not a network that is limited by our size, outdated procedures or our structure. We’re not too proud or stratified to recognize the power of collaboration – in fact, we encourage it. We’re not satisfied with maintaining the status quo because we are already planning for tomorrow’s challenges and innovations. We are IPG Mediabrands, a new world agency group designed with dynamic marketing at its core. We are 8,500 marketing communication, media and technology specialists in over 130 countries. We are a diverse group of innovators, technologists, designers, scientists, musicians, strategists, buyers, thinkers, planners and mathematicians that are committed to building new solutions for the world’s top brands. We are dynamic, empowered and entrepreneurial. WHAT WE BELIEVE Our network is unified by a shared philosophy we call “Dynamic By Design”. More than just a catch phrase, Dynamic By Design is our commitment to our clients, partners and each other to think and work differently. It makes us agile, freeing us from the burdens of old ways of thinking and enabling us to leap into opportunity. It breaks down barriers, building a single integrated business where communication and collaboration come as standard. It thrives on questions, leaving behind a “set and forget” mentality, embracing adaptation and innovation. It helps our clients grow, bringing a better experience and bigger results every time.


"In iogous (Iogosu) to generate a large amount of banner once multiplied format, background color, image elements of the banner (the main visual slogan, logo and action buttons). In addition, a proprietary algorithm to automatically learn the banner that was generated, I will optimize (optimized)."


"It’s time to integrate the power of inbound calls and analytics into your digital marketing strategy. With Invoca, you’re no longer in the dark when marketing campaigns trigger offline transactions. Invoca empowers you to measure, maximize, and optimize the marketing activities that are driving quality calls. The result – greater insight, better conversations, more customers."


"It’s [Inviziads] a brand new approach to maximizing revenues for flash game developers and publishers (website owners who develop/sponsor games), and for advertisers to effectively reach audiences that matter to them."


We believe that online advertising efficiency comes from being truly innovative and naturally engaging for the users. Our vocation is to capture the attention of readers of premium media brands with our in-feed format: we have developed more than 15 different advertising experiences enabling us to effectively reach the target audience, according to the advertiser’s objectives.


"Interpolls is a pioneer and leader in rich media and next generation advertising technologies. The Interpolls rich media ad platform provides the flexibility to integrate various technologies (Flash, HTML5, DHTML, Java, XML, Silverlight) to enable the advertiser to create and execute the most advanced rich media ad formats available."

Internet BillBoard

"The Internet BillBoard company develops and runs software solutions for a complex internet advertising management and runs the biggest internet advertising network in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We develop and run the advertising management system BBelements AdServer, BBelements IntextServer and other products."

InterMundo Media

"We are a full-service digital agency. IMM designs and implements custom strategies that quickly impact your business."


"We serve publishers as their exclusive representative marketing their inventory to advertisers; in addition, we provide our advertising clients complete advertising solutions including placements on the Intermarkets Portfolio, media buying and planning, creative development and more."

Intergi Entertainment

"Intergi is the premier gaming site representation company that serves customers on a global scale. Intergi partners with the foremost gaming web publishers to provide advertisers with targeted ad placements. We provide site-specific, channel-wide and run-of-network placements with unparalleled service and smart technology."


Intent IQ

"Intent IQ’s patented advertising solutions use online behavior, demographic and geographic profile data to deliver relevant and timely advertising to consumers on all of their screens, whether TV, PC, or mobile."

Intelligent Reach

"Our platform consumes all of the merchant’s product data, enriching it where necessary, enabling the merchant’s offers to be everywhere potential buyers are looking for them. We track every interaction, automatically optimising marketing performance, onsite conversion and creating the perfect next action."

Integral Marketing

"Integral Marketing is a digital marketing company that uses unique advanced targeting technology and display advertising to provide optimal value to brands online. Our goal is to ensure quality traffic, service, and to help save you the time necessary to search and locate effective websites to advertise on. Our understanding in customer service, technology, sales, and account management enables us to deliver and meet the advertising results you require."

Integral Ad Science (formerly AdSafe)

"Ahead of the class and nowhere near finished We are a global media valuation platform that enables digital buyers and sellers to assess the value of every ad opportunity across channels and screens, and make informed decisions that maximize ROI. Through constant technological innovation, key partnerships, and strong client relationships, we’re driving the industry toward realizing the full potential of online advertising."


"Instinctive powers content marketing and native advertising at scale. We work with award-winning agencies and Fortune 500 brands to build and share engaging stories with consumers."


InSkin Media

InSkin Media is an advertising technology business, specialising in high-impact, non-intrusive brand advertising formats. Founded in the UK in 2009, the company specialises in rich-media display advertising, and employs 85 staff across its London, Hamburg, Sydney, Singapore and Hong Kong offices. InSkin partners with over 150 publishers, working across over 900 premium websites, globally, and has delivered successful campaigns for over 700 blue-chip brand clients. In November 2015, InSkin Media was featured in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA 2015, a ranking of the 500 fastest growing technology companies in EMEA, following its inclusion in the ‘Scale Up Club’, a group of companies identified as having £100m turnover potential within 3-5 years, by Silicon Valley angel investors, the previous year. In 2013, InSkin Media was named Best Media Owner in the IPA Media Owner Awards, having been rated as top company in the IPA Media Owner Survey that April. In 2012, InSkin Media won three British Media Awards; InSkin Media won Media Momentum’s Award as the fastest-growing digital business in Europe in 2011, and has since remained in its top 50 high-growth businesses.


Accessible from a unified data engine, Insider enables marketers to leverage personalization, predictive segmentation and real-time technologies to boost loyalty and digital growth.


"Innovid delivers immersive advertising anywhere. Founded in 2007, we provide visionary marketers with the tools to create, deliver, and measure video campaigns, in any format, on any screen, publisher, or ad network. We built our Ad Server to address the issues specific to video ad serving and simplify the process for agencies and marketers."


"Innity provides online marketing technologies and services to many of the world's largest brands and advertising agencies. An industry pioneer, Innity has one of the most comprehensive and largest online advertising networks in South East Asia."


"Infusionsoft combines powerful CRM, e-commerce, and digital marketing tools into a single, online system that works seamlessly."


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