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Full movie tamil dubbed hindi movie hd download hindi ᐉ AllAdDB

Full movie tamil dubbed hindi movie hd download hindi ᐉ AllAdDB
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Night Raiders (2021) Nocni łowcy
Night Raiders (2021) Nocni łowcy : Play Free

A mother joins an underground band of vigilantes to try to rescue her daughter from a state-run institution.

101 min | Action,Sci-Fi,Thriller | 8 October 2021 (Canada)

Night Raiders (2021) Nocni łowcy : Shaun Sipos, as Randy, Violet Nelson, as Somonis, Gail Maurice, as Ida, Suzanne Cyr, as Headmaster, Pamela Matthews, as Lorna, Scott Barker, as Academy Soldier, Kevin Allan Hess, as Elder, Elena Khan, as Village cook, David MacInnis, as Regime Soldier #1, Eric Osborne, as Pierre, Birva Pandya, as Victoria, Subhash Santosh, as Sandwich Board Man, Robert Skanes, as Academy Hallway Guard, Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers, as Niska, Brooklyn Letexier-Hart, as Waseese, Alex Tarrant, as Leo, Amanda Plummer, as Roberta, Danis Goulet,

Donato and Daughter (1993)
Donato and Daughter (1993) : Play Free

Two cops, a father and daughter who have had a frosty relationship for a long time, must team up to stop a brutal sexual predator/serial killer who targets nuns.

90 min | Action,Crime,Drama | 21 September 1993 (United States)

Donato and Daughter (1993) : Charles Bronson, as Sgt. Mike Donato, Dana Delany, as Lt. Dena Donato, Xander Berkeley, as Russ Loring, Jenette Goldstein, as Det. Judy McCartney, Louis Giambalvo, as Chief Hugh Halliday, Marc Alaimo, as Det. Petsky, Tom Verica, as Bobby Keegan, Robert Gossett, as Det. Bobbins, Bonnie Bartlett, as Renata Donato, Richard Kuss, as Chief Stone, Michael Cavanaugh, as Vinnie Stellino, Julianna McCarthy, as Adele Loring, Kim Weeks, as Andrea Loring, Charley Hayward, as Detective Scott, Patti Yasutake, as Dr. Stewart, Ian Patrick Williams, as Kim Lyle, Sam Vincent, as Towers, Sylvia Short, as Sister Margaret, Rod Holcomb, Sandra Scoppettone, Robert Roy Pool,

Carol of the Bells (2019)
Carol of the Bells (2019) : Play Free

A young man with a troubled past searches for his biological mother and discovers that she is developmentally disabled.

100 min | Drama | 4 December 2019 (United States)

Carol of the Bells (2019) : RJ Mitte, as Scott Johnson, Lee Purcell, as Lilliane, Andrea F. Friedman, as Carol Harris, Donna Mills, as Helen Harris, Yuly Mireles, as Karen Johnson, Donna Pescow, as Jackie, Geri Jewell, as Gloria, Del Zamora, as Don, Elijah Maximus, as Jeremy Johnson, Dale Oprandy, as P.I., Jeffrey Post, as Eddie, Isha Collins, as Emily, Emily Hudson, as Harris Center Employer, Aisha McBride, as Choir Director, Roger Mathey, as Scott's Dad, John Lee Cronin, as Bus Passenger, Susie Q. Schallert, as Bell Choir Member, Joey Travolta,

Dead Heading (2018)
Dead Heading (2018) : Play Free

When the flight attendant, Anna, arrives in London Heathrow after a long-haul flight from New York, she's exhausted and terribly irritable. Another bland hotel room just adds to her moody emotional state. A chance meeting with a g...

90 min | Thriller | 2018 (United Kingdom)

Dead Heading (2018) : Annie Bootiman, as Hotel Receptionist, Emma Conway, as Beth, Jen Cunningham, as Air Stewardess, David Fraser, as Passenger, Ben Gregory-Ring, as Hotel Waiter, Darran Holliman, as Hotel Manager, Grant Kempster, as James, Bryan Larkin, as John, Craig MacPhee, James McCabe, as Bar Man, Jessica Messenger, as Hotel Maid, Tony Ralph, as Hotel Guest, Pablo Raybould, as Maintenance Man, Magda Rodriguez, as Angela, Lisa Ronaghan, as Anna, Ryan Vernel, as Restaurant Waiter, Jan Warren, as Extra on plane, David Easton,

Death Alley (2021) Der letzte Ritt der Dalton-Gang
Death Alley (2021) Der letzte Ritt der Dalton-Gang : Play Free

In 1892, the Dalton Gang set out to become the most famous outlaws in America. That dream would become a nightmare.

94 min | Western | 3 August 2021 (United States)

Death Alley (2021) Der letzte Ritt der Dalton-Gang : Delno Ebie, as Cyrus Lee, Joshua R. Outzen, as Emmett Dalton, Sean Gestl, as Dick Broadwell, Ryan T. Johnson, as Eli Wilson, Corey Cannon, as Jeb, Justin France, as Bill Dalton, Carl Bailey, as Selden Lindsey, Julia Grace Anderson, as Grace Dalton, Tristan Campbell, as Bob Dalton, Shaelynn French, as Dolly, Nicholas Barton, as John Kloehr, Kaye Brownlee-France, as Emma, Malorie Felt, as Eugenia Moore, Amber Knox, as Townsfolk, Jake Washburn, as Grat Dalton, Ryan A. Johnson, as Bill Powers, Camden Kuether, as Background, Christina Larsen, as Production Coordinator,

The Krays Mad Axeman (2019) The Mad Axeman
The Krays Mad Axeman (2019) The Mad Axeman : Play Free

Frank Mitchell was sprung from Dartmoor Prison by the Krays 10 days before Christmas 1966. Whilst a national manhunt ensued, he was holed up in a flat in East London with a minder and hostess for company.

102 min | Crime,Drama | 1 May 2019 (United Kingdom)

The Krays Mad Axeman (2019) The Mad Axeman : Ben Osborne, as Reg Kray, Rob Flanagan, as Kray gang member, Mark Godard, Nick, Andrew Richards, Simon Balfour, as Ron Kray voice over, Nick Cowell, as BBC radio announcer, Jeffrey Mayhew, as Frank Mitchell's dad and camp comic voice over, Diarmaid Murtagh, as Frank Mitchell, Morgan Watkins, as John, Elen Rhys, as Lisa, Scott Wickes, as Ron Kray, William Kerley, Gill Adams,

Canadian Strain (2019)
Canadian Strain (2019) : Play Free

When cannabis becomes legal in Canada, boutique weed dealer Anne Banting is swiftly run out of business by the biggest gangsters in town - the government.

79 min | Comedy | 3 April 2020 (Canada)

Canadian Strain (2019) : Jess Salgueiro, as Anne Banting, Thom Allison, as Gary, Benjamin Ayres, as Luke, Marcia Bennett, as Gloria, Angela Besharah, as Government Woman, Natalie Brown, as Valerie, Nelu Handa, as Adeela, Dion Johnstone, as Brent, Colin Mochrie, as Jack Banting, Ashleigh Rains, as Weed Mom, Naomi Snieckus, as Judy, Hannah Spear, as Beth, Maria Vacratsis, as Barbara Banting, Sydney Van Delft, as Melody, Tanner Zipchen, as Rival Dealer, Geordie Sabbagh,

TimeScapes (2012)
TimeScapes (2012) : Play Free

TimeScapes is the debut film from award-winning cinematographer and director Tom Lowe. The non-narrative film features stunning slow-motion and timelapse cinematography of the landscapes, people, and wildlife of the American South...

52 min | Documentary | 17 April 2012 (United States)

TimeScapes (2012) :

Wild Rose (2018)
Wild Rose (2018) : Play Free

A troubled young Glaswegian woman dreams of becoming a Nashville country star.

101 min | Drama,Music | 12 April 2019 (United Kingdom)

Wild Rose (2018) : Jessie Buckley, as Rose-Lynn, Matt Costello, as Prison Officer 1, Jane Patterson, as Prison Officer 2, Lesley Hart, as Prison Officer 3, Carol Pyper Rafferty, as Prisoner 1, Natalie Mcconnon, as Prisoner 2, Maureen Carr, as Eileen, James Harkness, as Elliot, Julie Walters, as Marion, Adam Mitchell, as Lyle, Daisy Littlefield, as Wynonna, Louise Mccarthy, as Amanda, Allison Simpson, as Line Dance Teacher, Janey Godley, as Jackie, Brian McQuade, as Brian the Opry Barman, Craig Parkinson, as Alan, Margaret MacKenzie, as Marion's Friend, Marianne McIvor, as Cleaning Lady 1, Tom Harper, Nicole Taylor,

Hired Gun (2016)
Hired Gun (2016) : Play Free

A documentary film about session and touring musicians that are hired by well established and famous bands and artists like Metallica, KISS, and Billy Joel. These hired guns may not be household names, but are still masters of the...

98 min | Documentary,Music | 1 August 2017 (United States)

Hired Gun (2016) : John 5, as Self, Kenny Aronoff, Corey Britz, Kara Britz, Phil Buckman, Nick Buda, Paul Bushnell, Phil Chen, Alice Cooper, Kenneth Crouch, Bevan Davies, Justin Derrico, Liberty DeVitto, David Ellefson, Robert Ezrin, David Foster, Mike Froedge, Joe Giancarelli, Fran Strine, Tim Calandrello,

10 Milliarden (2015) 10 Billion
10 Milliarden (2015) 10 Billion : Play Free

How can we best meet every earth citizens need for healthy food facing our limited resources? Regarding the almost 10 billion humans living on earth by 2050, we have to decide now how we want to shape the future of agriculture.

107 min | Documentary | 16 April 2015 (Germany)

10 Milliarden (2015) 10 Billion : Valentin Thurn, as Self, Valentin Thurn, Sebastian Stobbe,

Unbranded (2015)
Unbranded (2015) : Play Free

Unbranded follows four men and sixteen mustangs on an epic 3,000-mile journey from Mexico to Canada through the American West to inspire adoptions for the 50,000 wild horses and burros in government captivity.

106 min | Documentary | 27 November 2015 (United Kingdom)

Unbranded (2015) : Ben Masters, as Self, Jonny Fitzsimons, Thomas Glover, Ben Thamer,

Don't Blame the Kid (2016) ¿Qué culpa tiene el niño?
Don't Blame the Kid (2016) ¿Qué culpa tiene el niño? : Play Free

After becoming pregnant from a one-night stand with an immature young unemployed bachelor, Maru is determined to follow tradition and marry him anyway.

105 min | Comedy,Romance | 13 May 2016 (Mexico)

Don't Blame the Kid (2016) ¿Qué culpa tiene el niño? : Sofía Sisniega, as Laura, Rocio Garcia, as Paulina, Fabiola Guajardo, as Daniela, Mar Carrera, as Mamá, Erick Elias, as Juan Pablo, Mara Escalante, as Rosie, Jesús Ochoa, as Diputado Zamacona, Matthew Adaskes, as Guarura, Maria Elena Aguilar, as Abuela, Hugo Albores, as Policía, Norma Angélica, as Enfermera del Seguro Social, Enrique Arreola, as Encargado pizzería, Mauricio Barrientos, as Arturo, Mayra Batalla, as Sirvienta, Glenda Furszyfer, as Instructora, Néstor Galván, as Sacerdote, Karla Souza, as Maru, Ricardo Abarca, as Renato, Biassini Segura, as El Cadaver, Gerardo Taracena, as Plutarco, Gustavo Loza,

Kuroi ie (1999) The Black House
Kuroi ie (1999) The Black House : Play Free

A timid insurance agent investigates a possible insurance fraud case that involves a death. As the facts are slowly revealed, he becomes progressively more frightened.

118 min | Horror | 13 November 1999 (Japan)

Kuroi ie (1999) The Black House : Kaoru Kobayashi, Renji Ishibashi, Daikichi Sugawara, as Osako, Katsunobu Ito, as Sumifuji, Kenichi Katsura, as Katsumi Kaneishi, Yasushi Machida, Chikako Yuri, as Mitsuyo Onishi, Toshie Kobayashi, as Teacher Hashimoto, Machiko Washio, as Dr. Hatano, Asako Kobayashi, as Hiromi Sakagami, Masayoshi Yamazaki, Seiyô Uchino, Shinobu Ôtake, Masahiko Nishimura, Misato Tanaka, Yoshimitsu Morita, Yûsuke Kishi,

Dwelling (2016)
Dwelling (2016) : Play Free

A young couple deliberately moves into a haunted house to contact the other side. Until their conduit, a painted black mirror proves to contain a malevolent presence hell-bent on bringing harm to their new family.

88 min | Horror,Thriller | 24 February 2020 (Netherlands)

Dwelling (2016) : Bill Brown, as Dr. Thorn, Josie DiVincenzo, as Mother, Alexandra Merritt Mathews, as Marcy, Emma Stablewski, as Young River, Makenzy Glover, as Young Ellie, Fattie King, as The Thin Man, Leora Owens, as Burned Woman, Ava Sammarco, as Nurse, Raven Khreis, as Dead Girl, Carly Illos, as Kaylee, Abby Cannon, Judy Clark, Kash Costner, as Orderly, Celia Damiani, Kairi Foehner, Marcus Ganci-Rotella, as Garage Saler, Erin Marie Hogan, as Ellie, Mu-Shaka Benson, as Gavin, Devanny Pinn, as River, Abigail Mary, as Izzy, Kyle Mecca,

She Starts the Fire (1992) Pen huo nu lang
She Starts the Fire (1992) Pen huo nu lang : Play Free

Chingmy Yau plays a woman with telekinetic powers who comes to visit her other relatives after her mom dies. She runs across a family that works in a nightclub, an aunt who's an aging club girl, a goofy guy and some angry triads.

87 min | Action,Comedy | 17 September 1992 (Hong Kong)

She Starts the Fire (1992) Pen huo nu lang : Chingmy Yau, as Wendy, Lawrence Cheng, as Charles Siu, Carol 'Do Do' Cheng, as Tracy Siu, Wai Yee Chan, Tsan-Sang Cheung, John Ching, as Brother Bo, Kong Chu, as Kwok Lap, Hung Chun, as Big Tits, Kai-Cheung Chung, Deannie Ip, as Big Beer, Wai-Jan Koo, as Fatty Cat, Bei-Dak Lai, Siu-Tin Lai, Dante Lam, Damian Lau, as Cameo, Shek-Yin Lau, Siu-Kei Lee, Hung Lu, Gordon Chan,

City of Angels (1998)
City of Angels (1998) : Play Free

An angel on Earth, a doctor unable to believe, a patient with a secret, a love story made in Heaven.

114 min | Drama,Fantasy,Romance | 19 June 1998 (United Kingdom)

City of Angels (1998) : Colm Feore, as Jordan Ferris, Robin Bartlett, as Anne, Joanna Merlin, as Teresa Messinger, Sarah Dampf, as Susan, Rhonda Dotson, as Susan's Mother, Nigel Gibbs, as Doctor, John Putch, as Man in Car, Lauri Johnson, as Woman in Car, Christian Aubert, as Foreign Visitor in Car, Jay Patterson, as Air Traffic Controller, Shishir Kurup, as Jimmy, Anesthesiologist, Brian Markinson, as Tom, Surgical Fellow, Hector Velasquez, as Scrub Nurse, Marlene Kanter, as Circulating Nurse #1, Bernard White, as Circulating Nurse #2, Dan Desmond, as Mr. Balford, Nicolas Cage, as Seth, Meg Ryan, as Dr. Maggie Rice, Andre Braugher, as Cassiel, Dennis Franz, as Nathaniel Messinger, Brad Silberling, Wim Wenders, Peter Handke, Richard Reitinger,

Memories in March (2010)
Memories in March (2010) : Play Free

A mother finds out that her recently deceased son had a secret life.

104 min | Drama | 1 April 2011 (India)

Memories in March (2010) : Deepti Naval, as Arati Mishra, Raima Sen, as Sahana Choudhury, Rituparno Ghosh, as Ornub Mitra, Rajat Ganguly, as Sahana's Father, Suchita Roy Chaudhury, as Sahana's Mother, Anya Chowdhry, as Woman At the Airport, Kunal Padhy, as Man At the Airport, Pradip Roy, as Ramratan, Buddhadev Chakraborty, as Karim, Abeer Chakraborty, as CEO, Ad Agency, Ekavali Khanna, as Secretary to CEO, Niladri Chatterjee, as New Trainee, Manjit Mukherjee, as Vikash, Dhruv Mookerji, as Siddhartha's Voice, Mainak Bhaumik, Mithu Chakraborty, Arighna Da, Sanjoy Das, Sanjoy Nag,

Maggie's Plan (2015)
Maggie's Plan (2015) : Play Free

Maggie wants to have a baby, raising him on her own, but when she gets romantically involved with John, a married man, things get complicated and all the balance of Maggie's plans may collapse.

98 min | Comedy,Drama,Romance | 8 July 2016 (United Kingdom)

Maggie's Plan (2015) : George Ashiotis, as Blind Man, Bill Hader, as Tony, Monte Greene, as Max, Travis Fimmel, as Guy, Fredi Walker-Browne, as Beverly, Brendan Titley, as Shakespearean Actor, Stephen Lin, as Shakespearean Actor's Lover, Wallace Shawn, as Kliegler, Mina Sundwall, as Justine, Jackson Frazer, as Paul, Ida Rohatyn, as Lily, Alex Morf, as Al Benthwaithe, Angela Trento, as Debbie Wasserman, Sue Jean Kim, as Komiko, Kathleen Hanna, as Québécois Cover Band, Tommy Buck, Greta Gerwig, as Maggie, Ethan Hawke, as John, Julianne Moore, as Georgette, Maya Rudolph, as Felicia, Rebecca Miller, Karen Rinaldi, Joshua Henry, as Roger, Jonathan Marc Sherman, as Ira Weitzman, Michaela Jaé (MJ) Rodriguez, as Carolyn, Ben Levi Ross, as Freddy, Judith Light, as Rosa Stevens, Bradley Whitford, as Stephen Sondheim, Laura Benanti, as Judy, Danielle Ferland, as Kim, Micaela Diamond, as Peggy, Utkarsh Ambudkar, as Todd, Gizel Jimenez, as Cristin, Kate Rockwell, as Lauren, Aneesa Folds, as Danya, Joel Perez, as Lincoln, Anna A. Louizos, as Michelle, Robyn Goodman, as Gay, Andrew Garfield, as Jonathan Larson, Alexandra Shipp, as Susan, Robin de Jesus, as Michael, Vanessa Hudgens, as Karessa, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Steven Levenson, Jonathan Larson,

Malibu Rescue (2019)
Malibu Rescue (2019) : Play Free

Aspiring junior lifeguards compete against snobby local kids for bragging rights and the ultimate tower at Malibu Beach, Calif.

68 min | Action,Comedy,Family | 13 May 2019 (United Kingdom)

Malibu Rescue (2019) : Alkoya Brunson, as Eric, JT Neal, as Brody, Curtis Armstrong, as Mr. Rathbone, Ian Ziering, as Garvin Cross, Jeremy Howard, as Vooch, Jeff Meacham, as Roger, Catia Ojeda, as Diane, Camaron Engels, as Spencer, Ella Gross, as Sasha, Bryana Salaz, as Logan, Treisa Gary, as Officer Wagstaff, Michael Mourra, as Jeffy, Austin Fryberger, as Craig, Molly Haldeman, as Jeffy's Mom, Rodney J. Hobbs, as The Mayor, Mary Passeri, as Lizzie's Mom, Ricardo Hurtado, as Tyler, Breanna Yde, as Gina, Jackie R. Jacobson, as Dylan, Abby Donnelly, as Lizzie, Savage Steve Holland, Jed Elinoff, Scott McAboy,


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