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Top 100 Coming Out ◎ Ipl on which tv channel uefa europa league final

Top 100 Coming Out ◎ Ipl on which tv channel uefa europa league final
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Witch Hunt (2008)
Witch Hunt (2008) : Play Free

The story of several families who have their lives destroyed when their hometown is whipped into a frenzy by allegations of child molestation.

91 min | Documentary,Crime | 7 September 2008 (Canada)

Witch Hunt (2008) : Brenda Kniffen, as Accused of Child Molestation, Scott Kniffen, Carla Modahl, as Daughter of Jeffrey Modahl, Jeffrey Modahl, Victor Monge, as Accuser, Sean Penn, as Narrator, Marcella Pitts, Rick Pitts, Kathleen Ridolfi, as Northern California Innocence Project, Ed Sampley, Linda Starr, John Stoll, John Van de Kamp, as Former California Attorney General, Donny Youngblood, as Former Kern County Sheriff's Detective Commander, Jack Cummings, Jackie Cummings, Allen Grafton, Ed Jagels, as Kern County District Attorney, Don Hardy, Dana Nachman,

Wind Chill (2007)
Wind Chill (2007) : Play Free

Two college students share a ride home for the holidays, but when they break down on a deserted stretch of road, they are preyed upon by the ghosts of people who have died there.

91 min | Adventure,Drama,Horror | 3 August 2007 (United Kingdom)

Wind Chill (2007) : Ian A. Wallace, as Priest, Donny Lucas, as Stranger, Chelan Simmons, as Blonde Girl, Darren Moore, as Clerk, Linden Banks, as Proctor, Caz Odin Darko, as Teenage Boy #1, Heath Horejda, as Teenage Boy #2, Ian Thompson, as Trucker, Emily Blunt, as Girl, Ashton Holmes, as Guy, Martin Donovan, as Highway Patrolman, Ned Bellamy, as Snowplow Driver, Gregory Jacobs, Joe Gangemi, Steven Katz,

The Fear Footage: 3AM (2021)
The Fear Footage: 3AM (2021) : Play Free

Dennis Rosen disappeared on September 19th, 2020, while filming an episode for his urban exploration channel. He was exploring Darkbluff, Maryland. A town that authorities discovered abandoned during their search for Dennis. They ...

71 min | Horror | 19 March 2021 (United States)

The Fear Footage: 3AM (2021) : Alex Ahmer, as Alex, Jason Matthew Ethier, as Crappy YouTuber, Dennis Frazier, as Dennis Rosen, Ricky Umberger, as Daniel Blanch,

Dr. Kildare's Strange Case (1940)
Dr. Kildare's Strange Case (1940) : Play Free

Young Dr. Kildare tries to help an unlucky brain surgeon and his seemingly insane patient.

77 min | Crime,Drama | 12 April 1940 (United States)

Dr. Kildare's Strange Case (1940) : Samuel S. Hinds, as Dr. Stephen Kildare, Emma Dunn, as Mrs. Martha Kildare, Nat Pendleton, as Joe Wayman, Ambulance Driver, Walter Kingsford, as Dr. S.J. 'Walter' Carew, Hospital Administrator, Alma Kruger, as Molly Byrd, Superintendant of Nurses, John Eldredge, as Henry Adams, Amnesia Patient, Nell Craig, as Nurse 'Nosey' Parker, Marie Blake, as Sally, Hospital Switchboard Operator, Charles Waldron, as Dr. 'Egghead' Squires, Messinger Inst., George Lessey, as Rufus Ingersoll, Tom Collins, as Dr. Joiner, George Reed, as Conover, Gillespie's Attendant, Paul Porcasi, as Antonio 'Tony', the Hospital Chef, Horace McMahon, as J. Harold 'Fog Horn' Murphy, Frank Orth, as Mike Ryan, Sullivan's Hospital Cafe, Margaret Seddon, as Mrs. Julia Cray, Skin Alergy Patient, Lew Ayres, as Dr. James 'Jimmy' Kildare, Lionel Barrymore, as Dr. Leonard Gillespie, Laraine Day, as Nurse Mary Lamont, Shepperd Strudwick, as Dr. Gregory 'Greg' Lane, Harold S. Bucquet, Max Brand, Willis Goldbeck, Harry Ruskin,

Do Revenge (2022)
Do Revenge (2022) : Play Free

Drea and Eleanor agree to go after one another's bullies.

118 min | Comedy | 16 September 2022 (United Kingdom)

Do Revenge (2022) : Camila Mendes, as Drea, Maya Hawke, as Eleanor, Austin Abrams, as Max, Rish Shah, as Russ, Talia Ryder, as Gabbi, Alisha Boe, as Tara, Ava Capri, as Carissa, J.D., as Elliot, Paris Berelc, as Meghan, Maia Reficco, as Montana, Sophie Turner, as Erica, Rachel Matthews, as Allegra, Eliza Bennett, as Jessica, Francesca Reale, as Ariana, Olivia Sui, as Sage, Jude Timothy Harris, as Peter, Presley Coley, as Feminist #1, Sarah Ann Girma, as Feminist #2, Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, Celeste Ballard,

Pete Davidson Presents: The Best Friends (2022)
Pete Davidson Presents: The Best Friends (2022) : Play Free

Pete Davidson jokes about rumors, free plane rides and his very weird year as he invites his friends onstage for a night of stand-up comedy and music.

0 min | Documentary,Comedy | 13 June 2022 (United Kingdom)

Pete Davidson Presents: The Best Friends (2022) : Giulio Gallarotti, as Self, Carly Aquilino, Dave Sirus, Joseph Vincent Gay, Jordan Rock, Pete Davidson, as Host, Machine Gun Kelly, Big Wet,

Seat in Shadow (2016)
Seat in Shadow (2016) : Play Free

Out of the imagination of acclaimed artist-filmmaker Henry Coombes comes Albert, an eccentric, aging painter doubling as an unconventional, Jung-inspired psychotherapist. When Albert's friend asks him to counsel her lethargic gran...

82 min | Comedy,Drama | June 2016 (United Kingdom)

Seat in Shadow (2016) : Henry Coombes, as Petulia, Ross Hunter, as Rossy, Jonathan Leslie, as Ben, Marcella Mclntosh, as Granny, Jo McQuaid, as Ginger Jo, Lee Partridge, as Adam, Gordon Robertson, as Gordon, Matthew Scott, as Matty, David Sillars, as Albert, Joe Venters, as Joe, Robert Williamson, as Bouncer, Henry Coombes,

Totò, Fabrizi e i giovani d'oggi (1960)
Totò, Fabrizi e i giovani d'oggi (1960) : Play Free

A boy and a girl fall in love but their fathers take a strong dislike to each other, clashing repeatedly during the preparations for the upcoming marriage.

96 min | Comedy,Romance | 18 August 1960 (Italy)

Totò, Fabrizi e i giovani d'oggi (1960) : Totò, as Antonio Cocozza, Aldo Fabrizi, as Giuseppe D'Amore, Christine Kaufmann, as Gabriella Cocozza, Geronimo Meynier, as Carlo D'Amore, Luigi Pavese, as Il commendator La Sarta, Angela Luce, as Angela, Liana Del Balzo, as Zia Adelaide, Nando Angelini, as Commesso, Carlo Pisacane, as Nonno, Ester Carloni, as Zia Carlotta, Serena Verdirosi, as Figlia di Giuseppe, Franca Marzi, as Matilde Cocozza, Rina Morelli, as Teresa D'Amore, Antonio Acqua, as Divoratore di cannoli, Alfiero Alfieri, as Amico di Famiglia, Elena Fabrizi, as Padrona della trattoria, Oreste Lionello, as Compagno di scuola di Gabriella, Nino Manfredi, as Narratore, Mario Mattoli, Giuseppe Moccia,

The Tetris Murders (2022)
The Tetris Murders (2022) : Play Free

Unbelievable cases of homicide told by the investigators, witnesses, reporters and loved ones, each hour-long story brings Atlanta's hustle and deadly decadence into sharp focus

0 min | Documentary,Crime,Mystery | 16 January 2022 (United States)

The Tetris Murders (2022) : Aaron Goodson, as Narrator, Sean Berube, as Detective, Cedric Sutton, as Demetrius Morgan, Jon Ripley, as Detective John Lange, Clint Rucker, as Former Executive District Attorney, Fulton County, Samuel Whitehill, as David Kruger, Circus-Szalewski, as John Peek, Christopher Sky, as Erik Hopkins, Linda E. Burkhart, as Interviewee, DeGayle Jackson, as Attorney #1, André Lamar, as Shaun, Tyneckia Lewis, as Kim Little, Mike Nyman, as Detective Chambers, Autumnn Jaide, as Dionne Baugh, Ryan Stroud, as Jerrick Jackson, Jed Alexander, as Barry, Meysam Eddie, as Pamir,

The Murder of Hi Good (2012)
The Murder of Hi Good (2012) : Play Free

Part documentary, part magical realist reenactment, The Murder of Hi Good details the assassination of Northern California's most infamous Indian hunter, "Hiram Good".

73 min | Western | 5 July 2012 (France)

The Murder of Hi Good (2012) : James Gibbons, as William Seagraves, Eli Jimenes, as Sandy Young, Tammy Locke, as Confederate General & Red Hat Lady, Robby Arriola, as Confederate Soldier, Shalene Peake Banks, as Ojibwe, Stephen Berkman, as Tent Photographer, Sarah Brill, as Tent Patron, E.B. Brooks, as Hard Times Band Member, Miller Carr, Jolene Crawford, Rochele Crawford, Christian Cummings, Brett Eastman, Albert Enos, as Washo, Erick Enos, Evan Enos, David Nordstrom, as Hiram A. Good, Cory Zacharia, as Indian Ned, Al Bringas, as George Spires, Eric H. Heisner, as Bull Sublett, Lee Lynch, Doug Harvey,

Eva (1948)
Eva (1948) : Play Free

A young sailor during WWII is haunted by his past and struggles to find deliverance in his new relationship with Eva.

98 min | Drama | 26 December 1948 (Sweden)

Eva (1948) : Birger Malmsten, as Bo, Eva Stiberg, as Eva, Eva Dahlbeck, as Susanne, Åke Claesson, as Fredriksson, Wanda Rothgardt, as Mrs. Fredriksson, Hilda Borgström, as Maria, Stig Olin, as Göran, Inga Landgré, as Frida, Olof Sandborg, as Berglund, Carl Ström, as Johansson, Sture Ericson, as Josef Friedel, Lasse Sarri, as Bo - Age 12, Anne Carlsson, as Marthe, Josua Bengtson, as Mr. Kvarnström, Lennart Blomkvist, as Anders, Train Driver, Hans Dahlin, as Military on the Train, David Erikson, as Ticket Collector in Flashback, Yvonne Eriksson, as Lena, Bo's Sister, Gustaf Molander, Ingmar Bergman,

Elf-Man (2012)
Elf-Man (2012) : Play Free

An Elf is left behind by Santa to help rescue the Harper family from a lousy Christmas. The Elf and the family get more than they bargained for, as the kids help the Elf discover his special powers and true identity as a budding s...

86 min | Comedy,Family,Fantasy | 4 December 2012 (United States)

Elf-Man (2012) : Jason 'Wee Man' Acuña, as Elf-Man, Jeffrey Combs, as Mickey, Mackenzie Astin, as Eric, Mirelly Taylor, as Amy, Carly Robell, as Kasey, Blake Kaiser, as Ryan, Marty Terry, as Gramma, Dave Coyne, as Jean-Pierre, Larry Nichols, as Big Bucket, Mike Diesel, as Officer Schlubb, Jack Hoke, as Santa, Teale Sperling, as Elf Navigator, Larry Levinson II, as Mr. Glavenstein, Joe Hansard, as Stu Grady, Ceire Kenny, as Party Girl #1, Devin Gaither, as Party Girl #2, Kim Tuvin, as Pushy Customer, Esther You, as Reporter #1, Ethan Wiley,

The Kids (2021) We Were Once Kids
The Kids (2021) We Were Once Kids : Play Free

26 years after indie cult classic Kids was released to an unsuspecting nation, this documentary explores the divergent paths of the original cast, delivering an unflinching look back at one of the most iconic films of the 1990's.

88 min | Documentary | May 2022 (United States)

The Kids (2021) We Were Once Kids : Jon Abrahams, Priscilla Forsyth, Hamilton Harris, Harold Hunter, Javier Nunez, Jamal Simmons, Tobin Yelland, Eddie Martin,

Letters from a Killer (1998) Cartas de un asesino
Letters from a Killer (1998) Cartas de un asesino : Play Free

A man is wrongfully convicted of killing his wife. After he is let out of prison, he is framed again.

104 min | Crime,Drama,Mystery | 21 August 1998 (Greece)

Letters from a Killer (1998) Cartas de un asesino : Tina Lifford, as Elizabeth, Elizabeth Ruscio, as Judith Sutton, Roger E. Mosley, as Horton, Bruce McGill, as Brinker, Mark Rolston, as O'Dell, Don Stark, as Geary, Katy Selverstone, as Singleton, Michael Bowen, as Parker, Kevin Chamberlin, as Cutler, Sam Atkinson, as Morgan, Armand Reiser, as Singing Inmate, James Staszkiel, as Lunging Inmate, Scott Lincoln, as Crying Inmate, Robert 'Duckie' Carpenter, as Teen Inmate, Thomas Rosales Jr., as Headbanging Inmate, Gary Roberts, as Prison Guard, Patrick Swayze, as Race Darnell, Kim Myers, as Gloria Stevens, Gia Carides, as Lita, Olivia Birkelund, as Stephanie, David Carson, Nicholas Hicks-Beach, Shelley Miller, John Foster,

Reeker (2005) Noche diabólica
Reeker (2005) Noche diabólica : Play Free

Strangers trapped at an eerie travel oasis in the desert must unravel the mystery behind their visions of dying people while they are preyed upon by a decaying creature.

90 min | Horror,Mystery,Thriller | 30 June 2006 (United Kingdom)

Reeker (2005) Noche diabólica : Arielle Kebbel, as Cookie, Michael Ironside, as Henry, Eric Mabius, as Radford, Marcia Strassman, as Rose, Les Jankey, as Half-a-Trucker, David Hadinger, as Reeker, Carole Ruggier, as The Mom, Paul Greenstein, as The Dad, Paul Butcher, as The Kid, Steven Zlotnick, as The Cops, Christopher Boyer, Wesley Thompson, Alejandro Patiño, as The Paramedic, Bix, as The Dog, Lambert, as The Deer, Devon Gummersall, as Jack, Derek Richardson, as Nelson, Tina Illman, as Gretchen, Scott Whyte, as Trip, Dave Payne,

Arion (1986)
Arion (1986) : Play Free

Arion begins with his journey to discover a world of poverty and horror where ordinary people are barely surviving through the war. He falls in love with a blind slave girl who is then captured and imprisoned on top of Olympus by ...

118 min | Animation,Action,Adventure | 15 March 1986 (Japan)

Arion (1986) : Shigeru Nakahara, as Arion, Miki Takahashi, as Resphoina, Mayumi Tanaka, as Seneca, Hirotaka Suzuoki, as Apollo, Masako Katsuki, as Athena, Chikao Ôtsuka, as Hades, Kiyoshi Kobayashi, as Poseidon, Masanobu Ôkubo, as Zeus, Ichirô Nagai, as Lykaon, Reiko Mutô, as Demeter, Hideyuki Tanaka, as Prometheus, Kazue Komiya, as Young Arion, Ryôko Kinomiya, as Gaia, Toku Nishio, as Ghyd, Daisuke Gôri, as Hercules, Bin Shimada, as Ares, Takako Ôta, as Pio, Kôhei Miyauchi, as Ethos, Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, Akiko Tanaka,

Pardon Mon Affaire (1976) Un éléphant ça trompe énormément
Pardon Mon Affaire (1976) Un éléphant ça trompe énormément : Play Free

As loyal as a dove, a family man is about to tell his first lie to his wife when he falls for an enchanting woman in a billowy red dress. With a bit of help, he just might get what he wishes for; however, is love always a bed of r...

110 min | Comedy,Romance | 22 September 1976 (France)

Pardon Mon Affaire (1976) Un éléphant ça trompe énormément : Danièle Delorme, as Marthe Dorsay, Anny Duperey, as Charlotte, Marthe Villalonga, as Mouchy Messina, Louise Conte, as Marraine, Maurice Bénichou, as Gonthier, Christophe Bourseiller, as Lucien, Jean Lescot, as Le patient inquiet, Martine Sarcey, as Esperanza, Catherine Verlor, as Stéphanie, Pascale Reynaud, as Delphine, Richard Saint-Bris, as Charles, Jean Lanier, as Deschanels, Anne-Marie Blot, as Marie-Ange, Hélène Calzarelli, as Mlle Pintard, Jean-Claude Magret, Anémone, as La concierge, Jean Rochefort, as Étienne, Claude Brasseur, as Daniel, Guy Bedos, as Simon, Victor Lanoux, as Bouly, Yves Robert, Jean-Loup Dabadie,

The Sleeping Room (2014)
The Sleeping Room (2014) : Play Free

A psychological gothic tale of Victorian revenge.

78 min | Horror | 27 April 2015 (United Kingdom)

The Sleeping Room (2014) : Julie Graham, as Cynthia, Leila Mimmack, as Blue, Christopher Adamson, as Fiskin, David Sibley, as Freddie, Joseph Beattie, as Bill, Chris Waller, as Glenny, Mike Altmann, as Jim Whipps, Billy Chainsaw, as Neighbour, Lucy Clements, as Helena, Nicola Colmer, as presenter, Barry Kristopher Sullivan, Antonia Northam, as Abigail, Chrisanthe Grech, as Librarian, John Shackleton, Alex Chandon, Ross Jameson,

The Negotiation (2018) Hyeob-sang
The Negotiation (2018) Hyeob-sang : Play Free

An ace crisis negotiator faces off against a cold-blooded hostage taker. Over the course of 21 hours, she attempts to crack his unusually calm demeanor and force him to reveal his motivations.

114 min | Action,Crime,Thriller | 19 September 2018 (South Korea)

The Negotiation (2018) Hyeob-sang : Son Ye-jin, as Ha Chae-yun, Hyun Bin, as Min Tae-gu, Joo-Young Lee, as Lee Da-bin, Kim Sang-Ho, as Ahn Hyuk-soo, Jang Young-Nam, as Section Chief Han, Jang Gwang, as Hwang Soo-suk, Mun-shik Lee, as Team Leader Jung, Lee Shi-Ah, as Yoo Yeon-joo, Byung Mo Choi, as Secretary Kong, Christian Lagahit, as Robber 1, Ahn Seong-Bong, as Parking lot janitor, Soo-Young Park, as Section Chief Choi, Jong-suk Lee, Sung-Hyun Choi,

The Magic of Flight (1996)
The Magic of Flight (1996) : Play Free

The Magic of Flight places viewers in the cockpit of a Blue Angels jet aircraft so they can experience the thrill of high performance flight. Narrated by Tom Selleck, The Magic of Flight shows the path of flight starting with the Wri

40 min | Short,Documentary | 1996 (United States)

The Magic of Flight (1996) : Tom Selleck, as Narrator, Greg MacGillivray,


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