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Top 200 most popular movies ► Amazon prime tv series watch usa today

Top 200 most popular movies ► Amazon prime tv series watch usa today
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The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004)
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004) : Play Free

With a plan to exact revenge on a mythical shark that killed his partner, Oceanographer Steve Zissou (Bill Murray) rallies a crew that includes his estranged wife, a journalist, and a man who may or may not be his son.

119 min | Action,Adventure,Comedy | 25 February 2005 (United Kingdom)

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004) : Willem Dafoe, as Klaus Daimler, Jeff Goldblum, as Alistair Hennessey, Michael Gambon, as Oseary Drakoulias, Noah Taylor, as Vladimir Wolodarsky, Bud Cort, as Bill Ubell, Seu Jorge, as Pelé dos Santos, Robyn Cohen, as Anne-Marie Sakowitz, Waris Ahluwalia, as Vikram Ray, Niels Koizumi, as Bobby Ogata, Pawel Wdowczak, as Renzo Pietro, Matthew Gray Gubler, as Intern #1, Seymour Cassel, as Esteban du Plantier, Antonio Monda, as Festival Director, Isabella Blow, as Antonia Cook, James Hamilton, as Festival Photographer, Melanie Gerren, as Mandeeza, Bill Murray, as Steve Zissou, Owen Wilson, as Ned Plimpton, Anjelica Huston, as Eleanor Zissou, Cate Blanchett, as Jane Winslett-Richardson, Wes Anderson, Noah Baumbach,

Uninhabited (2010)
Uninhabited (2010) : Play Free

A young couple go to a remote and deserted coral island for a camping holiday, only to find that the island is inhabited by a ghost seeking retribution for a past outrage.

93 min | Horror,Thriller | 22 June 2011 (Brazil)

Uninhabited (2010) : Geraldine Hakewill, as Beth, Henry James, as Harry, Bob Baines, as Jackson, Billy Milionis, as Spiro, Terry Siourounis, as Elias, Tasia Zalar, as Coral, Bill Bennett,

Count Dracula (1970) Nachts, wenn Dracula erwacht
Count Dracula (1970) Nachts, wenn Dracula erwacht : Play Free

Count Dracula, a gray-haired vampire who regains his youth by dining on the blood of maidens, is pursued in London and Transylvania by Professor Van Helsing, Jonathan Harker and Quincey Morris after he victimizes them and their lo...

98 min | Drama,Horror | 12 October 1973 (United States)

Count Dracula (1970) Nachts, wenn Dracula erwacht : Christopher Lee, as Count Dracula, Herbert Lom, as Professor Van Helsing, Klaus Kinski, as Renfierd, Maria Rohm, as Mina, Fred Williams, as Jonathan, Soledad Miranda, as Lucy, Jack Taylor, as Quincey, Paul Muller, as Dr. Seward, Franco Castellani, as Renfierd's Warden, Emma Cohen, as Vampire Woman, Jesús Franco, as Van Helsing's servant, Teresa Gimpera, as Crying Mother, Colette Jack, as Greta, José Martínez Blanco, as Traveller, Jeannine Mestre, Jesús Puente, as Minister of Interior, Moisés Augusto Rocha, as Van Helsing's Servant, Bram Stoker, Erich Kröhnke, Augusto Finocchi,

Big Brother (2018) Dai si hing
Big Brother (2018) Dai si hing : Play Free

A soldier-turned-high school teacher uses unusual methods to reach to a class of poor students, while dealing with a greedy entrepreneur and his gang of fighters as well as the government.

101 min | Action,Comedy,Drama | 16 August 2018 (Hong Kong)

Big Brother (2018) Dai si hing : Donnie Yen, as Henry Chen, Joe Chen, as Miss Liang, Ming-Kit Lok, as Jack Li, Kang Yu, as Kane Luo, Bruce Kwan-Chi Tong, as Bruce Guan, Chris Kwan-Yiu Tong, as Chris Guan, Gladys Li, as Gladys Wang, Chiu-Kin Lau, as Gordon Xiang, Ka Wah Lam, as Patrick Lin, Alfred Cheung, as Chief Huang, Fung Woo, as Fang Shu Ren, Ying Kwan Lok, as Guan's father, Wai-Ho Auyeung, as Ben Sir, Billy Lau, as Gladys's father, Fung Lee, as Jack's grandmother, Tin-Lung Koo, as Boss Zhang, Qianqian Yun, as Jenn Zhou, Andrew Sit-Chun Tse, as Jake Huang, Ka-Wai Kam,

Dogwood Tree (2010) Hanamizuki
Dogwood Tree (2010) Hanamizuki : Play Free

A young girl tries to maintain a long-distance relationship with an aspiring fisherman.

128 min | Adventure,Drama,Romance | 21 August 2010 (Japan)

Dogwood Tree (2010) Hanamizuki : Arata Iura, as Keiichi hirasawa, Yûta Kanai, as Tamotsu ohno, Kelly Karavites, as Self, Dirk Keysser, Yûichi Kimura, as Makato Endo, Yû Koyanagi, Yutaka Matsushige, as Kenjiro Kiuchi, Kaori Mizushima, Misaki Mori, Anastasia Morsucci, as Co-Worker, Osamu Mukai, as Junichi Kitami, Misako Renbutsu, as Ritsuko Watanabe, Ana Lucia Souza, Tsutomu Takahashi, Eri Tokunaga, as Minami nakamura, Hiroko Yakushimaru, as Ryoko Hirasawa, Yui Aragaki, as Sae, Tôma Ikuta, as Kohei, Nichola Grant, Manatsu Hayashi, Nobuhiro Doi,

Swimming Out Till the Sea Turns Blue (2020) Yi zhi you dao hai shui bian lan
Swimming Out Till the Sea Turns Blue (2020) Yi zhi you dao hai shui bian lan : Play Free

Filmmaker Jia Zhangke chronicles his local literature festival in Shanxi, China which includes a multi-generational roster of the country's most esteemed writers.

112 min | Documentary | 19 September 2021 (China)

Swimming Out Till the Sea Turns Blue (2020) Yi zhi you dao hai shui bian lan : Tong Su, as Self, Hua Yu, Huifang Duan, Liang Hong, Pingwa Jia, Zhangke Jia,

Bachelor in Paradise (1961)
Bachelor in Paradise (1961) : Play Free

A bachelor author of sleazy books moves to a family-oriented subdivision where he becomes an unofficial relationship advisor to unhappy local housewives, to the dismay of their respective husbands who suspect him of sexual miscond...

109 min | Comedy,Romance | 1 November 1961 (United States)

Bachelor in Paradise (1961) : Bob Hope, as Adam J. Niles, Lana Turner, as Rosemary Howard, Janis Paige, as Dolores Jynson, Jim Hutton, as Larry Delavane, Paula Prentiss, as Linda Delavane, Don Porter, as Thomas W. Jynson, Virginia Grey, as Camille Quinlaw, Agnes Moorehead, as Judge Peterson, Florence Sundstrom, as Mrs. Pickering, John McGiver, as Austin Palfrey, Clinton Sundberg, as Rodney Jones, Alan Hewitt, as Attorney Backett, Reta Shaw, as Mrs. Brown, Roy Engel, as McCracken, Dorothy Abbott, as Minor Role, Rodney Bell, as Attorney, Brandy Bryan, as Waitress, Robert Carson, Jack Arnold, Valentine Davies, Hal Kanter, Vera Caspary,

First Comes Like (2016)
First Comes Like (2016) : Play Free

After they both swipe right, Jeff and Kate start to build a personal relationship through the most impersonal of ways--technology. From flirty texting to their first Skype date, they find themselves drawn to each other but are sca...

82 min | Romance | 30 April 2016 (United States)

First Comes Like (2016) : Nicole Brandon, as Woman on phone, Robin De Lano, as Kate, Joe Fria, as Jeff, Will Hawkes, as Matt, Nikki McKenzie, as Lilah, Arthur Richardson, as Douglas, Roberto Serrini, as Man on phone, Sterling Sulieman, as Gregg, Sable Williams, Noel Douglas Orput,

Forgotten (2017) Gi-eok-ui bam
Forgotten (2017) Gi-eok-ui bam : Play Free

When his abducted brother returns seemingly a different man with no memory of the past 19 days, Jin-seok chases after the truth behind the kidnapping.

108 min | Mystery,Thriller | 29 November 2017 (South Korea)

Forgotten (2017) Gi-eok-ui bam : Myung-Ryul Nam, as Professor Choi, Lee Soon-won, Moon Sung-Keun, as Father, Jung Taek-Hyun, as Yoo Seok teen, Na Young-hee, as Mother, Kang Ha-Neul, as Jin-seok, Yeon Je Hyung, as Student at police station, Mu-Yeol Kim, as Yoo-seok, Na-ra Lee, as Professor Choi's Wife, Hang-jun Jang,

Our Lady of San Juan, Four Centuries of Miracles (2021) Virgen de San Juan, cuatro siglos de milagros
Our Lady of San Juan, Four Centuries of Miracles (2021) Virgen de San Juan, cuatro siglos de milagros : Play Free

In this dramatization, the Virgin Mary works a miracle on a girl in 1623 Mexico. Four centuries later, a family make a pilgrimage for their own child.

122 min | Drama,History | 2 February 2021 (Mexico)

Our Lady of San Juan, Four Centuries of Miracles (2021) Virgen de San Juan, cuatro siglos de milagros : Marco Orozco, Alex Peña, as Santiago, Guillermo Ramírez, as Florencio, Frank Rodríguez, as Jefe, Gustavo Romo, as Buenaventura de la Garza, Omar Saldaña, as Doctor, Paco Saldaña, as Gerónimo, Alejandra Yáñez, as Juana María, Julio César Álvarez, as Líder Peregrino, Juan Manuel Azcona, as Julio, Humberto Fuentes, as Virrey, Mau Lopez, as Diego, Franco Méndez, as Fray Miguel de Bolonia, Francisco Pérez, Noe González,

You're Hired! (2021)
You're Hired! (2021) : Play Free

After the "mysterious" death of a colleague, the doldrums of office life at DanRick Designs are given a surprise resuscitation when Miles Fuller and Dylan Kirkpatrick discover they are the lead candidates for a promotion. The timi...

92 min | Comedy | 1 July 2021 (United States)

You're Hired! (2021) : Emily Hooks, as Mandy, Harry Fowler, as Harry, Brendan Takash, as Brendan, Jaida Grace, as Lainee, Stephany Rashel, as Stephany, Divyansh Sharma, as Sanj, Ana Plavec, as Laurie Loophole, Sophie Arrick-Lewis, as Mrs. Kirkpatrick, Austin Bugarin, as Pete, Ray Dennis, as Ant, Erik Donovan, as Worker in picture, Emma Heathe, as Brandy, Matt Kolonis, as Brent, Juan Magana, as Juan, Nicholas Mariano, as Kevin, Joel Martin-Cox, as Police Officer, Isaiah Locust, as Miles Fuller, Tristan Conner, as Dylan Kirkpatrick, Nelson Arrieta Jr., as Lonzo, Corrinne Mica, as Shayne, Daniel B. De Sangre, Rickey Teems II,

La vie d'Adèle (2013) Blue Is the Warmest Colour
La vie d'Adèle (2013) Blue Is the Warmest Colour : Play Free

Adèle's life is changed when she meets Emma, a young woman with blue hair, who will allow her to discover desire and to assert herself as a woman and as an adult. In front of others, Adèle grows, seeks herself, loses herself, and ult

180 min | Drama,Romance | 22 November 2013 (United Kingdom)

La vie d'Adèle (2013) Blue Is the Warmest Colour : Catherine Salée, as Mère Adèle, Benjamin Siksou, as Antoine, Mona Walravens, as Lise, Alma Jodorowsky, as Béatrice, Jérémie Laheurte, as Thomas, Anne Loiret, as Mère Emma, Benoît Pilot, as Beau Père Emma, Sandor Funtek, as Valentin, Fanny Maurin, as Amélie, Maelys Cabezon, as Laetitia, Samir Bella, as Samir, Tom Hurier, as Pierre, Manon Piette, as Manon, Quentin Médrinal, as Eli, Peter Assogbavi, as Peter, Wisdom Ayanou, as Wisdom, Léa Seydoux, as Emma, Adèle Exarchopoulos, as Adèle, Salim Kechiouche, Aurélien Recoing, as Père Adèle, Abdellatif Kechiche, Ghalya Lacroix, Julie Maroh,

The Producers (1967) Springtime for Hitler
The Producers (1967) Springtime for Hitler : Play Free

A stage-play producer devises a plan to make money by producing a sure-fire flop.

88 min | Comedy,Music | 10 November 1968 (United States)

The Producers (1967) Springtime for Hitler : Estelle Winwood, as Hold Me Touch Me, Christopher Hewett, as Roger De Bris, Andréas Voutsinas, as Carmen Ghia, Lee Meredith, as Ulla, Renée Taylor, as Eva Braun, Michael Davis, as Production Tenor, John Zoller, as Drama Critic, Madelyn Cates, as Concierge, Frank Campanella, as The Bartender, Arthur Rubin, as Auditioning Hitler, Zale Kessler, as Jason Green, Bernie Allen, Rusty Blitz, Anthony Gardell, Mary Love, as Old Lady, Amelie Barleon, Zero Mostel, as Max Bialystock, Gene Wilder, as Leo Bloom, Dick Shawn, as L.S.D. - Lorenzo St. DuBois, Kenneth Mars, as Franz Liebkind, Mel Brooks,

Sebastian Maniscalco: Why Would You Do That? (2016)
Sebastian Maniscalco: Why Would You Do That? (2016) : Play Free

Filmed at the legendary Beacon Theatre, Sebastian Maniscalco continues to deliver his signature comedy style that blends high-energy physical acts-outs and hilariously demonstrative facial expressions.

63 min | Comedy | 1 October 2016 (United States)

Sebastian Maniscalco: Why Would You Do That? (2016) : Sebastian Maniscalco, as Self, Joe DeMaio,

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1920)
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1920) : Play Free

Dr. Henry Jekyll experiments with scientific means of revealing the hidden, dark side of man and releases a murderer from within himself.

69 min | Drama,Horror,Sci-Fi | 18 July 1921 (United Kingdom)

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1920) : Cecil Clovelly, as Edward Enfield, Nita Naldi, as Miss Gina, Louis Wolheim, as Music Hall Proprietor, Alma Aiken, as Extra, J. Malcolm Dunn, as John Utterson, Ferdinand Gottschalk, as Old Man at table in music hall, Julia Hurley, as Hyde's Landlady with Lamp, Jack McHugh, as Street Kid - Raises Fist to Mr. Hyde, Georgie Drew Mendum, as Patron in music hall, Blanche Ring, as Woman at table with old man in music hall, May Robson, as Prostitute at Clinic, George Stevens, as Poole - Jekyll's Butler, Edgard Varèse, as Policeman, John Barrymore, as Dr. Henry Jekyll, Martha Mansfield, as Millicent Carewe, Brandon Hurst, as Sir George Carewe, Charles Lane, as Dr. Lanyon, John S. Robertson, Robert Louis Stevenson, Clara Beranger, Thomas Russell Sullivan,

Jumping the Broom (2011)
Jumping the Broom (2011) : Play Free

Two very different families converge on Martha's Vineyard one weekend for a wedding.

112 min | Comedy,Drama | 10 June 2011 (United Kingdom)

Jumping the Broom (2011) : Paula Patton, as Sabrina Watson, Laz Alonso, as Jason Taylor, Angela Bassett, as Mrs. Watson, Loretta Devine, as Mrs. Taylor, Meagan Good, as Blythe, Tasha Smith, as Shonda, Julie Bowen, as Amy, DeRay Davis, as Malcolm, Valarie Pettiford, as Aunt Geneva, Mike Epps, as Willie Earl, Pooch Hall, as Ricky, Romeo Miller, as Sebastian, Brian Stokes Mitchell, as Mr. Watson, Gary Dourdan, as Chef, T.D. Jakes, as Reverend James, El DeBarge, as Singer, Tenika Davis, as Lauren, Vera Cudjoe, as Mabel, Salim Akil, Elizabeth Hunter, Arlene Gibbs,

Child's Play 3 (1991) Child's Play III
Child's Play 3 (1991) Child's Play III : Play Free

Chucky returns for revenge against Andy, the young boy who defeated him, and now a teenager living in a military academy.

90 min | Horror,Thriller | 15 May 1992 (United Kingdom)

Child's Play 3 (1991) Child's Play III : Dean Jacobson, as Whitehurst, Brad Dourif, as Chucky, Peter Haskell, as Sullivan, Dakin Matthews, as Colonel Cochrane, Andrew Robinson, as Sergeant Botnick, Burke Byrnes, as Sergeant Clark, Matthew Walker, as Ellis, Donna Eskra, as Ivers, Edan Gross, as Good Guy Doll, Terry Wills, as Garbage Man, Richard Marion, as Patterson, Laura Owens, as Lady Executive, Ron Fassler, as Petzold, Michael Chieffo, as Security Guard, Henry G. Sanders, as Major, Lois Foraker, as Sgt. Frazier, Justin Whalin, as Andy Barclay, Perrey Reeves, as De Silva, Jeremy Sylvers, as Tyler, Travis Fine, as Shelton, Jack Bender, Don Mancini,

To Be Number One (1991) Bai Ho
To Be Number One (1991) Bai Ho : Play Free

The story of Ho, a chinese peasant/slave worker who escapes to Hong Kong and becomes one of the most feared crime bosses in Hong Kong.

96 min | Biography,Crime,Drama | 16 February 2018 (Hong Kong)

To Be Number One (1991) Bai Ho : Waise Lee, as Man, Elvis Tsui, as Chi, Lawrence Ng, as Ming, Kenneth Tsang, as Chief Inspector Lui Ko-Tin, Kwong Leung Wong, as Loud Hung, Dickens Chan, as Big Sha, Frankie Chi-Leung Chan, as Little Hak, Lieh Lo, as Tin, Man-Tat Ng, as Ping, Shun Lau, as Fung, Kong Lau, as Lung, Lai-Chu Ng, Elvina Kong, as Deranged Woman, Fat Chung, as Cham, Victor Hon, as Kong, Wai-Jan Koo, as Restaurant Boss' Wife, Ray Lui, as Crippled Ho, Kent Cheng, as Fat Kwan, Cecilia Yip, as Tse, Amy Yip, as May, Man Kit Poon, San-Chi Chan, Alexander Lee, Ying-Chiet Lee, Jacki Weaver, as Estelle, Kate McKinnon, as Glass Half Full Kate, Christopher Walken, as Myron, Zach Cherry, as Jim, Jessie Ennis, as Melanie, Glenn Fleshler, as Mean Phil, Zabryna Guevara, as Dr. Michaelson, Brian Tyree Henry, as Benji, Rick Holmes, as Dr. Kessler, Alanna Masterson, as Sally, Gayle Rankin, as Mira, Erin Richards, as Amber, Tami Sagher, as Meryl, Tamara Tunie, as Jane, Merritt Wever, as Mindy, Alyssa Cheatham, as Young Abbie, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, as Abbie, Michiel Huisman, as Sam, Steve Coogan, as Mitch, Timothy Simons, as Dominic, Stephanie Laing, Bess Wohl,

Employee of the Month (2006)
Employee of the Month (2006) : Play Free

A slacker competes with a repeat winner for the "Employee of the Month" title at work, in order to gain the affections of a new female employee.

103 min | Comedy,Romance | 5 January 2007 (United Kingdom)

Employee of the Month (2006) : Tim Bagley, as Glen Gary, Brian George, as Iqbal, Efren Ramirez, as Jorge, Marcello Thedford, as Semi, Danny Woodburn, as Glen Ross, Harland Williams, as Russell, Sean Whalen, as Dirk, Barbara Dodd, as Granny, Victor Izay, as Greeter Jerry, Marc Mouchet, as Gene, Kathleen Arc, as Grumpy Lady, John Hardman, as Balding Customer, Deryle J. Lujan, as Checker #1, Adriana Cordova, as Checker #2, Jenny Gabrielle, as Checker #3, Emily Sandberg, as Young Mom, Jessica Simpson, as Amy, Dane Cook, as Zack, Dax Shepard, as Vince, Andy Dick, as Lon, Greg Coolidge, Don Calame, Chris Conroy,

Stuffings (2021)
Stuffings (2021) : Play Free

A self obsessed social media celebrity couple camp out in the Adelaide Hills on Christmas Eve only to stumble onto a community hiding a secret tradition to protect the 25th of December.

79 min | Comedy,Horror | 2021 (Australia)

Stuffings (2021) : Kathleen Halligan, as Bec, Daniel Moody, as Andy, Isabella Robinson, as Hannah, Ognjen Trisic, as The Myth, Marcello D'Onofrio, as Baden, Georgia Williams, as Karla, Adam Bullmore, as Dane, Josh Talbot-Smith, as Feary, Ann Robinson, as Announcer, Ariel Dzino, as Karla's Friend, Kayla Ursini, as Snobby Neighbour, Janet Wilkinson, as Mrs. Rosemont, Keith Betts, as Hannah's Father, Mark Thurston, as Bag of Bones Husband, Nicola Tiele, as Bag of Bones Wife, Mathew J. Wilkinson,


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