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Top 20 web Series ✡ Cable phone photo call

Top 20 web Series ✡ Cable phone photo call
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Mind Blown (2016)
Mind Blown (2016) : Play Free

Imagine the human ability to quake the Earth, bring forth tornadoes, raise a firestorm - and now imagine it under the control of Colonel Clayton and the US military. Code-named PROJECT MIND BLOWN, a group of telekinetics think the...

88 min | Action,Sci-Fi,Thriller | 1 December 2016 (United States)

Mind Blown (2016) : Jessica Uberuaga, as Jennifer Gaines, Michael Marinaccio, as Adam, Jon Mack, as Gertie McAffie, Luke Goss, as General White, Vince DeCosta, as Ruben Sanchez, Albert Kong, as Rick Lee, Steve Hanks, as Colonel Tyron Clayton, Saxon Jones, as Clive Jones, Sarah Booth, as Jamie, Gian Franco Tordi, as Nick Tyler, Sarah Carson, as Mrs. Soren, Mary Christina Brown, as Private Fasma, Alejandra Ulloa, as Satellite Tech, Jimmy Gonzales, as Target Security, Monique Parent, as Lab Tech, Steven Samblis, as Harmonic Tech, Tyler Schwab, as Biomedics Tech, Morgan Renear, as Young Jennifer, Christian Sesma, Thunder Levin,

Daddy Issues (2018)
Daddy Issues (2018) : Play Free

Maya, a queer pixie artist, meets and falls madly in love with her insta-crush: the sexually fluid fashionista, Jasmine. It's all gumdrops and fairytales until Maya discovers Jasmine's passionate relationship with a secret sugar d...

81 min | Drama,Romance | 3 August 2020 (United Kingdom)

Daddy Issues (2018) : Madison Lawlor, as Maya Mitchell, Montana Manning, as Jasmine Jones, Andrew Pifko, as Simon Craw, Kamala Jones, as Danielle Mitchell, Jodi Carol Harrison, as Bobbi Jones, Seth Cassell, as Jim Mitchell, Monte Markham, as Gordon Craw, Ronnie Clark, as Chuck, Lissa Escudero, as Pam, J.J. Hawkins, as Ash, Brian Gilleece, as Doug, Joshua D. Lewis, as Kris, Verona Blue, as Katrina, Lorelei Olivia Mote, as Sammy, Rigo Obezo, as Bouncer, Barrett D. Carroll, as Party Boy, Ben Collotta, as Bartender, Rey Engelhard, as Drunk partier with bottle, Amara Cash, Alex Bloom,

Quentin Tarantino: 20 Years of Filmmaking (2012)
Quentin Tarantino: 20 Years of Filmmaking (2012) : Play Free

A look at Tarantino's career from the beginning, with interviews from co-workers, critics, stars and master filmmakers alike as well as a tribute to his greatest collaborator, Sally Menke.

125 min | Documentary | 20 November 2012 (United States)

Quentin Tarantino: 20 Years of Filmmaking (2012) : Rosanna Arquette, as Self, Lawrence Bender, Robert Forster, Richard N. Gladstein, Pam Grier, Samuel L. Jackson, Sally Menke, Greg Nicotero, Dean Parisot, Robert Rodriguez, Eli Roth, Tim Roth, RZA, Michelle Satter, Pilar Savone, Stacey Sher, Mike Simpson, Eric Stoltz,

The Curse of Humpty Dumpty (2021) Untitled Doll Movie
The Curse of Humpty Dumpty (2021) Untitled Doll Movie : Play Free

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, and he's back in the form of a doll that belongs to a woman with dementia who starts to recall his dark past.

92 min | Horror | 27 August 2021 (United Kingdom)

The Curse of Humpty Dumpty (2021) Untitled Doll Movie : Chris Cordell, as Stranger, Nicola Wright, as Wendy Loomas, Danielle Scott, as Beryl, Sian Altman, as Liz Loomas, Antonia Whillans, as Hazel Loomas, Kate Sandison, as Dr. Paulson, Kate Milner Evans, as Judy the Shopkeeper, Richard Harfst, as Bill, Antonia Johnstone, as Police Officer, Scott Jeffrey,

Love Songs (2007) Les chansons d'amour
Love Songs (2007) Les chansons d'amour : Play Free

Ismael and Julie enter a playful yet emotionally laced threesome with Alice. When tragedy strikes, these young Parisians are forced to deal with the fragility of life and love.

91 min | Drama,Musical,Romance | 14 December 2007 (United Kingdom)

Love Songs (2007) Les chansons d'amour : Ludivine Sagnier, as Julie Pommeraye, Louis Garrel, as Ismaël Bénoliel, Clotilde Hesme, as Alice, Chiara Mastroianni, as Jeanne, Grégoire Leprince-Ringuet, as Erwann, Brigitte Roüan, as La mère de Julie, Alice Butaud, as Jasmine, la soeur de Julie, Jean-Marie Winling, as Le père de Julie, Yannick Renier, as Gwendal, Annabelle Hettmann, as La serveuse du bar, Esteban Carvajal-Alegria, as L'ami d'Erwann, Sylvain Tempier, as Un policier, Guillaume Clérice, Alex Beaupain, as Le chanteur, William Leymergie, as Self, Gaël Morel, as Un spectateur dans la fille d'attente, Christophe Honoré,

Josephine Doe (2018)
Josephine Doe (2018) : Play Free

Josephine is a bright spark in Claire's recently darkened reality, but when the two women find themselves in trouble with the law, Claire discovers Josephine is not all she seems.

70 min | Drama | 6 March 2018 (United States)

Josephine Doe (2018) : Erin Cipolletti, as Claire, Emma Griffin, as Josephine, Elisabeth Bennett, as Angie, Bassey Esanetok, as Dr. Parker, Jennifer Trier, as Kathy, Lucas Bentley, as Rich, Dacy Freeman, as Lily, Michael 'Stake' Morton III, as Cashier, Jared Bailey, as Sheldon, John Mess, as Lawyer, Chad Bennett, as Funeral Attendee, Caroline Bozzi, as Shopper, Sandy Brown, Thomas Denegre, David DuVal, as Frank, Bryan Floyd, Diane Floyd, Sharon Floyd, Ryan Michael Brown,

Three on a Ticket (1947) The Corpse Came Calling
Three on a Ticket (1947) The Corpse Came Calling : Play Free

A private detective, who has been shot, stumbles into the office of Michael Shayne (Hugh Beaumont), and dies before Shayne can question him. Shayne finds a baggage ticket in his hand. He claims it and finds the checked-bag contain...

64 min | Comedy,Crime,Drama | 4 April 1947 (United States)

Three on a Ticket (1947) The Corpse Came Calling : Hugh Beaumont, as Michael Shayne, Cheryl Walker, as Phyllis Hamilton, Paul Bryar, as Tim Rourke, Ralph Dunn, as Inspector Pete Rafferty, Louise Currie, as Helen Brimstead, Gavin Gordon, as Pearson - aka Barton, Charles Quigley, as Kurt Leroy, Douglas Fowley, as Mace Morgan, Noel Cravat, as Trigger, Charles King, as Drunk, Brooks Benedict, as Jim Lacy, Fred Aldrich, as Police Officer, Leonard Bremen, as Bartender, Russell Custer, Rudy Germane, as Tenant, Russell Meeker, Sam Newfield, Fred Myton, Brett Halliday,

Surfer, Dude (2008)
Surfer, Dude (2008) : Play Free

A wave twisting tale of a soul searching surfer experiencing an existential crisis.

43 min | Comedy | 9 December 2010 (United States)

Surfer, Dude (2008) : Jeffrey Nordling, as Eddie Zarno, Zachary Knighton, as Brillo Murphy, Todd Stashwick, as Vic Hayes, Nathan Phillips, as Baker Smith, Ramon Rodriguez, as Lupe La Rosa, Scott Glenn, as Alister Greenbough, John Terry, as Mercer Martin, Sarah Wright, as Stacy, K.D. Aubert, as April-May, Johnny Sneed, as Technical Director, Nancy Fish, as Margaret, Nolan North, as Mr. Simons, Cassandra Hepburn, as Luanne, Mario Revolori, as Mexican Boy, Cheryl Francis Harrington, as Woman Customs Agent, Jamison Yang, as Customs Agent #2, Matthew McConaughey, as Steve Addington, Woody Harrelson, as Jack Mayweather, Willie Nelson, as Farmer Bob, Alexie Gilmore, as Danni Martin, S.R. Bindler, Mark Gustawes, George R. Mays,

A Charlie Brown Holiday Dinner (1973) A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
A Charlie Brown Holiday Dinner (1973) A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving : Play Free

Peppermint Patty invites herself and her friends over to Charlie Brown's for Thanksgiving, and with Linus, Snoopy, and Woodstock, he attempts to throw together a Thanksgiving dinner.

25 min | Animation,Short,Comedy | 20 November 1973 (United States)

A Charlie Brown Holiday Dinner (1973) A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving : Todd Barbee, as Charlie Brown, Robin Kohn, as Lucy van Pelt, Stephen Shea, as Linus van Pelt, Hilary Momberger-Powers, as Sally Brown, Christopher DeFaria, as Patricia 'Peppermint Patty' Reichardt, Jimmy Ahrens, as Marcie, Robin Reed, as Franklin, Vince Guaraldi, as Little Birdie singer, Bill Melendez, as Snoopy, Phil Roman, Charles M. Schulz,

Banksy and the Rise of Outlaw Art (2020)
Banksy and the Rise of Outlaw Art (2020) : Play Free

Banksy, the world's most infamous street artist, whose political art, criminal stunts, and daring invasions outraged the establishment and created a revolutionary new movement while his identity remained shrouded in mystery.

112 min | Documentary | 4 September 2020 (Estonia)

Banksy and the Rise of Outlaw Art (2020) : Will Ellsworth-Jones, as Self, Kelly 'Risk' Graval, Mark Holgate, as Narrator, Richard Jones, Alan Ket, Steve Lazarides, Scape Martinez, John Nation, Simon Reynolds, Banksy, Felix Braun, Claire de Dobay Rifelj, Ben Eine, Elio Espana,

Helix (2016)
Helix (2016) : Play Free

Helix, a skilled smuggler in a post-apocalyptic America, is double-crossed after a job goes bad. Will she escape with her life? Or does a worse fate await her down the road?

15 min | Short,Sci-Fi | 1 May 2016 (United States)

Helix (2016) : Marc Michael Bianchi, as Litehauer, Daniel Knightley, as Wolfe, John Minanno, as Porter, Lynne Newton, as The Orphan Collector, Carrie Thomas, as Helix, Matthew Merenda,

Gasman (1998)
Gasman (1998) : Play Free

It's the Christmas season. With her mom's help, Lynne, a girl of perhaps eight, dresses up; her younger brother Steven plays with a toy car. The children leave with their dad, who's affectionate with them. They walk down a railroa...

15 min | Short,Drama | 23 January 1998 (United Kingdom)

Gasman (1998) : Lynne Ramsay Jr., as Lynne, Martin Anderson, as Steven, James Ramsay, as Da, Denise Flannagan, as Ma, Jackie Quinn, as Woman, Lisa Taylor, as Girl, Robert McEwan, as Boy, Lynne Ramsay,

Wishing Stairs (2003) Yeogo goedam 3: Yeowoo gyedan
Wishing Stairs (2003) Yeogo goedam 3: Yeowoo gyedan : Play Free

A staircase leading to the dormitory of a remote boarding school usually has 28 stairs, but every so often there appears to be 29. When someone steps on the mysterious extra stair, the horror begins

100 min | Horror,Drama | 1 August 2003 (South Korea)

Wishing Stairs (2003) Yeogo goedam 3: Yeowoo gyedan : Su-a Hong, Wu-jin Jang, Ji-min Kwak, Ji-Yeon Lee, as Radio DJ, Jung-hee Moon, as Dance Teacher, Kong Sang-Ah, as Kyoung-Jin, Song Ji-Hyo, as Yun Jin-seong, Han-byeol Park, as Kim Sohee, An Jo, as Eom Hye-ju, Ji-Yeon Park, as Han Yun-ji, Jae-yeon Yun, Soo-ah Kim, Shin-ae Lee, Soyoung Lee, Eleni Dakoronia, as Nelli, Labrini Liva, Sofi Kalogirou, Tasos Kontaxis, Mihalis Mikailos, Eleni Tsangari, Ketty Theohary, Yiorgos Armadoros, as Panos, Dora Volanaki, Antonis Xenakis, Yannis Kokolis,

Rumors of Wars (2014)
Rumors of Wars (2014) : Play Free

A student keeps a journal while a one-world government takes over the world. Years later, a soldier finds her journal and questions everything he believes.

89 min | Drama,Sci-Fi,Thriller | 2 May 2014 (United States)

Rumors of Wars (2014) : Ben Davies, as Shaw 408, Jennifer Cooper, as Roxy, Eric Roberts, as Zurn, Michael Joiner, as Agent Harris, Jason Burkey, as Bryan Keep, Jaci Velasquez, as Beth, T.C. Stallings, as Commander, Shannen Fields, as Nurse, Joseph Scott Anthony, as Professor Diedrich, Morgan Ayres, as Phoenix, Michael Ulmer, as Webb266, Kelsey Sanders, as Claire, Jamie Grace, as Vivica, Lee Garrett, as Lee Richardson, Mac Powell, as Enlin, Brad Stine, as Beau, Lexi Johnson, as Zurn Hologram, Dustin Tavella, as Ramirez, Paul Tomborello,

Deadly Detention (2017) The Detained
Deadly Detention (2017) The Detained : Play Free

Five high school students are having Saturday detention in a former Correctional Facility, and must find a way to outsmart an unseen menace out to kill them.

90 min | Comedy,Drama,Horror | 12 September 2017 (United States)

Deadly Detention (2017) The Detained : Jennifer Robyn Jacobs, as Taylor, Gillian Vigman, as Ms. Presley, Kevin Blake, as Pete, Alex Frnka, as Lexie, Sarah Davenport, as Jessica, Henry Zaga, as Barrett, Coy Stewart, as Kevin, Blair Hayes, Casie Tabanou, Alison Spuck McNeeley, Jason Schombing, as Mac Peterson, Andrew Airlie, as Edward Silver, Lauren K. Robek, as Katherine Silver, Madison Smith, as Justin Silver, Donny Lucas, as Gil Kirby, Angelo Renai, as Andrew McKenzie, Mya Lowe, as Production Assistant, Kate Whiddington, as Little Girl, Jessica Barrera, as Mother, Veenu Sandhu, as Host, Remy Marthaller, as Girl, Calix Fraser, as Bashful Boy, Azriel Dalman, as Bewildered Boy, Kevin, as Beasley the Dog, Tanya Crail, as Guest, Cindy Busby, as Holly Silver, Sam Page, as Jack Kane, Erin Boyes, as Eve Silver, Wesley MacInnes, as Bob, Pat Williams, Steve N. White, Joel Canfield,

Sophomore (2012)
Sophomore (2012) : Play Free

A group of high school kids enjoy many adventures throughout their formative tenth grade year.

98 min | Comedy | 13 January 2012 (United States)

Sophomore (2012) : Tommy Bechtold, as Pete, Jonna Roe, as Cap's Class, Kyle Wigent, as Sam Blank, David Baughman, as Student, Andrew Sloane, as Cop, Robert Keiper, as Cap, Che Holloway, as Hutz's Class, Jamie Cobb, as Lucille, Steve Williams, Andrew Caesar, Cameron Bloomer, as Bob, Sydney Smith, Tucker, as Puffy, Laura Carboni, as Pam, Brian Osborne, as Larry The Gym Teacher, Sal Amaury Batista, as Eddie, Patrick Warburton, as Mr. McKee, Amanda Plummer, as Miss Hutz, Kristin Vahl, as Honey Brubaker, Erin Foley, as Mrs. McKee, T. Lee Beideck,

The Childhood of a Leader (2015)
The Childhood of a Leader (2015) : Play Free

A chronicle of the childhood of a post-World War I leader.

115 min | Drama | 19 August 2016 (United Kingdom)

The Childhood of a Leader (2015) : Bérénice Bejo, as The Mother, Liam Cunningham, as The Father, Stacy Martin, as The Teacher, Yolande Moreau, as Mona, Jacques Boudet, as The Priest, Robert Pattinson, as Charles, Tom Sweet, as Prescott, the Boy, Sophie Lane Curtis, as Laura, Rebecca Dayan, as Edith, Michael Epp, as Economist, Kata Petõ, as Housemaid, Mark C. Phelan, as Mr. Advisor, Jeremy Wheeler, as Mr. Deputy, Andrew Osterreicher, as Mr. Secretary, Scott Alexander Young, as Counselor, Luca Bercovici, as Older Foreign Gentleman, Caroline Boulton, as Mr. Advisor's Secretary, Roderick Hill, as Older American Gentleman, Brady Corbet, Mona Fastvold, Jean-Paul Sartre,

In God I Trust (2018)
In God I Trust (2018) : Play Free

Redemption, violence, and faith define a young black man, a reckless white nationalist, and a pair of traveling vacationers during a random encounter within northern Idaho.

98 min | Drama | 29 November 2018 (Canada)

In God I Trust (2018) : Marc Senior, as Ben, John Cassini, as Michael, Steven Roberts, as Tyler, Bilal, as B, Melissa Roxburgh, as Mya Matheson, Jenn MacLean-Angus, as Barbara, Cameron Bancroft, as James, Daryl Shuttleworth, as John, Roan Curtis, as Samantha, Bryan Demore, as Kevin, Robert Corness, as Roger, Lindsay Gibson, as Deborah, Dalias Blake, as Charles, James Jenkins, as Bartender, Maja Jacob,

Elvis Has Left the Building (2004)
Elvis Has Left the Building (2004) : Play Free

A fugitive Pink Lady rep hooks up with a bored ad exec as she's trying to avoid going down for the murder of several Elvis impersonators.

90 min | Comedy | 27 August 2004 (United Kingdom)

Elvis Has Left the Building (2004) : Mike Starr, as Sal, Phill Lewis, as Charlie, Denise Richards, as Belinda, Philip Charles MacKenzie, as Darren Swirl, Richard Kind, as Burning Elvis, David Leisure, as Hole-in-the-Head Elvis, Tom Hanks, as Mailbox Elvis, Joel Zwick, as Squashed Elvis, Angie Dickinson, as Bobette, Pat Morita, as Man in Turban, Gil McKinney, as Young Elvis, Madison McReynolds, as Young Harmony, Jenny Gabrielle, as Young Bobette, Kevin Wiggens, as Roy, Jennifer Lloyd, as Gas Station Girl, Arron Shiver, as Gas Station Guy, Kim Basinger, as Harmony Jones, John Corbett, as Miles Taylor, Annie Potts, as Shirl, Sean Astin, as Aaron, Mitchell P Ganem, Adam-Michael Garber,

The Kings of Mykonos (2010)
The Kings of Mykonos (2010) : Play Free

Steve 'The Wog Boy' Karamitsis inherits a beach on the resort island of Mykonos from an uncle he's never met.

102 min | Comedy | 20 May 2010 (Australia)

The Kings of Mykonos (2010) : Nick Giannopoulos, as Steve Karamitsis, Vince Colosimo, as Frank, Zeta Makrypoulia, as Zoe - Enza, Alex Dimitriades, as Mihali, Kevin Sorbo, as Pierluigi, Cosima Coppola, as Miss Italy - Enza, Costas Kilias, as Tony the Yugoslav, Manos Gavras, as Kyriakos Local Cop, Dimitris Starovas, as Tzimi, Galini Tseva, as Voula, Thomas Heyne, as Otto, Mario Hertel, as Dieter, Tony Nikolakopoulos, as Theo, Vince D'Amico, as Mario, Giannis Anastasakis, as Greek Priest, Triandafylli Bouterakou, as Greek Girl #2, Stewart Henderson, as Federal Cop #1, Damian McInerney, as Federal Cop #2, Peter Andrikidis, Chris Anastassiades, Nick Giannopoulos,


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