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Top 150 best Films 👊 Uefa euros premier league on tv tonight

Top 150 best Films 👊 Uefa euros premier league on tv tonight
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Holy Terror (2017)
Holy Terror (2017) : Play Free

Believing their deceased son isn't at peace, Molly and Tom ask a medium to make contact. But after they invite a vengeful demon to cross over, the couple must enlist the help of a disgraced priest to attempt a dangerous exorcism.

77 min | Horror | 1 April 2017 (United States)

Holy Terror (2017) : Lisa London, as Janice, Scott Butler, as Jacob, Vida Ghaffari, as Hayley, Mel Novak, as Father Murphy, Kelly Lynn Reiter, as Molly, Jesse Hlubik, as Tom, Kristine DeBell, as Catherine, Nicole Olson, as Billie, Rich Mallery,

Inside (2016)
Inside (2016) : Play Free

A woman in her third trimester of pregnancy is stalked by a stranger who is obsessed with her unborn child.

89 min | Horror,Thriller | 28 July 2017 (Spain)

Inside (2016) : Andrea Tivadar, as Police Woman, Craig Stevenson, as Police Officer 3, Stany Coppet, as Police Officer 1, Richard Felix, as Police Officer 2, Steve Howard, as Gynecologist, Babou Cham, as Taxi Driver, Maarten Swaan, as Matt Clark, David Chevers, as Brian, Núria Valls, as Mother in the Car, Mar Cecelia Valls, as Child in the Car, Rachel Nichols, as Sarah Clark, Laura Harring, as Madeleine, Ben Temple, as Isaac, Gillian Apter, as Sarah's Mom, Miguel Ángel Vivas, Jaume Balagueró, Manu Díaz,

Oliver Twist (1948)
Oliver Twist (1948) : Play Free

In Charles Dickens' classic tale, an orphan wends his way from cruel apprenticeship to den of thieves in search of a true home.

116 min | Drama | 25 October 1948 (United Kingdom)

Oliver Twist (1948) : Henry Stephenson, as Mr. Brownlow, Mary Clare, as Mrs. Corney, Anthony Newley, as Artful Dodger, Josephine Stuart, as Oliver's Mother, Ralph Truman, as Monks, Kathleen Harrison, as Mrs Sowerberry, Gibb McLaughlin, as Mr. Sowerberry, Amy Veness, as Mrs. Bedwin, Frederick Lloyd, as Mr. Grimwig, John Howard Davies, as Oliver Twist, Henry Edwards, as Police Official, Ivor Barnard, as Chairman Of The Board, Maurice Denham, as Chief Of Police, Michael Dear, as Noah Claypole, Michael Ripper, as Barney, Peter Bull, as Landlord Of 'Three Cripples', Robert Newton, as Bill Sykes, Alec Guinness, as Fagin, Kay Walsh, as Nancy, Francis L. Sullivan, as Mr. Bumble, David Lean, Charles Dickens, Stanley Haynes,

The Ward (2010) John Carpenter's The Ward
The Ward (2010) John Carpenter's The Ward : Play Free

An institutionalized young woman becomes terrorized by a ghost.

89 min | Horror,Mystery,Thriller | 21 January 2011 (United Kingdom)

The Ward (2010) John Carpenter's The Ward : Lyndsy Fonseca, as Iris, Mika Boorem, as Alice, Jared Harris, as Dr. Gerald Stringer, Sali Sayler, as Tammy, Susanna Burney, as Nurse Lundt, D.R. Anderson, as Roy, Sean Cook, as Jimmy, Jillian Kramer, as Ghost Alice, Mark Chamberlin, as Mr. Hudson, Andrea Petty, as Mrs. Hudson, Tracy Schornick, as Cop #1, Kent Kimball, as Cop #2, Joseph O'Shaugnessy, as Receptionist, Patrick Treadway, as 2nd Floor Nurse, Bev Holsclaw, as Admitting nurse, Sydney Sweeney, as Young Alice, Amber Heard, as Kristen, Mamie Gummer, as Emily, Danielle Panabaker, as Sarah, Laura-Leigh, as Zoey, John Carpenter, Michael Rasmussen, Shawn Rasmussen,

USS Seaviper (2012)
USS Seaviper (2012) : Play Free

The German U-Boat, U-234, from the Port of Kiel is trading cargo with the Japanese. USS Seaviper must locate and stop this dangerous exchange. The Captain of USS Seaviper must go ashore to conduct reconnaissance on an island near ...

102 min | Action,Drama,War | 17 November 2020 (Spain)

USS Seaviper (2012) : Michael Jacques, as Grey, Nick Schroeder, as Muley, David D'Onofrio, as Bartimeo, J. Mark Emerson, as Betts, Jordan Wall, as Lewis, Tyler Cross, as Kashavsky, David Yuzuk, as Grease, Ralph A. Villani, as Vice Admiral, Mark Laurnoff, as Milchie, Shane Brown, as Johnny, Jane Vereen, as Dorothy, Kimberly Ann Jones, as Alice, Jack Sammarco, as Japanese Soldier, Mia Terez Deuschle, as Lora Culpepper, David Graham, as Bartender, Ed Kirshner, as Shore Patrol, Tim Large, as Chief Keenan, Jeremy King, as Officer Cutter, Robb Maus, as Exec. Officer Roitman, Steve Roth, as Captain Culpepper,

Agent nr 1 (1972) Aktion im Dunkeln
Agent nr 1 (1972) Aktion im Dunkeln : Play Free

Jerzy Szajnowicz-Ivanov, the son of Polish mother and Russian father, raised in Greece, reports to the Carpathian Brigade in the spring of 1941. Poles are wary at first. English recommend him to arrange the intelligence grid and sabo

101 min | Action,Drama,History | 25 February 1972 (Poland)

Agent nr 1 (1972) Aktion im Dunkeln : Kiril Yanev, as Maliopulos, Stoycho Mazgalov, as Kondopulos, Nikolay Nachkov, as Apostolidas, Helena Norowicz, as Kurierka, Józef Para, as Doktor Fortis, Bogomil Simeonov, as Dimitros Fortis, Monika Solubianka, as Gabriela Coronis, Zdzislaw Tobiasz, as komandor Valdi, Tadeusz Bialoszczynski, as Metropolitan Damaskinos, Jerzy Bielenia, as Savapulos, Witold Debicki, as Radiotelegrafista, Piotr Fronczewski, as wiezien Belinski, Krzysztof Fus, Wiktor Grotowicz, as Major brygady karpackiej, Kosta Karageorgiev, as Bandos, Tadeusz Kosudarski, as SS-man, Karol Strasburger, as Jerzy Szajnowicz-Iwanow, Adriana Andreeva, as zona Kondopolusa, Barbara Bargielowska, as Marianna Jantos, zona Fortisa, Aleksander Iwaniec, as Stratos, Zbigniew Kuzminski, Aleksander Scibor-Rylski,

Star Light (2020)
Star Light (2020) : Play Free

A teen's life is turned upside down when he helps a world-famous pop star on the run to escape her violent pursuers.

90 min | Horror | 4 August 2020 (United States)

Star Light (2020) : Garrett Westton, as Tex, Chandler Rachelle, as Sara, Hagen Mills, as Monty, Tiffany Shepis, as Dorothy, Kevin Jiggetts, as Reverend Gil, Bret Roberts, as Anton, Geoff Callan, as Officer Jeb Roberts, Gregory Dean French, as Man, Victoria Graham, as Dakota, Jamal M. Jennings, as Rahem, Daryl Phillipy, as Officer Mills, Scout Taylor-Compton, as Bebe, Rahart Adams, as Nick, Cameron Johnson, as Dylan, Liana Ramirez, as Casey, Mitchell Altieri, Lee Cummings,

Felix Austria! (2013)
Felix Austria! (2013) : Play Free

Compelled by the inheritance of a mysterious box of letters, American aesthete Felix Pfeifle begins the journey of a lifetime to reach the source of the correspondence: the last heir of the Holy Roman Emperors, aging Archduke Otto vo

77 min | Documentary,Biography,History | 27 April 2013 (Canada)

Felix Austria! (2013) : Archduke Franz Ferdinand, as Self, Nancy Kovaleff Baker, Emily Bills, Anthony Brahm, Joseph Brahm, Michael Brahm, Melanie Brandstad, Richard Brandstad, Linda Brahm Carry, Matthew Emerzian, Emperor Franz Josef, Emperor Karl, Empress Zita, Michelle Fox, Herbert Hinkel, Lee Nicholson, Felix Pfeifle, Otto von Habsburg, Tatyana Yassukovich, Robert Dassanowsky,

Temple of the Sun (2010) El Dorado
Temple of the Sun (2010) El Dorado : Play Free

After his friend dies in an explosion, Jack Wilder embarks on an expedition to find the golden calendar, which in turn leads him on a journey filled with adventure to find El Dorado, the mythical city of gold in South America.

90 min | Action,Adventure,Fantasy | 25 August 2010 (United States)

Temple of the Sun (2010) El Dorado : Shane West, as Jack Wilder, Luke Goss, as Col. Sam Grissom, Natalie Martinez, as Maria Martinez, Elden Henson, as Gordon, Julio Oscar Mechoso, as General Mata, Giovanni Ciccia, as Quinteros, Gonzalo Alonso Ruiz, as Diego, Vanessa Saba, as Lupe, Terry Cunningham, George Shamieh, Steven Jones,

West Michigan (2021)
West Michigan (2021) : Play Free

Follows a seventeen-year-old girl who struggles to find her place in the world.

76 min | Drama | 13 April 2021 (United States)

West Michigan (2021) : Seth Lee, as Scott, Chloe Ray Warmoth, as Hannah, Justin Mane, as Buck, Sydney Agudong, as Jasmine, Victoria Mullen, as Lady, Riley Warmoth, as Charlie, Berkley Bragg, as Grace, Isaac James Thornsen, as Tyler, Tom Knight, as Jimbo,

Der Passagier - Welcome to Germany (1988) Welcome to Germany
Der Passagier - Welcome to Germany (1988) Welcome to Germany : Play Free

An US-based film director returns from the US to Germany, where he was forced along with other concentration camp prisoners to participate in an Anti-Semitic propaganda film in 1942. He plans to make a documentary on this part of ...

102 min | Drama | 5 May 1988 (West Germany)

Der Passagier - Welcome to Germany (1988) Welcome to Germany : Charles Regnier, as Silbermann, Alexandra Stewart, as Mrs., George Tabori, as Rabbiner, Michael Morris, as Donelly, Ursula Andermatt, as Rosa, Guntbert Warns, as Danner, Fritz Marquardt, as Herr Tenzer, Birol Ünel, as Baruch, Gedeon Burkhard, as Janko, Nina Lorck-Schierning, as Bauernmädchen, Peter Lohmeyer, as 1. SS Mann, Markus Voellenklee, as 2. SS Mann, Irm Hermann, as KZ-Kommandantin, Klaus Pohl, as Jüdischer Schauspieler, George Kranz, as Concierge, Michael Wolf, as 1. Bewerber, Tony Curtis, as Mr. Cornfield, Katharina Thalbach, as Sofie, Matthias Habich, as Körner, Karin Baal, as Frau Tenzer, Thomas Brasch, Jurek Becker,

The Mask of Zorro (1998)
The Mask of Zorro (1998) : Play Free

A young thief seeking revenge for his brother's death is trained by the once-great, aging Zorro, who is pursuing his own vengeance.

136 min | Action,Adventure,Comedy | 11 December 1998 (United Kingdom)

The Mask of Zorro (1998) : Diego Sieres, as Young Joaquín Murrieta, Emiliano Guerra, as Boy Crying, Yolanda Orizaga, as Woman Crying, Paco Morayta, as Undertaker, William Marquez, as Fray Felipe, Stuart Wilson, as Don Rafael Montero, Tony Amendola, as Don Luiz, Pedro Altamirano, as Squad Leader, Luisa Huertas, as Nanny, María Fernández Cruz, as Baby Elena de la Vega, Mónica Fernández Cruz, Julieta Rosen, as Esperanza de la Vega, Raúl Martínez, as Heavyset Lieutenant, Victor Rivers, as Joaquín Murrieta, L.Q. Jones, as Three-Fingered Jack, José Pérez, as Cpl. Armando Garcia, Antonio Banderas, as Alejandro Murrieta, Anthony Hopkins, as Don Diego de la Vega, Catherine Zeta-Jones, as Elena, José María de Tavira, as Young Alejandro Murrieta, Martin Campbell, Johnston McCulley, Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio,

Game Changer (2021) Kong Phlik Kem
Game Changer (2021) Kong Phlik Kem : Play Free

When the city's mafia boss dies, his four aides decide to keep his death a secret and continue to run his rackets - but deception is a dangerous game.

102 min | Comedy,Crime,Drama | 28 October 2021 (Thailand)

Game Changer (2021) Kong Phlik Kem : Greg Garcia, as Muller, Tom Issara, Isara Kitnitchee, Anastasia Maslova, as Jacob's wife, Kuytae Oppa, Pond Khunnapat Pichetworawut, Pitawat Prusakit, Benjamin Sabeti, as Charif, Jaroslav Shvets, Thaitay, Ploypailin Thangprapaporn, Nay Myo Thant, Twopee, Willy Zogo, as Jaden,

The Penguins of Madagascar - Operation: Get Ducky (2010)
The Penguins of Madagascar - Operation: Get Ducky (2010) : Play Free

Penguins discover a lost egg and decide hatching until the mother appears. When it opens unexpectedly, the new duck -Ducky- is trained as a penguin while a jealous King Julien wants to raise him to be his second in command.

130 min | Animation,Adventure,Comedy | 9 February 2010 (United States)

The Penguins of Madagascar - Operation: Get Ducky (2010) : Danny Jacobs, as King Julien, Kevin Michael Richardson, as Maurice, Andy Richter, as Mort, Nicole Sullivan, as Marlene, Conrad Vernon, as Mason, Mary Scheer, as Alice, Tom McGrath, as Skipper, Jeff Bennett, as Kowalski, John DiMaggio, as Rico, James Patrick Stuart, as Private, Nicholas Filippi, Bret Haaland,

Devil's Tree: Rooted Evil (2018)
Devil's Tree: Rooted Evil (2018) : Play Free

Devil's Tree: Rooted Evil is about an aspiring journalist named Sam who finds a Tree with a very dark history. As her own past has demons that continue to haunt her, she eventually finds out what haunts this ominous Tree. Loosely ...

74 min | Horror,Thriller | 27 February 2018 (United States)

Devil's Tree: Rooted Evil (2018) : Chris Alonso, as Youtube guy, Diana D. Ambrosio, as Gloria, Ryan App, as Young Sam, Chris Caputo, as Man in Woods, Dan Crisafulli, as Gerard Schaeffer, Maddy Curley, as Samantha, Michael Ray Davis, as Officer John Harris, Marc Durso, as College Professor, Roberto Escobar, as Ranger Michael, Logan Gambill, as Benjamin, Nicholas Garofola, as Boyfriend, Nicoletta Hanssen, as Female Victim #2, Eddie Kaulukukui, as Rob, Jo Liakos, as Female Victim #1, Roy Lynam, as Kevin, Erin Ownbey, as Natalie, Jessica K. Peterson, as Darcy, Sharon Pfeiffer, as Neighbor, Chris Alonso, Joshua Louis,

Kill Me Please (2015) Mate-me Por Favor
Kill Me Please (2015) Mate-me Por Favor : Play Free

Barra da Tijuca, West Side Zone of Rio de Janeiro. A wave of murderers plague the area. What starts off as a morbid curiosity for the local youth slowly begins to spoil away at their lives. Among them is Bia, a fifteen year old girl.

104 min | Drama,Horror,Thriller | 15 September 2016 (Brazil)

Kill Me Please (2015) Mate-me Por Favor : Rita Pauls, as Garota Morta, Laryssa Ayres, as Amanda, Lorena Comparato, Vicente Conde, as Bernardo, Gabriel Lara, as Bruno, Matheus Malafaia, as André, Bernardo Marinho, as João, Vitor Mayer, as Pedro, Antara Morri, as Nicole, Carolina Pessoa, as Carol, Valentina Herszage, as Bia, Dora Freind, as Renata, Mari Oliveira, as Mariana, Júlia Roliz, as Michele, Anita Rocha da Silveira,

The Last Supper: The Final Days of the Italian Cannibal Film (2018)
The Last Supper: The Final Days of the Italian Cannibal Film (2018) : Play Free

Follow-up to "Eaten Alive: The Rise and Fall of the Italian Cannibal Film", this documentary was produced for the 88 Films UK Blu-Ray release of "Amazonia: The Catherine Miles Story" and looks at the dying days of the controversial I

51 min | Documentary | 20 August 2018 (United Kingdom)

The Last Supper: The Final Days of the Italian Cannibal Film (2018) : Eduardo Sánchez, as Self, Calum Waddell, Ruggero Deodato, Mikel Koven, John Martin, Michael Sopkiw,

American Ultra (2015)
American Ultra (2015) : Play Free

A stoner - who is in fact a government agent - is marked as a liability and targeted for extermination. But he's too well-trained and too high for them to handle.

96 min | Action,Comedy | 4 September 2015 (United Kingdom)

American Ultra (2015) : Jesse Eisenberg, as Mike Howell, Kristen Stewart, as Phoebe Larson, Connie Britton, as Victoria Lasseter, John Leguizamo, as Rose, Topher Grace, as Adrian Yates, Walton Goggins, as Laugher, Bill Pullman, as Krueger, Tony Hale, as Petey Douglas, Stuart Greer, as Sheriff Watts, Michael Papajohn, as Otis, Monique Ganderton, as Crane, Nash Edgerton, as Beedle, Paul Andrew O'Connor, as Diesel, Freddie Poole, as Potter, Ilram Choi, as Newton, James Bendishaw, as Bourbon, Lavell Crawford, as Big Harold, Sam Malone, as Quinzin, Nima Nourizadeh, Max Landis,

Joy of Sex (1984)
Joy of Sex (1984) : Play Free

Convinced she's dying, a pretty high school senior sets out to lose her virginity before it's too late, and encounters a boy from her school on the same mission.

93 min | Comedy,Romance | 3 August 1984 (United States)

Joy of Sex (1984) : Cameron Dye, as Alan Holt, Michelle Meyrink, as Leslie Hindenberg, Colleen Camp, as Liz Sampson, Ernie Hudson, as Mr. Porter, Lisa Langlois, as Melanie, Charles Van Eman, as Max Holt, Joanne Baron, as Miss Post, Darren Dalton, as Ed Ingalls, Heidi Holicker, as Candy, Cristen Kauffman, as Sharon, David H. MacDonald, as Ernie Carpenter, Paul Tulley, as Ted, Joe Unger, as Mr. Ranada, Christopher Lloyd, as Coach Hindenberg, Conni Marie Brazelton, as Allison, D.W. Brown, as Dinko, Randy Lowell, as Mushroom, Ellen Gerstein, as Nurse #2, Martha Coolidge, Kathleen Rowell, J.J. Salter, Alex Comfort,

Master Harold and the Boys (2010) 'Master Harold' ... And the Boys
Master Harold and the Boys (2010) 'Master Harold' ... And the Boys : Play Free

Hally, a white South African adolescent, is stuck between his intolerant father's view of him and those of his caregiver, Sam, a Black waiter who is Hally's friend and teacher. Hally is required to laugh at his father's racist jok...

87 min | Drama | 17 March 2010 (South Africa)

Master Harold and the Boys (2010) 'Master Harold' ... And the Boys : Ving Rhames, as Sam, Freddie Highmore, as Hally Ballard, Patrick Mofokeng, as Willie, Jennifer Steyn, as Betty Ballard, Michael Maxwell, as Harold Ballard, Redd Valentino, as Young Hally, Zoliswa Kawe, as Myriam, Bongo Mbutuma, as Elias, Nceba Mpiliswana, as Owigi, Vuyisile Pandle, as Winston, Wiseman Sithole, as Bus Driver, Tiny Skefile, as Passenger, Deon Lotz, as Policeman, Sean Goatleysoan, as Langervidt, Justin Jesso, as Bully, Nicholas Andrews, as Bully #2, Thomas Galvin, as Bully #3, Nicky Rebelo, as Headmaster, Lonny Price, Athol Fugard,


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